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Vladimir Chelomey

The Soyuz ship was ready at the beginning of 1967. She was projected for Sergei Korolev, the engineer-head of the Soviet space program. Unhappyly it dies in January of 1966 without seeing the conclusion of its more brilliant project (WHITE, 2003; WALNUT, 2005). The first flight of a Soyuz ship initially was planned for May of 1967 and the ship would take cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov as only member of the crew. The mission was waited with special attention, therefore it would be the first space flight manned the death of Sergei Korolev after? that it are substituted for Vladimir Chelomey, the contrataste of many (WHITE, 2003). Moreover, the Soviet Union did not carry through manned space flights since already the distant year of 1965, in way that are exceeded for the Americans in a series of records and accomplishments (SPACEFACTS, 2010).

In contrast of the Soviets, the North Americans had never made question to hide its failures (WHITE, 2003). Thus being, the tragedy of the Apolo-1 age of the whole world knowledge and, for consequncia of the same one, the Americans were without flying, put in a long inquiry on the reasons of the accident that vitimara three astronauts. If the Soviet Union obtained to carry through a great flight with its new espaonave, other missions would come and the nation would obtain to revert its situation and if to place again to the front in the Space Race. Although the date of launching of the Soyuz-1 initially was fixed for the May month, at the beginning of February of 1967 the Soviet symbolism took the communist government to pressure so that a great manned mission was carried through in April month, to commemorate the birth of Lnin. In such a way the date of launching of the Soyuz-1 would be anticipated in about twenty days. This took the technician teams more intensely to work around the tests to be carried through with the ship.

United States

I hope that already it has accepted the will of God. It existed in the United States a loving man of the gardening, always had his beautiful plants, but it arrived a plague to him at certain plant, that it could not exterminate with anything, asked advice to him a Chinese and this one said to him: If you already tried of everything to eliminate plague and you have not obtained it, the best thing is than you learn to live with her. They exist the evils irremediable in this world, says that they are the evils necessary, that we must learn to live with them, ignoring them, looking for our inner happiness and to continue with estusiasmo and joy by the way towards our final destiny. When it is tried to impose our ideas, beliefs, projects, I put, on the others that surround to us and these do not pay attention to our ideals, we felt frustration, distresses, desperation, anger and perhaps, resentment; but they are not the other guilty of our sadnesses, we ourself we are the one who we made those negative feelings that do the unfortunate life to us. The remedy for this is to respect the criterion of the others. Then each human being is free of being, thinking, to feel, to act, to speak, etc., according to his free will. He already said the Meritorious one to it of the Americas, gift Benito Jurez: " Between the invididuos as it enters the nations the respect to the other people’s right is La Paz ". So considering these experiences, every one is free to create, to produce, to generate or to make its own feeling of Felicidad or Infelicidad, to enjoy it or to undergo it, according to its election. Original author and source of the article