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For the first modality it cites, as example, Alan Poe in the police romance. When deep using as plain of distant cities of the American reader (London, Paris), Poe makes with that the reader, for not being expert of these places, arrests its attention much more in the ficcionais aspects of the plot, in the […]


Vladimir Chelomey

The Soyuz ship was ready at the beginning of 1967. She was projected for Sergei Korolev, the engineer-head of the Soviet space program. Unhappyly it dies in January of 1966 without seeing the conclusion of its more brilliant project (WHITE, 2003; WALNUT, 2005). The first flight of a Soyuz ship initially was planned for May […]


United States

I hope that already it has accepted the will of God. It existed in the United States a loving man of the gardening, always had his beautiful plants, but it arrived a plague to him at certain plant, that it could not exterminate with anything, asked advice to him a Chinese and this one said […]