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Dominican Republic

Departmental 18 2001 order authorizing the reorganisation of special education centres and the 24 2003 establishes national guidelines for inclusive education, the latter consists of 31 articles, given in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Capital of the Dominican Republic, to the 4 days of the month of July of the year 2008. I believe that the […]

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Earn Money Online

More and more people choose to make money on the internet. It is estimated that each day brings more than 10,000 users to the website and continues to increase, which indicates that there is a strong possibility that the number of people interested in working from home grow exponentially this year. Not that a good […]


Subjectivity Rights

The thematic one is approached from five introductions: pre-theoretical, theoretics, historical, legal and philosophical. In the pretheoretical introduction it is tried to reflect on the elementary concepts based on a model of analysis inspired by the structure of a theater work, discriminating itself enters protagonists, victims, villains, scene and tragedy, in decline of the traditional […]


Web Development

1. Web design in the development of Web sites. Website development – is not only a beautiful design pages. Indicators of quality work: visual comfort, ease of use – usability informative site (in fact for which he created to provide information to the user), the functionality of the site, its navigation, easy management create a […]


Toy Library

If the game has shown that it is so important to the child equation, just as is its practice in a Toy Library as a space of non-formal education which promotes learning through play. The game is a resource that allows the child to do alone meaningful learning and to help propose and achieve concrete […]


European Parliament

The Moroccan Minister business-oriented Foreigners and of the Cooperation, Saad El-Din Otmani, in a conference of the joint Press with its homologous of other countries members of the Union of the Arab Magrebe, after thirtieth session of work of the advice in Rabat, Saturday 18 of feverieo 2012, it announced that the nineth round of […]


No Compromise On The Balancing Act Between Child And Career

Employees of the regional hospital (AoR) benefit from innovative care solutions thanks to the better Betreut Berlin/Andernach, 01.06.2010 continuously to improve the working conditions in the hospital and to enable this objective for all employees a reasonable balance between private and professional life the County Hospital is closer to a large piece of institution of […]


Benefits Systems

The popularity of photorejuvenation and hair removal is extremely high. The method is a method of treating skin with light of high intensity (Intensive Pulsed Light – ipl therapy). ipl therapy is carried out devices where the source of electromagnetic radiation a xenon lamp – the flash, rather than the active laser medium. Electromagnetic radiation […]



If the "Technical MEC had been consistent, they should write this word: ora s ion. 11 .- In the case 18 surprise the word "hai" and "eskrivir." So what '? We use the word "Guarani" hai "or loan Castilian" eskrivi? 12 .- Another inconsistency or become very evident in the 18 is the presence of […]


Medicine For A Sick Economy

We must clearly understand that the modern economy in which profit at the top set, now dying before our eyes. Filed under: Center for Responsible Business. Die it will be extremely painful, with very grave consequences. And the problem is that we must now come up with some new model. M. Khazin. (Interview with Michael […]

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