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Medicine For A Sick Economy

We must clearly understand that the modern economy in which profit at the top set, now dying before our eyes. Filed under: Center for Responsible Business. Die it will be extremely painful, with very grave consequences. And the problem is that we must now come up with some new model. M. Khazin. (Interview with Michael Laitman) Fragments of an interview with the President of the Company expert advice 'Neocon' Michael Hazin newspaper 'Red Star' (interviewed Igor Yadykin) IY: L.

Michael, you are saying that the economy has come to loan the Day of Judgement. MH: Yes, it is. But the problem today situation, not even the fact that the world economy is bad. This is not news. Economy are ill at different times in different ways. In 2000, the U.S.

stock markets fell. And even earlier, in 1987, they also fell upon, but somewhat differently. One In short, the crises have been, are and will be. Nowhere on it does not go. And indeed, the mere existence of the crisis is not yet a reason to hold a tantrum. Crisis and crisis. Since it must be fought. The problem is that for a very long time on the planet was formed, lined up some economic model. And today, this model has come to its historical and technological finale. Roughly speaking, you build a house. Not even you and your great-great-grandfather. It lived his children, his grandchildren, his great-grandchildren. You now live in it. Then suddenly, in this house, something is wrong. Perhaps the tube begin to flow, maybe the roof.

Lenten Bells

Lenten SOUND OF BELLS In ancient times, when God created Adam and Eve, he settled into a lush garden – the garden, where it was not necessary to think about their daily bread. They were like children, and God for their teacher. And he commanded them: "from all tree in the garden you may eat, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, because if you eat from it you will die. " But our first parents disobeyed the creator. Having tasted the forbidden fruit, transgressed, knowing not only good, but evil and against the will of God. And people were expelled from paradise, and the visible image of God was for them out of reach, and daily bread "in the sweat extract.

" So the first man condemned the whole human race in perpetual search for ways reconciliation with the Creator of the world, showing their love through repentance, abstinence, and spiritual sorrow for sin. Years passed, changing generation, but the severity of the original sin that has distorted life, given us by God, are increasingly people back to memories of heavenly life and faith in the promise of God concerning the coming of the Savior, omoyuschego with their blood our souls from sin. And he was the world. But before I do my duty, went into the desert, where for forty days, nights praying and fasting, was tempted by the devil, food, a phenomenon of miracle, the power of the world, but succumbed to evil and not give in, remained faithful to God only because he came to free people from the power of the prince of darkness, sin and eternal died believing in Christ, Russia became an Orthodox state.

Intuition. Opportunities And Abilities

Many, I think, often use the term intuition is saying about some of his premonitions. How often do you visit the state of "deja vu", something to stop from making a decision, or you freeze in place at the door for no apparent because, although the firm had intended to open it a second ago? How often do when making any decision tormented by worry and the necessity of making such, as if something obstructs or hinders you? When dealing with a stranger is present if some inner distrust him, or vice versa, and the prevailing attitude condusive opinion of him has been confirmed for a first impression is compiled? And someone ekaet heart at a time when someone happens to trouble. Another, quite without realizing it, glance at the phone, door, and a moment later the phone rings and the door is someone … Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. But it does happen sometimes that people do not just listen your inner voice and listens to it, but also knows how to use it to apply, so to speak, in practice. And someone just gets up at all miracles – talking with the dead, can accurately describe the man, his mood and the facts of the lives of belonging to him the subject, and even set a contact, and another and did not have anything to show he knows himself what he should do … what is this feeling that we can not explain the mind, which often call intuition? Yes, that's mind, because these phenomena are beyond reason in the truest sense of the word.

In December

But they did is neither positive nor negative. In December, everyone would choose himself that for him favorably, and that – no. Much will depend on your individual choice. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Neal Barnard. For those who are accustomed to taking life in their hands, and in December there will be opportunities to demonstrate their organizational abilities. Passes teamwork.

You can expect improved financial situation, suddenly comes a lot of money. Good time for religious studies and intellectual work. Success and good fortune bring travel and travel abroad. Increased strength, energy, active initiative and entrepreneurial spirit lead to the improvement of the external situation. Prospects appear of success and luck in life, support of others, the joy of work, endurance and perseverance – a sure guarantee of overcoming obstacles.

Increased vitality, good resistance to disease. Ambition and aspiration everything new. December gives good aspects to undertaking new cases and companies. At best, this transit excites, causes include will, self-developing an active, driving the need to interpose any situation, the desire to escape from difficult circumstances. Increase will power, self-confidence, desire for leadership. There is an ability to influence others, to subordinate them, the ability to transform situation radically change his life, discarding all the old setup. For some people it will be a time of increased interest in the occult, esoterica and magic. At best, it is possible impact on several people, the desire to subjugate the whole situation, to transform it. There is tremendous energy, which can be good to use for their own benefit and the benefit of others.

Chakra Energy

More than once you probably have heard the mysterious word 'Chakra'. What is it? Let's try to understand … In general terms we consider, what is the chakra of what they are and their purpose for the common man. For life physical body, for the mechanisms of our mind control and normalization of the energy balance always requires energy. This energy comes from our central flows and naturally there must be mechanism for its distribution. Chakras do exactly this function. Anatomical binding chakras corresponds with the nerve plexus, which in principle perform a similar function at the level of the physical body.

In other words, the chakras – is the energy centers, storage and distributing energy. The word 'chakra' means 'circle' or 'whirlwind' So, in other words, the chakras are vortexes of energy peculiar, which are located at For two of the central energy flows along the spine, in strictly designated areas. Subdivide the seven chakras: The first chakra. The second chakra Muladhara. Svadhisthana third chakra. Manipur fourth chakra. Anahata Fifth Chakra. Vishuddha sixth chakra.

Seventh Ajna Chakra. Sahasrara Chakra has long been known for enlightened people in all parts of the world and throughout history. They are not the exclusive domain of any one system, as are the fundamental characteristics of human beings. Chakras are symbolically represented in accordance with generally accepted rules of language, art and traditions of a people. They are portrayed in different ways, while always keeping in mind the same aspect of human beings.