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People, thanks to which we now live with you. Yes, from the 'Belarusfilm', but, nevertheless, this is our movie about our history. For it is impossible to divide a common history. The film is very simple. That strength, that our soldiers are. But for us treacherously attacked the Germans. And the entire population of the […]

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Colleoni Mark

I must say that of all the famous condottieri only three managed to amass enough wealth and live to old age. These soldiers were – Sforza and Colleoni Gattamelata. For more information see this site: Kidney Foundation. By the way, they all had their palazzo in Venice, and Colleoni More and luxurious castle Malpago, not […]

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Soviet Union

The war with Germany, then civil. Only in the summer of 1921, demobilized from the Red Army, a member of the Communist Party / b / EI Buyvit received a master brewer, place the Petrograd factory “Red Bavaria”. You may want to visit Center For Responsible Lending to increase your knowledge. For some reason it […]

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Forbidden Kingdom

Rob Minkoff film "Forbidden Kingdom" starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Honestly I liked the movie, the plot simple, martial arts kung fu, and part of one of my favorite actors Jackie Chan. Not to say that I I am a fan of Asian films, but I like this actor and deserves respect. Let's just […]

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Celeris Group Shows

Celeris group has been involved in the exhibition Penguin Madrid located in the Metro Madrid Nuevos Ministerios station to know that one of solidarity penguins players belongs to the Spanish Federation for rare diseases (Feder) and Grupo Fundosa. As all know group Celeris collaborates continuously with Grupo Fundosa, a business division created by the ONCE […]

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Five Senses Fountain

Create different avenues to cover the orientation in the garden: an alley, covered with gravel, grass, tiles, with rammed earth, etc. The concept and the specific arrangement private garden finds its application in many gardens, such as the garden of five senses in Nantes, which for its equipment, adaptation, zones of interest and the environment […]

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In Actually, except for beginners, inexperienced in the methods of diversifying the poets, all of this fraternity we can safely classify the Order graphomaniacs clean water. Other contemporary poets and did give himself the freedom and the rhyme and the size, yes so that where there hexameter! – Lines are so long that you read […]

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