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The Production

This unique publication is published only since 2009. More information is housed here: Boy Scouts of America. And now – doing business! How do I earn a lot and work a little? You know what the problem is all the companies that are dying? It's always sad when a lot of work and good ideas go awry. American Diabetes Association is open to suggestions. Fortunately you can always draw conclusions and start anew. So. You know what's the problem? Few sales! If the sales will be enough, then everything will be fine. What would a genius nor a private dentist or a composer or someone else, society will remain without remarkable talent, if talent is not the product will be well launched on the market. Ideas are important, the production is important.

But without sales of all it is dead. It is here that the weakest point of most entrepreneurs and that is what is do. We need to provide the most useful services to society. This brings the maximum profit. That the employee had a salary, entrepreneur profit, consumer product, and state tax deductions – are needed sale. What is it and how to do. In short, we should find a good, useful product that does not sell, for whatever reasons.

You then need to find a consumer who does not know or have the wrong idea about the product. And then must sell. You do not have to produce, deliver, rent offices and engage in other headache for the novice entrepreneur. It is only necessary to understand everything correctly and do. Now it specifically (here you can pick any product on your taste, color and scale).

Windows Computer

You will need a laptop – not of the newest and most advanced. The main thing that he had a COM-port ('dad' 9-pin (2 rows, 1-5 and 6-9)), the operating system is Windows 98 on your computer. All it will cost you between 10 – 15 thousand rubles. 2. Adapter 'KL-Line' for most cars, or 'K-Line' for domestic cars – they are required to connect the car to the computer. In finished form, they are in the range 2000-3000 usd.

But If you own a soldering iron, it is necessary you can build an adapter yourself. Cost of components within 300-400 rub. El.shemy adapters for each program are attached in the kit. 3. Special computer programs for diagnostic work with immobilizers and odometer. Depending on how, what models of cars you work, you need different programs.

Familiar with their name and description you can on our website. On first phase will require approx. 5000 rub. 4. Place for the diagnosis (garage). Costs for a place to work may be different. It all depends on your wishes and possibilities. If you are going to work on that principle, which we said a little earlier, ie together with the mechanic at his service station, the local cost will be minimal. You can either pay him a certain amount each month or give% of their earnings. 5. Funds for small initial advertising. Can get away with 5-7 thousand rubles. That is, in principle, and all. Assuming the maximum, you may well put in 1,000 euros. Now figure out how much time you return the invested amount, if simple diagnostic car without any repairs is not less than 200-300 rubles (depending on the region). Adjustment path will cost the owner of the car to 500 rubles. Now a brief about this particular service. The ethical side of the issue will be discussed? As soon as the odometers, so there were those who changed the testimony of these devices – so what are here to argue about? In other words – so do it. And the man who orders the service, not the one who provides. As you already understood – computer programs to change the odometer reading can also be purchased on our website. Adapters for use with the odometer is not difficult in the device. El.shemy also available bundled with software. Cost of the equipment (assuming that your laptop and place to diagnose you already have) to provide services for computer diagnostics to service station will pay you just after serving twenty-first customers. And then go clean profits. And note, no one says you have to work around the clock. So business as computer diagnostics to service station can do on the weekends or after the main work – for an hour or two a day. To begin with, the at least. Diagnosis of a car takes about 15-20 minutes. Ie with a good scenario, you may well earn for those 1-2 hours a day to 500-1500 usd. a day! Later, when you feel that this work brings you very good money – you decide how long to pay it.

Monte Carlo

Let’s say you offer a good option to invest cash or in any instrument. For even more opinions, read materials from Boy Scouts of America. First, you must gather all available information on this topic, it is even sufficient information that is publicly available on the internet (having your ears will hear). Analyze information collected, discard all the excess unnecessary information, and most importantly at this stage to collect or make a list of all risks, even fantastic, until the arrival of extraterrestrials. ic.. Because of the rules of the Pareto is known, that the smaller the probability of occurrence of a given risk, the more likely the risk will occur. What we do on the basis of these cumulative risks. We take and we begin to count how risk events will impact on our financial project plan. To do this we will calculate what effect our project to increase taxes to fifty percent decline in sales to fifty percent reduction in product price, and up to fifty percent.

This method allows us to analyze the sensitivity of our project to these changes, experience shows that (once again want to remind you) an increase in workers’ wages do not affect the sensitivity of the project. Hence, the conclusions are paying more to their employees, they will bring you good results on your project. Here, after analyzing the sensitivity of the project, you can try and Monte Carlo, that is, to calculate the probability of the outcome of our project. C how likely you will be able to earn as much money then, and with what probability you will be able to earn as much money then. A good way to tell roulette. Now, to the fullest of our security, we must calculate alternative project, and compare the two projects together.

How to compare the two projects together, to look at the net present value, and who has the most, that and choose, no that’s not enough, here we need financial analysis of projects. Check and compare as many as possible indicators of each other. This discounted payback period and internal rate of return and profit taxes, income before taxes and so on. In the process of this approach to your project, you will see the error of the project, its strengths and weaknesses. That is why foreign practice shows that if the manager himself was not involved in the development of the project, he is in the bank for a loan not even make sense to handle. And as we have with these things? Constantly running into ads, you need a business plan for refueling, cheburechnoy and so on, people are willing to pay for the finished project. And how can you get a finished project? If, for template designs are not done in every business its internal rate of return, their lending rates, and so on. So gentlemen, better hire a competent financial analysts, their wages are not you utyanet, and if utyanet, then it is better and do not engage in investment, better go and get a job, and the available funds in the bank at eleven percent per annum.

Chief Accountant

What is he so good? But what about information security? He is not even necessary to pay. The advantages are, and many of them. Professional wrote business plans are not the first time. He has a set of assessment methodologies, business and product promotion schemes, logistics optimization, in which he is well oriented. Do not even the accountant's "fish". The most primitive way to professional – to build your strategy on the basis of following a strong competitor. Chief Accountant did not know other people's strategies.

And most importantly – will bring a professional business plan on a plate just in time because of selfish interest. Privacy Statement do not worry: let consulters in the inner sanctum can be. To do this, there is a contract, clauses on confidentiality. Typically, a business engaged in planning high-level specialists and positions. They understand the measure of responsibility and are not interested in exile from his job with a battered reputation. Often, professionals need is not so much financial information as strategy is not built on it. A information about the interaction of the outside world – open, it is available to any customer, supplier and marketer.

And the last thorny issue – pay. Can a business plan to be "unsubscribing", a set of template phrases totally unrelated to the particular situation. Maybe. Everything in life happens. Here the client is also protected by the contract. It can get your money back, not having signed the closing documents. Or require improvements to virtually infinity. But as a rule, this is not required consulters are interested in the recommendations and positive feedback as well as all other sellers of goods and services. grind indefinitely its business plan is not will – "could not, so could not!" In a word, you can purchase a business plan, but you can make it yourself. In the first case, he paid, but they will be engaged immediately. In the second case there is no cost, but the result too. Someone should this deal, someone needs to know details, someone has to do it professionally. Refer complicated one-off projects to professionals! Believe me, it's profitable.

Smart Travel

Why do people go from Stary Oskol Belgorod? Most likely, in their place simply no quality to serve. And, probably older os count here is not the only example. Difficult first hundred years consider a specific case. Agency "Smart Travel" came to light in this July from scratch. Although its founders – Eugene and Andrey – begun to establish his own firm in the spring. Eugene previously worked in more than one operator company, was representative of the host company in Egypt – in general, by his own admission, knows tourism "and from". Andrew was advertising manager at the publishing house and in tourism is still a rookie. Every business has invested in their own savings – in 1700 dollars.

Immediately agreed that contributions would be equal to then there was no reticence or recriminations. "Of course, we ourselves are not pulled to register. Follow others, such as Professor of Internet Governance, and add to your knowledge base. Collect all the information, go to different departments, each to prove that you're not a camel – it is simply unrealistic. Therefore, appealed for help in a legal office, which is just specializes in serving travel agencies. It cost us $ 150, – says Eugene. – But it turned out that their lawyers are not aware of existing standards: past due registration with the tax office, and we did not came back to work, could descend on penalties. I had to buy off gifts. But with a newborn company licensed lucky. July 5 filed documents in Turdepartament Economic Development, and a week later just went out the next order of Extradition tour operator and travel agent licensing.

Renting Office

Many people have ideas for your business (or think they have). But towards the implementation of planned always gets the same question: the initial capital investment. The lion's share of the cost incurs rental. That can be done to reduce these costs, at least initially? Make a reservation at once: this advice is not suitable for any business, but only where there is no need to take clients. And another caveat: all the money still have to invest, but they will be repaid over several months as an alternative to renting. It is about building your own office (or shop) at the car garage.

The idea is simple to indecency, in fact than actually differs from the usual garage space? He is cold, there is no communication and is usually located in the suburbs. With the geography of the garage about it nothing is possible – where is there he will be. Warming up to date with developments construction technology is nothing complicated. Mobile autonomous heating also requires no extra costs, but it is important to make sure ventilation. Ventilation is necessary not only to compensate burned heating system oxygen, but also to create a low humidity, which is vulnerable to any office equipment.

From domestic communications required only toilet. This is solved by installing mobile biotualetnoy. And, most importantly, you need to work – communication. Phone is not a problem, but for the Internet will have to install a satellite dish. Remember – start your business in a garage – a good omen. Microsoft and Google started to build their empires that way.

Getting Good Business Advice

Here is a brief description of the author of innovative ideas. Let's talk about who buys these ideas, venture capital funds that have already eaten a dog in this case. These people know how to sell and buying ideas and make real money on this. On what kind of compensation should apply the author. Well, first, at every stage of the commercialization of its cost innovative ideas. If there is a simple idea – a little money, if patented – then a lot of money, and if found money for the realization of his ideas, here's fee increases, that is, the idea of increasing the price tenfold. Valued idea is simple enough, according to the world counterparts, but do not have to say that the world is not unique, everything is there, you just never know, there are also methods of valuation of intellectual property from possible future profits, and others, all of these methods are available, and if anyone interested, then just ask Yandex. So that's the idea of money is worth much more than the money that it had already invested, then needed an investor who will give money for your idea.

The next step is to compile business plan. Come to our scientists and say that you need a business plan, so the question, okay we will not make fun, write a business plan, podchitaem kash-flow, we construct a schedule of future income, it remains just a good present your business plan. Presentation of business plan is really an important point, you put yourself in place of a man who is crucified, proves that his idea is good, and eventually he is rejected and not go with anything. What do you think innovative product he is. At many points is a psychological battle, and suddenly it does not, and suddenly we are mistaken. Heavily engaged in business, innovation is even harder.

On past times when the team is ready to have to throw his case, there is still one point in time go out of business. Go out of business can still be, what to grab. A handful of scientists, even if it has received funding for his project, and successfully complete your project, even successful selling your project will not ultimately hold the reins of the project. Comes a larger organization, which initially absorb them, and then neatly survive. That is why in the innovation business, and need consultants which in time will prompt, what to do and how, over time, lone geniuses, now commands the road only geniuses on the advice of experienced consultants.

How To Open A Dispatch Taxi Service

The essence of the taxi dispatch service is to combine private cabbies and through common standards and advertising work to do this business for them more effective. Dispatching service advertises its phone number in the media, is seeking applications and passes them on the drivers, and drivers pay for the cost of dispatch services given to them by the order. This may be a fixed fee, payment for output on a line or a percentage the cost of each order. As the driver stands a private person with his car. Dispatcher service may naturally possess its own fleet. Concluding a contract with the drivers, dispatcher can Of course, we have certain requirements for drivers, their appearance and means of transport. Ease of doing business, low initial investment, the demand for taxi service, fast roi makes this business is very attractive.

This kind of activity has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of the advantages can be mentioned – the low initial investment – the minimum office – easily scalable business to a significant disadvantages of business should be attributed, perhaps, only one – the high costs of advertising, due to high competition Dispatching taxi service acts as an information broker between the client (passenger) and driver. Received from the customer on the phone order is passed for the driver. At the same time dispatching service provides information and referral services as a customer (passenger), and the driver. For customer service dispatch service Free and paid to the driver. Payment of driver services for the transfer to him of orders is the main source of income dispatch service.

Super Effective Organization

After several years of observations of their own work, as well as the work of other people, I came to the conclusion that there are three main obstacles to effective discharge of their duty cycle at work in the field e-commerce. In this article I will show you all three obstacles, as well as give advice from experience, as you deal with them. This will help you to achieve sustainable results and continuous improvements in its daily work. Before we talk about the obstacles in the work we would like to identify two main areas of work in any business. You might think that such a myriad of directions, but in fact there are only two: Production and Admin. Whatever you do, whatever activities you do not engage in business, you will have to be sure that something good produce and good control over his business. Production of any form of your activities in which you create some sort of product or service, using their technical and professional skills. When you create something new – this is the production. Admin (administration) any form of your work, which aims to organize, optimize and good governance in your work. When you are doing something in order to develop their production, improve production, monitor the so that it did not fall, but only developed to work with consumers of its products, partners and staff – all of this is the Admin. Another important (third) time for your work – it's a cycle of action. .

The Stage

In short, let's finish the prolonged entry. Judging by the fact that you came to this site dedicated to business and stayed on it long enough to read this far – you did not come out of mere curiosity. And you need not be too long and detailed to agitate for the adoption of a fairly simple solution – try to find such an idea for business, a business model that will suit you. So what are we waiting for? Let's just try it. In any case, we all – adults sane people.

And it does not necessarily immediately give up work – how much would be boring and uninteresting it was not. Starting a business to insure – a very correct decision. Decision prudent and intelligent. It is these decisions you will make, doing business. And as you see – you have pretty well. There a great opportunity – to try yourself in the new case, try to implement a small business idea that does not require sverhusily and costly. Attempt – not exactly torture.

When the person has a computer, it is not immediately begins to perceive him as a new tool for earnings. But the stage when the computer – only a toy and a means of obtaining information – this stage passes quickly enough. Of course, if you are not 13 years old, you – an adult and preoccupied with finding extra money. You've heard of computer diagnostics of automobiles. This is – a good and promising business, car – one of the continually popular services.