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Domingo Gonzales

It is unfortunate but it is the pure truth. The MIGBank Broker that has as main trader Fcamsa – Fxbot this in the eye of the storm, due to operations conducted by Domingo Gonzales, responsible for the handling of Fxbot, to trade in the Forex, is showing nothing rewarding results. Almost the capital of investors has been reduced by 30% and everything indicates that in a few weeks more it will reach consummated. Against such loss more than one being processed for revoking the contract with Fcamsa and consequently order the detention of the operations. And the reasons are obvious. Because many investors took them sweat and sleeplessness for money and a supposed successful trader wants it to purposely end. Because that is what evidence the screens of Metatrader 4. The results are to die of cholera, three malicious acts: 1.

operations that reach with positive benefits even with yields of 78,85,112 euros, and that anyone I would want to close it, it does not. Closes when this to been reduced at 1.60, 1.87, 2.10. 2. The BUY Stop (limited purchase) are made with a quote above the preferential, i.e. a good trader would buy into the latest support, however Fxbot does in the last resistance. 3. Further details can be found at Boy Scouts of America, an internet resource.

The Stop(venta limitada) Sell are made with a very low budget, i.e. it sorts in the last resistance. thing that when you enter online gets lost – 40 or – 50. In addition according to the investors who participate in various forums, they express that the holder does not respond when prompted explanation thereon. This has filled the glass of the disagreement and has become in an open repudiation. According to the communique utlimo released by Fcamsa, says that it will improve the attention to clients, but it does not explain the reason for his failure as a trader, nor mentions a possible reversal. It seems that he does not feel in the least nor sympathizes with the despair of the thousands and thousands of investors.Any investor currently has around his head with the ghost of total bankruptcy. On the other hand MIGbank not Nothing in this regard, that in part has responsibility in the subject by which the relationship between broker and trader in this case is very close is pronounced. Since the discrediting of one affects the other course.Well but makes it at least a readjustment with respect to the Fcamsa traded, shortly there will be an avalanche of protest in the pages. We hope that these two companies are claimed to demonstrate responsibility with what they have promised, for the sake of their investors and therefore for the sake of them.

Tax Code

Tax legislation does not exclude the possibility of field tax audits of taxpayers and establish the circumstances that could not be detected by conduct a desk audit of calculations presented in the same period (Resolution of the Federal WZO from 09.07.2002 N A33-15681/01-S3-FO2-1833/02-S1). Drawing on the results of a site inspection of the two acts and the imposition on them of two solutions, not is a violation of Art. 89 of the Tax Code, provided that both the acts and decisions are recorded crime for various tax periods (Resolution of the Federal SFR from 27.05.2002 N A42-7039/00-12-989/01-444/02). Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has much to offer in this field. It did not accept the arguments of the taxpayer that when you specify the head of the tax authority in the decision of a tax audit only the name of the audited entity, without specifying to the capacity in which she appears in tax relations – taxpayer or tax agent, requires the tax authority to verify that organization as both a taxpayer and a tax agent is not accepted by the court, as according to Art. 9 of the Tax Code, they are two separate species participating in tax relations, and a simultaneous test is the right of the tax authority, and not an obligation (Resolution of the Federal Defense of 27.05.2002 N KA-A40/3239-02). The court found unlawful actions of the Russian Federation and local Tax FTPS RF seizure of documents and the system unit of the taxpayer, because the composition of documents that may be requested during the audit is limited to the purpose of inspections specified in the decision on its conduct. If you have read about Neiman Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

You Want To Work From Home And Earn Money Online

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Bank Years

The percentage the House bank customer under 50 percent is at some banks. As a result, the Bank is also no longer first choice for product accounts. So just 33 per cent of customers for a new checking account automatically go to their local bank. So is also increase competition of among the banks. The slightly rising disposable income and the uncertainty of future developments, which will manifest itself in a reinforced private old-age provision, will provide new record values in private saving. So, around 195 billion euros could be saved new year 2013. The private financial assets will benefit and could rise up to the year 2013 to over 155 billion euros annually.

So, the financial assets of private households will continue to increase and in 2013 then amount to a total of 5.5 trillion euros. This is an increase of more than 610 billion or 11.2 percent compared to the end of 2010. There remains hope that the roller coaster rides on the international capital markets will be coming to an end. The risk aversion of private investors is huge – especially as the risk-averse investor was quite successful in the past 20 years, and taking risks against the capital market theory was paid rarely last. According to the results of the almost three quarters of all respondents for the next few years expected annual growth in private new investment in the area between 3 and 7 per cent per annum bbw decision makers survey in financial services companies.

According to experts, very much will change in regard to the sales situation. The fastest-growing financial services provider will be above all the investment funds and direct banks in the next few years according to the interviewed experts from financial institutions. But the experts certify also the life insurance still good opportunities. Because the plants are always uncertain and opaque, rosy times are predicted also the asset management. For more information about the study of bbw marketing Dr. Vossen & partners can be found in the network under. Dr. Valentine

Waiting For That Call

A common question is when you will call me?. More than anything women. Pending causes uncertainty and anguish. And the individual loses its Center, to subordinate to one another. All’ve ever lived you. Waiting for the call. Review every time if you walk or not the phone, or if they have left messages on the answering machine.

The repetitive thought is the question of why we don’t hear. And devise strategies to call it. Nieman Foundation will not settle for partial explanations. Accounts for your friends on the topic, your neighbors, to the greengrocer. They see you coming and gets scared, then again accounts the same. And then, when already not the candidate we are interested in, we have set ourselves how much wasted time of our lives, really looking forward to your call waiting. Some of the causes of non-sweet hopes still unclear the nature of the relationship. Waiting would have to do with knowing in that position we are in your heart.

Happened some discussion that justifies their disdain or not. You had an intimate relationship with the gentleman in question and then disappeared off the face of the Earth all was fine but suddenly not called more as you always call you, you’re doing a test to see if calling you or not he to you. The thing that doesn’t make too much sense. Because the only important thing is its quality as a companion and not who’s calling who. Facts speak louder, and not a hundred thousand reasons says Garcia Lorca. Tragic: he owes you money. Said my wise Grandma Sylvite never give money to a man, the Knights are those who pay) poor Grandma he told you that he was going to call, by that took awhile to see that it is what I felt for you. (This is a nightmare with Freddy and everything) endless possibilities I have attended too many women waiting for that call and I myself have lived, in the past (I am woman) I tell you this so think about it Few things could you enjoy instead of waiting for your call? You can have a wonderful job at the moment.


Studious of the subject they come affirming that the Brazilian people is recognized in the entire world for its enormous creativity, but although this not yet obtained to decide today until its basic social problems as the illiteracy, for example. However, other less creative peoples are successful financially and these analysts believe that this perhaps is fruit of its innovation. Further details can be found at Neeman Foundation, an internet resource. In the organizacional scope the problem occurs in function of the belief of many entrepreneurs of whom ' ' in teams who is gaining not if mexe' '. That is, when its companies are going well they are made comfortable and they do not look for to innovate or to improve. If you are not convinced, visit tcoyd. Ahead of this, we will see below the opinions of these analysts: The Creativity and the Innovation of the People Many Brazilians have excellent ideas, of unknown projects that had only been created in its proper mind. They had not implemented its creative ideas and they had not transformed them into innovations. Many until believe that its ideas had been ' ' roubadas' ' for other people, forgetting itself that good ideas are not patrimony of nobody? they are patrimony of the humanity. In summary she can yourself be affirmed that Brazilian we have really many original ideas (creativity), however we do not transform them into innovations.

That is, we do not generate value from this creativity. Creativity does not only decide nothing. To be creative it is enough to have some basic necessity, but to be innovative it is necessary knowledge, enterprising spirit, disciplines and mainly much education. The Knowledge is necessary to transform the good ideas into something tangible, concrete as an archetype or a project. The Enterprising Spirit to believe the ideas, to assume the responsibility on them, motivating the team and knowing ' ' vender' ' the innovation. It disciplines is the essential element so that the people if dedicate to the details and are fast in its decisions, therefore at this accurate moment somebody also can have had the same ideas.

The Riester Promotion

What is it with the the Riester promotion on himself? Is available to support the Riester who? Basically, everyone can conclude a contract to private pensions. Designated groups receive a promotion but only by the legislature. These are: trainee military and civilian service time and professional soldiers officials statutory pension insured worker employees of the public service law pension insured worker unemployed compulsorily during the three-year parenting time independent social insured part-time employees (up to 400 euro) recipients of unemployment benefit recipients of early retirement funds people voluntary, environmental or social year disabled people, which is intended to enable insured artists to its acquisition capabilities and publicist who is the Riester promotion in addition to? The spouse is not pension resident employed and an own age pension contracts, also him Riester promotion is entitled to. An indirect Has permission on promotion under the condition that the spouse contract has an own Riester and operates insurance: students full retirees retired due to disability, incapacity for work or disability workers employed (up to 400 euros) if the freedom of social security claim is considered self-employed in professional services (lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, etc.) I get independent, which are not in the statutory pension insurance how much can promote Riester? If you deposit at least 4% of their previous gross salary in the system, you will receive the maximum allowance. To get the full bonus, you have to pay a minimum 60 euros.

If you fall under the 60-euro limit with the four per cent, the amount is reduced proportionately. The currently 154 euro maximum support for single adults possible. 308 euro maximum support receive couples, who each have an individual contract of Riester. 185 euro Maximum support will be credited a child entitled to child benefit. 300 euros maximum support get child benefit-eligible children, if they were born after July 31, 2008.

Origin And Evolution Of The Hospital Classrooms

The current situation in Spain, you can say that it is at an important time because few hospitals today do not have a hospital room among its facilities. The process to reach this situation has been long and complex. At first classrooms at certain hospitals emerged spontaneously due to concerns by some in terms of school attendance of children who spent long periods in hospital, away from their environment and with the possibility of losing the school year. The first schools within a hospital come back in the fifties in centers linked with the Hospitaller Order of St John of God, as happened in Gijon Maritime Sanatorium which was carried by these brothers, work was continued in another of its hospitals , this time in Madrid in the Asylum of San Rafael. A few years later, around 1965, before the polio epidemic suffered by the Spanish infant population, there is a need to help these children not only from the point of view physician, but also from the school and education.

This initiative led to be opened a number of classrooms in various hospitals of the Spanish, particularly in the hospital in Oviedo, La Fe de Valencia, in Manresa (Barcelona) also under the Brothers of St. John of God and from Madrid: Baby Jesus, Clinical, Hospital Gregorio Maranon and the King, a dependent Classrooms Insalud, known then as the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which will open the way to school attendance area of the hospital. You have to influence a primary fact is that in the beginning, these classrooms were created with the idea of meeting the demands which had by the society for care of children with certain diseases such as polio, cerebral palsy, Toxic Syndrome, etc. It was intended, in those initial moments, most entertaining children carry with them a scholastic pursuit, according to the program at his school of origin. This initiative was followed in 1974, following the opening of the National Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo. At that time, launched a Pedagogical Section, consisting of five classrooms, a library, secretary and a staff room, with four teachers, of which today only three are left. The mission of this section was to address the educational needs of children and adults admitted, covering an increasingly widespread application in Spanish society.

However, this initiative has not caught on in other hospitals. The end result was that the May 18, 1998 an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Health and the National Institutes of Health, which laid the foundation and compensatory policy aimed at resolve the schooling of children convalescing or admitted to hospital. At present the majority of hospitals in Spain have among its units with one or more classrooms where children are cared for and girls who are forced to spend time in the hospital away from their schools of origin. The years included in this care are ranging from 3 to 16 years, although sometimes children are taken care off other older ages, those who go to high school.

Buying HIFI Headphone

None of music fan can not imagine his life without your favorite high-quality music, but do not always have the opportunity to play it at home, on a modern stereo system. In this case, there is need to purchase classroom headphones, which will enjoy high quality sound anywhere else. The first thing to pay attention to overhead headphones with a maximum size of the membrane, pay attention to characteristic sound frequencies must be a wide range. Pay attention primarily on the HI-FI headphones, they add a succulent sound, line the bass and treble. Many, this can be confusing, but simply listen to the same product on HI-FI and monitor headphones, everything will simply and clearly. "Naked" sound monitors are unlikely to somebody's taste, after all accustomed to high quality cooked and brought to the excellent balance of sound frequencies. The easiest way to choose: come into the store and listen to the greatest possible number of models, where it is desirable to listen to the music of different genres on the same model. It is this the most effective way, the main thing here is not ..

Council Internet

Cleverly designed website will help develop and strengthen the brand of the company, to conduct numerous branding and PR-campaigns. Thanks to the site, you can quickly solve the problem of forming a loyal audience of Internet – projects that affect it, or sell the influence of other advertisers. Attraction to your own website Internet users is increase brand awareness. 2. Sponsored features and additional sales channel: If your company is promoting goods or services to other markets (regional or international), it is difficult to imagine a cheaper and effective advertising channel for this purpose. A detailed description of your site promoted product saves lots of time and money on delivering the necessary information to your potential partners and customers. Catalog or description of services offered by the local market can be a good support for sales at retail. Site visitor who has received detailed information about a product (look and feel its cost, location and trading zones), is already prepared by the buyer.

Visiting a shop, he knows what he wants. Effective is the organization of sales via the Internet that allows the presentation of goods on-line, offer a convenient means of selecting and forming of orders, to receive payments, a functional back office. 3. Servicing customers: Perhaps one of the main differences between the Internet from other media media – interactivity, the possibility of customer feedback. Any consumer purchasing a product or service to solve their specific problems or needs, said an important gain professional Council and competent advice.