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Cooperation Brand Electrical Products

FlexStrom and Marquardt offer exclusive Berlin kitchens, June 14, 2010. “The utilities FlexStrom currently offers the chance to save up to 70% of electricity consumption in the kitchen: the possibility on a SIEMENS electrical appliances set of stainless steel oven, stainless steel hob, stainless steel dishwasher, and energy saving refrigerator at a preferential price for 1578 euro, if you sign up for low-cost ecological electricity tariff donations power” decide by FlexStrom. This allows a cooperation with Marquardt kitchens. Offering customers the option on the purchase of energy-saving electrical appliances, back up and at the same time, charitable projects are supported. Up to 50 percent of the total electricity consumption by households is in the kitchen when there old devices with high power consumption are used. With the offer of cooperation, not just green electricity offered, but also the power consumption significantly reduced. As an innovative and independent group provider we offer not only particularly electricity customers in Germany favourable electricity tariffs”, says Robert Mundt, Chief Executive Officer of FlexStrom. The cooperation makes it an attractive discount offer for its customers FlexStrom Marquardt kitchens.” The decision for the special FlexStrom rate with monthly payment the customers with an option on the brand devices set at a special price in addition.

Be the option can kitchens then easily in the cooperation partner of Marquardt. Naturally, the SIEMENS electrical equipment for a small fee can be adapted to specific customer requirements. With special donations electricity tariff customers make good choices: FlexStrom donations electricity customers green electricity is fed to 100 percent in electricity grids. Also, this special tariff supports charitable projects on betterplace.org. For every kilowatt hour electricity flows 1 cent on selected projects. A Centre for war-traumatised women and children in the former Yugoslavia, the project of painting school of the Kunsthalle Emden is up-to-date and supports a fellowship program for better education of young people.

Electronic Ink

Bulky books can say goodbye the numbers are impressive. While it is almost a natural phenomenon in the States, you go slowly in German households. Our good old books are replaced by their digital successors on electronic ink. According to the latest Federal static figures according to first more digital copies acquired in the first half of 2012 in Germany of books than its counterpart to the bound pages. “A very charged issue, the company” certainly seems to polarize.

The love their digital ink now, others simply need the feeling of a ‘clunky’ book in his hand. But what is the appeal of the good old book in the rule / dust to leave and to access to the new modern twist to iPad and co.? Of course, the current eBook Reader offer many practical benefits, they are very handy with its relatively flat dimensions are and let take this well in the backpack or handbag. Another plus is certainly also, the digital copies to Faust, Kafka and co. as data collection will need relatively little space and store this way to thousands on the same reader. The storage should be more surprising way is not sufficient, then the data can be with little effort easily by the iPad delete and transfer to a medium of his choice.

Certainly, the last doubts that need to be cleaned from the world concern the core activity around the reading of documents. Many are not aware, or rather how words should be, for example, the display of the iPad or Amazon Kindl able and reproduce records in full sharpness not imagine to. The solution is very simple since Amazon’s release of its Kindle, E-Ink eBook reader writes a success story, which end has yet to ink must be written. So it’s a matter of time until only digital documents be disseminated? Possibly, but the cozy evening at home with a cup of tea and a book in his hand will favorite hobby almost certainly be for indefinite of German.

Booming Online Sales

All electronic devices is one of electronics shops offer both Brown and white goods. Brown goods means all devices that have no white housing such as televisions, computers and video recorders. The white goods are mainly electronic appliances. Electronics, there are today not only in the specialized shops, but also especially in discount stores, where consumers can get special bargain devices showing no shortcomings in relation to their performance. There are cheap TVs or cheap headphones not only off and on on offer in a special electronics shop, but also to buy at the discount store. Many consumers shop online, because they quickly get products to home from there.

Especially because you must ensure that electronic devices only on the technical information on the design, which you can do easily reachable also from home on a Web page, the online purchase of such products is a special advantage for the Customers. Many electronics retailer have in addition established also an online shop to its stores, so that different shopping options available to their customers. If you want to save on shipping costs, you can get order the goods in many electronics shops to a branch nearby, then from there shipping to pick them. Who still don’t want to miss out on a personal consultation or previously see the device and wants to test, is today still many small and large electronics stores, which he can visit. Shops offer not only the latest highlights of electronic devices, but also bargain cheap television electronics.

So one finds there cheap TV, washing machines, computers and cheap headphones, CD players and food processors. It is advised to look at various devices and providers to find out the lowest prices before you decide for one of the devices. You can do easily in the Internet that, to determine whether you can also really want to buy a cheap device. Customers can use different websites to compare providers with the same products on the basis of price. It is worth, if consumers against purchasing compare different providers to not be tricked with an artificial fall in prices. Also the periodic brochures from any electronics shop present special offers. Each consumer receives a guarantee for every electronic device. Because the warranty can be change also cheap TV or cheap headphones, when they no longer go through no fault of its own. Often after the complaint comes then a responsible shipping company home, that picks up the broken part and brings a new device or the product will be exchanged by mail. More info on cheap TV


Future memory cards and USB flash drives put on Samsung 128 GB NAND-Flash time just start a complete Linux distribution from a USB-stick or quickly record an HD video using the digital camera. NAND Flash memory technology is reflected in countless digital devices of daily life. But often enough overlooked also, that this technology can also fail. NAND Flash memory chips now look back on a history of two decades and the development of always hoherkapazitaren NAND Flash memory for use in smartphones, SD memory cards and USB sticks always progresses. 128 GB Flash memory chips are the future of NAND memory. So, Samsung recently announced the mass production of 128 GB NAND on and they will find their future entry into many new devices and storage media right in the short term.

Also the IT giant Apple is working on a next generation of new device lines and also here, NAND memory will be used. Among other things is also the MacBook Pro. With the mass production of always but the risk of failure and data loss involved rises higher storage capacities per NAND chip, due to firmware damage or physical damage to the NAND or the controller. Storage devices, be it NAND Flash or conventional hard disk drive technology, can fail unexpectedly at any time. The risk of increasing Speichkapatiaten is also connected to an ever higher risk of data loss. NAND wafer found in countless different storage media and devices, for example in smartphones, iPhone and iPads, laptops, SD and SDHC cards as well as USB flash drives. The higher the max resolution of a conventional digital camera, the higher is the likelihood that the user these maximum picture quality also wants to use, because he wants to achieve the best possible result.

The best result is always also a corresponding space on the respective card. This now comes it to a physical defect or failure Memory card, so a photo retailer or an also an IT specialist dealer can determine only that he can’t help. Specialized companies of the memory card data recovery are needed here, which have the necessary tools and machines, as well as the Know-How to be able to read the NAND Flash memory securely and reliably and to be able to recreate the lost believed data from this. Data recovery from Flash-based storage media is already a long way behind. But the technology developed so rapidly, that also to be deployed methods, such as for the USB stick data recovery, permanently change.