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Rockefeller Foundation

Here the malaria is severe, caused by Plasmodium Falciparum (malignant; pernicious or economic terciana fever). Beyond transmitted by a weak vector Anopheles Maculipennis. Here Anpheles Darlingi, fierce and powerful. Beyond the transmission interrupted by the cold of winter. Here the uninterrupted transmission throughout the year. Beyond the cheerful countryside and restricted, here the immensity of the ilimite plain. In summary, beyond malaria was one of the health problems.

Here was one gigantic (1987, 27) .ff to be in front contact with the reality of malaria in the country understood that it required more knowledge to combat the great public health problem that afflicted the nation with the most suitable measures. He then embarked on a new journey in pursuit of his training as malariologo; He went to USA, a scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation, to perform a postgraduate course in the school of public health from Johns Hopkins University where he graduated in the year of 1935 with the title of Doctor of Sciences of hygiene. It was perhaps his greatest achievement in his training of malariologo, in the introductory words of avian Malaria, Pedro Grases believes that in the vocational training of the doctor Gabaldon, with studies in Venezuela and abroad, particularly the received at John Hopkins to achieve a unique preparation for tenaciously direct suppression of malaria campaign in Venezuela (1998, XV). University John Hopkins passed temporarily to the Rockefeller Institute in New York to conduct studies on malaria in monkeys. In the meantime, Venezuela accused the end of a painful dictatorship, Juan Vicente Gomez, died in his bed in December of the year 1935, the dictatorship of Gomez is, indeed, a whole era of history in which produces social disarticulation and moral deformation in generations that had to live it (Moron, G, f/s, 467). Materially, oil introduced changes in the economic structure of the country, the agrarian country transits towards an minero-extractivo model that strengthens the State finances that opens up possibilities of public investment in programmes of economic and social development, especially in the field of health through oil revenues. The successor of Gomez, General Eleazar Lopez Contreras woke up new expectations and allowed certain political openness which meant the return of many Venezuelans who were in exile, and others who were prisoners were released. The father of Arnoldo Gabaldon had been a political prisoner of dictator Gomez, Arnold always kept reserve and discretion at this fact and cared for publicly expressing their political opinions. While still Gabaldon abroad receives a telegram signed by President Lopez Contreras inviting you to be part of the template of doctors at the service of the Venezuelan State.

Miguel Brasco

He published the poems in common (1949), the vigil and the journey (1961). Between 1963 and 1964 emerged area of American poetry magazine, that nuclear related poets to his expressive line, between them, Alberto Vanasco, Francisco Urondo, Cesar Fernandez Moreno, Miguel Brasco, Noe Jitrik and Ramiro de Casabellas. Celebrations, a set of texts that would be then incorporated into his poetic work; was released in 1969 in 1981, new poems, and in 1983, someone calls. Rodolfo Alonso has written on him: Edgard Bayley belongs to that lineage of poets who, like Baudelaire and Apollinaire, not only were able to reflect on art and poetry but also discover and announce new values and spearhead new movements., is one of our big, our most limpid poets, but is also one of the most brilliant Essayistsmore transparent of Argentine literature. And about why they chose this not very extensive, but adjusted poem that represented a sort of emblem for an entire generation can say that in my opinion, somehow embodies the synthesis of the poetic talent of Edgard Bayley, because from conciseness and simplicity of the speech, it leaves open the possibility of readings always renovated, open to multiple interpretations, and above all, as in layers that overlap and are empowered,presented us as a verbal body of high expressiveness, bearer of that intimate commotion arising from true poetry. I find in this text not only a masterful command of the instrument, i.e., of the poetic Word, but also a paradoxical game of shapes and contents that go beyond, perhaps, the initial intention of the voice. And is that the poem proper its indispensable universe, already above any intention thus preconceived happens with great poetry stands as an emotional and semantic body that exceeds the possibilities of the discourse because it surpasses the same limit of language which sustains it and embodies. What if We refer to the formal resources, these seem to not only complement but also reinforce the content, because the word is displayed in a set of chained meanings that are juxtaposed, face, stick and amplify each other to open the voice to be unanimous in it: always will be / sometimes you dream believed have said everything / but another dream rises and is not the same / you then return to the hearts of all hands / of anyone /.

And how not to associate this stream of meanings, of existential voice that doubles not to be, however, the same, to the perpetual flow of the river of Heraclitus, because as in a movement of high tide and low tide, the poem is immersed in language to integrate us into a universe of items that are replaced to reappear, already unified, to an area that integrates the perplexed circle of existence: this hand is the hand nor the skin of your joy / to the bottom of the streets always find another sky / heaven after another grass there are always different beaches /. And this is how, I repeat, shapes game adheres to the meaning reaffirming in a masterly way the speech. Because in a domestic epic that does not preclude in any way the future of the world, the recognition of otherness, the commitment to be here, a now specifically that is diluted, the poem provides the reader with a route common, human marks, the existence.

Rights Human Ffyl Uba

SCHOOL year 2010 activities class INAUGURAL La Catedra Libre of human rights at the Faculty of philosophy and letters invites you to the opening act of his 16th second academic cycle which will take place on Friday, April 23, at 20 hours. Lecture by MARCELO FERREIRA, Professor of the Chair: judgments to REPRESSORS. ABOUT memory and justice in ARGENTINA’s BICENTENNIAL Musical closing: Group JACARA Friday 23 of April 20 hs. Classroom 108 Puan 480 forums of DEBATE Friday from 19.30 to 22.30 hours classroom 129Los topics to discuss in the forums are fixed in next to their realization dates) Friday, April 23: opening ceremony of the 16th cycle academic conference in charge of Marcelo Ferreira closing Musical: Group Jacara date to be confirmed: presentation of the book the abortion debate, contributions to a discussion pending the journalist Mariana Carbajal Fecha to confirm: They querellan in Argentina by the Xenocidio Galician campaign yesterday by us today by ye seminars: Seminar: introduction to human rights charge Marcelo Ferreira – Professor of the Chair- and team docenteLunes and Friday from 17 to 19 hs. 129 Classroom course and free introduction and objectives: the objective of the seminar is to promote a comprehensive vision of the problem of human rights in their various aspects. To this end proposes a dynamic exhibition, debate and criticism, through the exchange of ideas with students of different races. The analysis model to apply intends to accommodate the various dimensions of the subject of analysis, and promote the historical contrast between the own of the foundational stage of human rights thinking and the realities of the 21st century, opening up Riverbed to questions about modern ills, social danger, morality and authority over human rights, the desirable world and the possibility of universal justice. A) introductions: The theme is approached from five introductions: pre-teorica, theoretical, historical, legal and philosophical.The preteorica introduction aims to reflect on the basic concepts in function of an analysis model inspired by the structure of a theatrical play, to discriminate between protagonists, victims, villains, stage and tragedy, in detriment of the traditional legal categories and dogmatic model that inspires them.

Nicolas Pepicelli

Although, as well, it is likely that inflation no longer grow, but currently continues with the scale of the year, placing in high levels. 2 Decrease in the price of Commodities: this is due to that the crisis affected countries which demanded large amounts of our exportable resources and speculators withdraw from this market returning to invest in safer countries. This decrease will affect accounts fiscal and external, reducing the surplus and leaving the Government with less margin of discretionary maneuvers. 3 Decline of economic growth: it clearly will affect the collection of taxes and desmejorara the fiscal accounts, in addition to the amount of employment will be reduced and the uncertainty of the Argentines again surfaced. 4 Industry: sectors of the national industry are suffering the consequences of turbulence, as they have begun to lay off staff and see a reduction in their sales which makes it impossible them to invest (investment escatimaban from always). This, convergira even more in economic growth slowing down even more. Now, it is observed clearly that the weaknesses are not set aside, more precisely, are imbalances that can affect the well-being of Argentine citizens. But, as the counterpart of these negative factors, there are some positive factors which attenuate the impact of the international crisis.

Strengths when we analyze the strengths, we must focus on factors that can serve as a barrier to stop or lessen the international turbulence. It is that model Kirchner with its two essential pillars, commercial and fiscal surplus, has some interesting bastions. These, echoing several opinions, in this case are voices from the Government, they are as follows: 1. level of reserves: these, amounting to the almost 50 billion, is an impressive fortress, although it is not the great wall of China. By this, the Government can act discretionarily for a time necessarily prudent and medium-term. These, are the result of the actions of government surpluses, and also by the growth of recent years. Thus, the Government is allowed to act on some variables for which the aftermath of the disturbance is not too deep.

2. The decline in the price of oil and Gas: this entails that the Government need to spend less money to subsidies to curb inflation, mitigating the impact of lower revenues for retention by the fall in the price of raw materials. 3 Minor imports: decline in imports by the lowest level of activity will be an important factor that will improve the shielding by the fall of exports. Thus, the country will benefit with respect to the trade balance, which may achieve does not fall into red or, if does, which is just orange. 4 External insulation: with regard to the closure of external borrowing by the deepening international financial crisis, Argentina is satisfactorily well. Well not you largely depends on, like other countries, global loans to meet its debt obligations and to finance their activities. Conclusion to conclude, we can say that if well Argentina is in a better position than when emerged the late 1990s crisis, because there is money to cope with a possible recession in the short term, also we must observe that there are some variables that, if they are not normalized and are balanced, draggable to the national economy of a debacle worse than expected.


Carlos Mora Vanegas the financial crisis that was generated in the United States and has had significant repercussions in the countries that make up the planet Earth, has entailed meetings are carried out through forums, summits that analyze the result and take the corresponding actions to address it, as well as other topics that are manifested and many constitute threats as the fluctuations of the oil prices, terrorism, drug trafficking, poverty, pollution, among others. The fact, that it has led to that the Venezuelan Government under the management of the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez convene the countries that comprise the Alba at a meeting to be held in Caracas that will be to host a Summit of the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas (ALBA) which was attended by several leaders of the region, but not the Raul Castro Cuban. The ALBA was created at the behest of Chavez in 2004, as opposed to the Area of free trade of the Americas (FTAA), driven by United States. President Hugo Chavez thereon has pointed out is going to be a very important meeting (). We will evaluate the world crisis (). We have things to say and we say them.

Here imposes an open dialogue, but North-South dialogue.We have confirmed to Evo (Morales, President of Bolivia), a Cuban Envoy. Raul (Castro) will come but then Daniel Ortega (President of Nicaragua) (Manuel) Zelaya (Honduras President) and the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, said Chavez. Chavez considers that this meeting is very important, because we certainly have things to say, you should search for solutions to what is happening, must urge the developed economies to consult the opinion of the emerging Nations.Here the North-South dialogue, is imposed to augur that the capitalist crisis points to cause unpredictable consequences for humanity. What is happening moves like wildfire. You are turning into a political crisis and may be cause of revolutions, popular uprisings.


The amount of savings in Mongo depends on the conditions of the contract. Any organization engaged in long-term life insurance, is ready to offer several types of programs, from which the client initially selects the most podshodyaschuyu. He decides to how old he retire and what would be the size of pensions. First of all client initially to decide what additional amount to the state pension, he would himself provide. The next step is determined the timing of payment of future income: get the full amount of savings at a time after the expiry of the insurance contract, or in parts within opredlennogo period of time (until the end of life, for example). Next you need to consider how to allocate resources more convenient monthly, quarterly, annually or as something else. For example, the contract can stipulate that the fees you pay every six months until 55 – the age, and after stop work and you still want to receive $ 500 monthly. Based on the expressed wishes you the insurance premium is calculated, that is, those Platja, which will need to regularly pay you during the term and certain.

The amount of contributions depends on the customer's gender and, of course, age. The important role played by the future health of the insured. Therefore, when this contract will have to undergo a full medical examination some companies such as ING Life offered to do it for free, in the said Institution. Please note that the survey reultaty company can not meet, and then in the insurance customer refused. If the assigned insurer will arrange the price comfortable old age, you can only sign a contract, and the insurance company will take up his obyazatlstv. Now about pyusah and cons of such a system. Traditionally, Life insurance is divided into two groups: whole life insurance, and insurance for survival. Endowment insurance – the so-called mixed type, combining, and insurance and insurance on smrti case of survival.


Saves this purpose in your heart and be sure to find it at the right time, when oblige to help those who need you. When a teenager or a woman has the misfortune to fall or find themselves in the circumstances be different from the son who has begotten, we cannot falter it more in the pit of his misfortune, opening the doors for to commit something heinous, whose action will produce a moral and psychological collapse that may not recover while alive. Stop us. Extending our hand so that you can get up and move forward, not by compassion or charity, but surrounded by an infinite understanding and love. But all! In the case of creatures that describes the fact that I just reflect, think that they have the same feelings and illusions that we.

They are full of tenderness and love and expect and need to receive the same from their peers. But we give them back in many cases, because sunk in our blind selfishness, we judge them and sentenciamos different from us. And what that we rely to this ruling? In that we are more numerous than them? What you say a majority is sufficient and absolute reason? Would it be really night at twelve o’clock of the day because say it a majority? Do not think that not are they different from us, but us different from them? Precisely because we are different from them, they are beings who need our help to develop in our world, but that just by his helplessness, his simple and spontaneous purity, will be the cause for us to enjoy the privilege of experiencing some emotions and feelings that will never come to know those who do not want them to know; you don’t want to have them next to them because they fear that it can destroy your life; give them back and decide to dispense with unparalleled treasure that contain within them, descuartizando them hidden deep within its own ranks. At that time, of the book of creation, we are starting a page blank in which will never know the wonders that in the same is they could have written.