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Rockefeller Foundation

Here the malaria is severe, caused by Plasmodium Falciparum (malignant; pernicious or economic terciana fever). Beyond transmitted by a weak vector Anopheles Maculipennis. Here Anpheles Darlingi, fierce and powerful. Beyond the transmission interrupted by the cold of winter. Here the uninterrupted transmission throughout the year. Beyond the cheerful countryside and restricted, here the immensity of […]

Miguel Brasco

He published the poems in common (1949), the vigil and the journey (1961). Between 1963 and 1964 emerged area of American poetry magazine, that nuclear related poets to his expressive line, between them, Alberto Vanasco, Francisco Urondo, Cesar Fernandez Moreno, Miguel Brasco, Noe Jitrik and Ramiro de Casabellas. Celebrations, a set of texts that would […]

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Shanxi Development

The development of energy saving crusher Chinese equipment is with extensive resources, but with the increase in population and the rise of industrialization, the shortage of resources in China is increasingly serious, which is inseparable from the backward mining operations, especially the extensive production serious threats mode more environment, and therefore, the development of energy-saving […]

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Rights Human Ffyl Uba

SCHOOL year 2010 activities class INAUGURAL La Catedra Libre of human rights at the Faculty of philosophy and letters invites you to the opening act of his 16th second academic cycle which will take place on Friday, April 23, at 20 hours. Lecture by MARCELO FERREIRA, Professor of the Chair: judgments to REPRESSORS. ABOUT memory […]


Nicolas Pepicelli

Although, as well, it is likely that inflation no longer grow, but currently continues with the scale of the year, placing in high levels. 2 Decrease in the price of Commodities: this is due to that the crisis affected countries which demanded large amounts of our exportable resources and speculators withdraw from this market returning […]

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Carlos Mora Vanegas the financial crisis that was generated in the United States and has had significant repercussions in the countries that make up the planet Earth, has entailed meetings are carried out through forums, summits that analyze the result and take the corresponding actions to address it, as well as other topics that are […]



The amount of savings in Mongo depends on the conditions of the contract. Any organization engaged in long-term life insurance, is ready to offer several types of programs, from which the client initially selects the most podshodyaschuyu. He decides to how old he retire and what would be the size of pensions. First of all […]

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Saves this purpose in your heart and be sure to find it at the right time, when oblige to help those who need you. When a teenager or a woman has the misfortune to fall or find themselves in the circumstances be different from the son who has begotten, we cannot falter it more in […]