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Second Armenia

Until now, the scientific community, it is ignoririrovalis Armenian-Sumerian dictionary matching. This is surprising for two main reasons. First, because basis is still the dominant theory in the scientific world about the origin of the Armenians Dyakonov, is the statement that if the Armenians were the native inhabitants of the Armenian Highland, the vocabulary of the Armenian language would contain more of the languages of the Semitic learn from those around them Semitic tribes than it is the place to be. Following this logic, we should turn a blind eye to the presence in the Armenian language borrowing from the Sumerian language, but should pay attention to the lack of a sufficient number of borrowings from the younger Semitic languages. The question remains why hang in the air! Second Armenia-Sumerian language sootvetsyatviya found quite unusual manifestations that require special attention, such as Sumerian Utu God meets Armenian number 8 (uth) and the suffix uth shinararuthyun (construction). His sister, the goddess of Innin corresponds to the Armenian number 9 (inn) and the suffix-in shinararin (builder). Sky God An Armenian corresponds denies particle-AN (anhavat-infidel, unbeliever). God of the Moon corresponds to the root of Sin – sin (empty besmyslenny) this snahavat (cueverny believing in nothing), but of the Armenian lusin Moon" is formed from the Sumerian lu people and Sin (the Moon God). As we can see all of these examples have a direct bearing on the one hand to slovobrazovaniyu Armenian language, on the other side of the pantheon of Sumerian gods, that is itself represents a more than remarkable phenomenon that is at least worthy of being subjected to scrutiny …


People, thanks to which we now live with you. Yes, from the 'Belarusfilm', but, nevertheless, this is our movie about our history. For it is impossible to divide a common history. The film is very simple. That strength, that our soldiers are.

But for us treacherously attacked the Germans. And the entire population of the fortress battles with the invaders. Children in the fortress fight as adults – when the Germans held out kid candy, he did not hesitate to kill him with a pistol. Hall gasped when it happened. Germans in the film these beasts, they were burned alive by napalm defenders, bullied and killed. The war is shown in the film "Brest Fortress" as it is. The film – no matter how battered or was the phrase – based on real events.

It is shown exactly what it was, and exactly the way it was. The filmmakers have learned a lot and shoveled archive historical documents. And no you glamorous pink tank, or idiotic behavior, nor hand-wringing, heart-rending cries no. Yes, at first was a panic, but then the strong-willed commander took his hand the situation under control and people started courage to fight shoulder to shoulder. The phrase 'I am dying, but do not give up' – a chill down my spine. It would seem, why would not surrender? After all, there is no support, no connection, nor any certainty the timing of occupation, no provisions, no water, no medication. There are only increasing the number of killed and wounded. But these men without orders from above, made this decision themselves, have made such a choice – to fight just for this, his plot of land for his castle, no matter that. Because this is their land, their ancestral home here, here their place in this world, and other such – there is no need not. That is why, through the severity of the sensation of the film, I rejoiced and thanked the founders for what they gave me the opportunity to time to realize and remember that I – a Russian, that our ancestors have left us with one-sixth of the land and have registered on the first day of all those who have them rypnulsya. While there is nothing joyous in the movie itself does not. film "Brest fortress' sure to watch, especially the youth. Filmmakers and personally Igor Ugolnikova – thanks for the movie, with respect to our history, to the fallen ancestors.

Colleoni Mark

I must say that of all the famous condottieri only three managed to amass enough wealth and live to old age. These soldiers were – Sforza and Colleoni Gattamelata. For more information see this site: Kidney Foundation. By the way, they all had their palazzo in Venice, and Colleoni More and luxurious castle Malpago, not far from his hometown – Bergamo. In this castle of the great soldier of fortune, and died at the age of 76, sitting with a blanket on the lap of a huge fireplace. But life was filled with Colleoni not only struggle.

In the already very respectable for the time aged about 60 years, Colleoni first became a father. His daughter, the famous soldier of fortune was very fond of antiquity, and called the name of Medea. However, his daughter died very early and from that moment for life Colleoni lost all meaning. He became very devout. The great warrior left a dual memory …

invited the young architect, Antonio Amadeo, who recommended him to the chief builder of the Cathedral of Milan Solari, he instructed to build Amadeo chapel, which was totally new to the architecture not only in Lombardy, but all over Italy. But the great warrior and that was not enough. Since his successors were not, then all their big money He left Venice. However, the proposed one condition. The Venetians were to put a monument to him is worse than Gattamelate set in Padua, where they do it must have been in Venice, the Basilica of St. Mark. Contract estate sign. After the death of the donor for it took not just anybody, but another great Florentine, Leonardo teacher – Maestro Verrocchio. And he created a masterpiece. But the Venetians did not quite fulfilled his promise. The Venetian's lawyers found a hold in the contract that allowed them to not do volyu donor, but it is legitimate to receive his inheritance. They have not erected a monument to the Cathedral of St. Mark and St. Mark's near the school.

Soviet Union

The war with Germany, then civil. Only in the summer of 1921, demobilized from the Red Army, a member of the Communist Party / b / EI Buyvit received a master brewer, place the Petrograd factory “Red Bavaria”. You may want to visit Center For Responsible Lending to increase your knowledge. For some reason it leaves the factory and goes by “Stenka Razin.” At this time, started a health problem, doctors are advised to change the raw climate of the northern capital. Offer Lothar Vakano move in Samara was handy. In February 1925 Evgeny began work on Zhigulevskoe plant. And in October, a special committee of Samara municipal council noted that “… the beer gives a very clear and clean.” The plant produced in those years a few beers.

In particular, “Vienna,” “The March”. trol of Your Diabetes. Increase volumes of production, expanded markets. It was not until spring of 1929, while the plant was handed over to the state and based on it appeared the trust of local importance “State Zhigulevsky brewery.” In the early thirties, Evgeny was virtually no work. Beer production was reduced, the workers took over the factory yard breeding pigs, chickens, cows, for the establishment of commuter services. Such was the situation of those years. The situation began to change only in 1934.

People’s Commissariat the food industry led the AI Mikoyan. He has taken steps to revive the brewing otrasli.Evgeny I. Buyvit often in Moscow, meeting with Mikoyan. The rise, which experienced a brewing business, swept Zhigulevskoe on the plant. In autumn 1936 he offered to buyers a few beers, “Russian”, “Ukrainian”, “Velvet”, “Moscow”, “Porter” and “Zhiguli.” The story of beer “Zhigulevskoe” such ordinances do not solved so far and spawned many legends. Now that you know the name of the chief brewer of the year, there may be another. But I would not hurry with the announcement of the author of the beers Zababakhin Buyvita. Painfully widely was then common practice to give all and sundry instead of the old Soviet names. Thus, the “Vienna” could be “Zhiguli,” “Munich” – “Ukrainian”, etc. Zababakhin Buyvita was arrested in March 1938. In January 1940 was released. At the factory he has not returned. Soon after the war began. Zhigulevsky plant continued to brew beer, even sending him to defenders of Stalingrad as a gift. But his main task was dried biscuits for the army, production of yeast. After the war, to have a new chief Zhigulevskomzavode brewer – Alexander Kasyanov. Since his arrival, and began a new chapter in the history of one of the most famous breweries plants of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union.

Celeris Group Shows

Celeris group has been involved in the exhibition Penguin Madrid located in the Metro Madrid Nuevos Ministerios station to know that one of solidarity penguins players belongs to the Spanish Federation for rare diseases (Feder) and Grupo Fundosa. As all know group Celeris collaborates continuously with Grupo Fundosa, a business division created by the ONCE Foundation in 1989 with the aim of generating and managing employment for people with disabilities. The news is that if you’ve walked a bit through Madrid lately you may have found with a somewhat peculiar sculptures, group Celeris refers to the decorated giant penguins who populated different streets of the center of Madrid. These sculptures were, as you can imagine, a solidarity purpose: to raise awareness and raise funds for groups with special needs. Each Penguin was designed by an artist, sponsored by a public and linked to a solidarity project character. In the case ERDF Penguin, that sponsoring Fundosa Groupe has been designed by Kukuxumusu and has the sponsorship of brothers William and Carla Campra. The past August 2 group Celeris was informed about the move that made these solidarity penguins to Nuevos Ministerios station. From that day all passed to reside in one of the most emblematic stations in Madrid waiting for its charity auction next September. Among 20 penguins exposed, Celeris group has shown its support in particular to the ERDF and Grupo Fundosa, Penguin an initiative developed with the aim of improving the quality of life for people with rare diseases. Celeris group wants to encourage you all to collaborate with this initiative, so can do it via SMS by sending the word ERDF to the 28011. The collection (1.20 euros per SMS) will go entirely to the Federation. Celeris group has always wanted to be linked to actions like this, since it gives an opportunity improve the expectancy and quality of life of those affected and their families, because it promotes problem solving, social change, the power of the people through the exercise of their rights, their release and the union of others affected by the same pathology to overcome the isolation barrier. From Celeris group we want to remind you that aid of Fundosa to Penguin of ERDF, coupled with what is obtained through the auction of the Penguin and the solidary SMS campaign, will serve to improve the quality of life of people affected by those known as rare diseases, diseases that occur at a very low percentage of the population.

Five Senses Fountain

Create different avenues to cover the orientation in the garden: an alley, covered with gravel, grass, tiles, with rammed earth, etc. The concept and the specific arrangement private garden finds its application in many gardens, such as the garden of five senses in Nantes, which for its equipment, adaptation, zones of interest and the environment is the epitome of the new concept and the original organization of special gardens. Garden of Five Senses was designed so that everyone could best spend time in it: he was in some way adapted for the visually impaired. Garden polifunktsionalen, it affects simultaneously in various senses: – sensitive perception (hearing, sight, smell, touch) – psychological perception (meditation, reflection, serenity, peace, joy, leisure, etc.) Source enrichment – anyone can in this environment to find food for the perception by adaptation and harmonization of forms, heights and colors. In the arrangement of the garden, located on an island off the coast of Beaulieu, Loire, involving a number organizations that provide for him the necessary equipment.

This is a very frequented area of Nantes. However, the determining factor in choosing the location of the garden was the presence of a musical conservatory. It is a garden – purlieu blind and visually impaired. To provide an opportunity to experience all five senses, was created by a number of original objects: – musical fountain – sundial – a piggy bank odors; tracks. In addition, the regeneration bothered about using materials with different texture, perceived by touch. Musical fountain – a structure of stainless steel sculptor Onelio Viljandi: The musical fountain is created as a source of life and movement soaring jet calm mirror surface of the pool.


In Actually, except for beginners, inexperienced in the methods of diversifying the poets, all of this fraternity we can safely classify the Order graphomaniacs clean water. Other contemporary poets and did give himself the freedom and the rhyme and the size, yes so that where there hexameter! – Lines are so long that you read and can not understand this poem or rhythmic prose? Representatives of this trend mostly hang out in LJ, they are generally more educated and Russian language problems do not have. Syllabic-tonic notorious, coupled with a precise rhyme they announce is hopelessly outdated and does not have any perspective – in short, it is not fashionable today. There is another group of contemporary poets, their can be called imitators. Perhaps this kind of role-playing games, in any case the similarity is. The most common stylized poets of Pushkin's time, but there are others.

This is not imitation, namely, direct copying the style of the era with the use of words, etc. And it's not all. But all of the above for the form. And what about content? And then the fun begins, or vice versa – uninteresting. There is a one-two or a few names in mind when we utter these words – modern poetry? Alas, the poets on a national scale is not observed. And where did they come from, if our eyes the most terrible predictions come true science-fiction writers, providevshih society of the future in his writings some half a century ago? Then the television was just beginning to seize the attention of the masses, but now it is a powerful tool to influence consciousness modern man. Style promoted by modern TV, unfortunately, does not elevate man above the commonplace, but rather puts it into a state of semi-existence in which all human senses are gradually replaced by their substitutes.