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Super Bowl Xli

And that way! It was incredible as Peyton Manning guided the Colts to the Championship final. The Sunday night in the dispute for the AFC title and a ticket from entrance to the Miami final, Manning won a spectacular victory over the New England Patriots in their own stadium. The team was losing by 18 […]

Steve Alpizar

What is the most powerful method? Then modify their internal expectations, change their beliefs, what is in the depths of his being, again quote that you have experienced situations of disrespect, why? Because you believe that, people simply respond to their beliefs and most of time nor realize the event, moreover, it is possible that […]


United States Governments

By Andres Gomez 12 th September commemorated 12 years of unjust, cruel, and continuous imprisonment of our five brothers: Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, Fernando and Rene by United States Governments. Understand the decision to arrest and keep the five imprisoned as a fact circumstantial, incidental, or as a product of need for national security by U.S. […]


Cuba After The Resignation Of Fidel Castro

February 18-19, 2008 Fidel Castro announced to leave the offices of President and Commander in Chief. No other President in the world held so long in power. Cuba is still the only Western country in the defunct Soviet bloc in which the Communist Party maintains the monopoly of power. Castro, has also avoided being questioned […]