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Hans Kemeny German

Our systems allow to use higher degrees of freedom in product development and to streamline their production company.” About SLM Solutions GmbH, the SLM Solutions GmbH, manufacturer of machines for small series and Pro types production in Lubeck, Germany, supports its customers for more than 50 years with solutions in the fields of vacuum casting, metal casting and selective laser melting. Focus industries of the SLM solutions are the automotive industry, educational institutions, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical technology. As pioneer and technology leader develops, constructs and builds SLM solutions technical and economic solutions for the benefit of their customers. SLM solutions many years of experience in the rapid manufacturing plant construction a, dominated the processes and has cross-industry know-how. SLM solutions has built their reputation and their expert knowledge in the market under the company names HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH and last MTT technologies GmbH. The separation of the MTT group in 2010 allowed SLM solutions efforts in the development and manufacture of innovative products and solutions for generative (ALM / SLM) to expand System techniques and to serve the global sales and service network more closely. Contact: Stefan Ritt SLM Solutions GmbH Roggenhorster Strasse 9 c 23556 Lubeck telephone: 0451 / 16082 0 fax: 0451 / 16082 250 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 284363 fax: 0451 / 284370

Frank Sinatra

Founded in 2001, Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, which should be created in community work. Facebook was released in 2004. And since the world revolves not only faster, but plain and simply different. For all who were teenagers in the 00ern, not for all times said: not the music was crucial. Also not the fashion.

But a new worldview. But let me get out of here further. Before the Beatles released their music, ahead of Frank Sinatra and Greta Garbo, music was a pure art form. Art was and is indeed something beautiful, but something as not everyone or Assistant does the same access. In the 18th century, there was Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. In the 19th century were Claude Debussy. Go on youtube and listen to music by Claude Debussy in the late 19th century.

Without a doubt a fabulous music. But easily accessible for the ESPRIT and the adventurous spirit of youth? (Music by Claude Debussy) Please take the time and see themselves once the fashion of the 19th century. Long dresses, much material with many details sewn, embroidered with precious yarn, with petticoats and not to forget these hats! Wonderful. No question. But for a teenager? The reality was: at this time there was simply no teenager. There were children. And then there were adults. The mode (19th century) And now imagine, what the adults suddenly of a whirl, made in the twenties of the last century, the teenager to the swing dancing! And additionally a bobbed wore! Was that a provocateur. The youth moving in unmanierlicher way and the girl with short hair to the music! In dresses, which ended just below the knee. Fact: the teenager struggled off its supremacy the adults. They introduced themselves with their contagious energetic subculture even about it! And didn’t like it. Not at all. Clearly showed: we’re in the series.

Watches Opened Internet

The online shop of Studio Seth from Lauffen am Neckar with its new online shop expands the Studio Seth headquartered in Lauffen am Neckar, its sales activities. “In addition to the Studio opened two years ago in Lauffen, now under can use the slogan take it” on the Internet jewelry and watches can be purchased. The product range focuses on elegant jewelry and watches at affordable prices. Thanks to a careful pre-selection, meaningful product categories and user friendly search and filter functions users easy access to the product that is suitable for them. It is also possible to compare items easily. Customers will also benefit from attractive discounts when ordering in our online shop.

At the start of the shop, there are many interesting opening offers are valid exclusively until the 16.11.2013. The sporty watches Poseidon, which draw attention with fashionable design and bright color effects belong to the range of Osombo. Also jewelry and watches by Bowls are available from Osombo. They are known among other things for the material from which they are made: Titanium. For allergy sufferers, that a recommended material with a good price-performance ratio. Titanium is nickel free and therefore hypoallergenic. Jewels of the trendier s.Oliver can also be purchased at Osombo. The modern jewelry is made of sterling silver, stainless steel or high-quality other materials.

Girls like little princesses can feel with the jewelry and watches of Princess Lillifee. Watches locman from Italy complete the offer. With their high quality and innovative design, the Italian company locman appeals to trend-conscious customers with exclusive taste. By encryption with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and the trusted shop certification, users can buy a carefree. With Sofortuberweisung”, PayPal, Amazon payments, prepayment, various payment methods for potential shoppers available are last name, cash and credit cards. The items are shipped with DHL and Deutsche Post, also pickup is possible. DHL Express deliveries are also selectable, if it is hurry with the order. A competent service hotline (normal AreCode) is set up. Here Golschschmiedemeisterin Dorothea Seth’s customers and employees advise and can also directly order. Contact: Daniel Seth Studio Seth Postplatz 1 74348 Lauffen am Neckar Tel: 07133/965894 fax: 07133/965895 E-Mail:

Youth Aid Conference Berlin

The youth welfare in practice: Retrospective, Outlook, legal developments, Berlin 14.10.2013-on 24 and 25 October 2013 Youth takes place in Berlin the Conference, which takes a look back at the new rules enacted in 2013 and laws, as well as the current legal developments and dares views on future trends of this topic. The meeting organized by the municipal education work e. V. held already in its eighth year and attracts the interest of experts and specialist practitioners from youth, childhood and youth and social media on which in many places. In recent years, the number of serious cases of child welfare risk was particularly high. The legislature adopted therefore various new regulations in the field of child welfare in the previous parliamentary term, exert considerable consequences on the work of the youth offices. In May of this year the reform of parental anxiety of not together married parents is also in force and regulations were issued, the rights of non-legal, biological fathers clearly strengthen.

Thus, new roles and responsibilities were found for youth offices. The Conference Youth should now draw a first conclusion to the effectiveness of the new legislation and evaluate whether the effects intended by the legislator has now occurred and how they affect the working practices of the administrations and institutions. Still a glimpse of upcoming projects in the next few years and any changes to be made at the meeting youth already. In addition, the current case-law to the child law in the Youth Conference is addressed and it discusses the efficiency of welfare services. Especially approaches for practical work should be derived from this. As an innovation, the Conference in two parallel forums will be held on the 25.10.2013. “” During the professional forum I the youth aid panel instruments “the topic has to II deals with issues of early childhood education and promotion specialist forum”.

Mrs Detzel Crib

The look in the supermarket shelves announces it weeks ago: Christmas is approaching. But except for Schokoweihnachtsmannern and Advent Calendars often a traditional Nativity scene in German families to the advent and Christmas season. Sylvia Detzel, Managing Director of online mail order Christmas crib figures, answers questions about the tradition of Christmas crib figures. Editorial: Mrs Detzel, given by purchase noise and commercialization: how important is the tradition of the Christmas crib at all now? Sylvia Detzel, Nativity Actually it is today so that even Christian families of the Christmas hustle and bustle can hardly escape. The days before the Holy evening only for the least are a time of calm and anticipation of the birth of Jesus. It is all the more important in this time deliberately earlier Christmas traditions to remember and to reflect. And this includes in particular the tradition, a Nativity scene with stable and figurines made of wood next to the Christmas tree to set up.

We did a survey a few years ago, confirmed that almost 50% of Germans for Christmas make Christmas crib figures. Editorial: Is that not another game type of vorweihnachtlichem commerce but in some way? Sylvia Detzel, Nativity Actually just under half of the respondents answered in our survey that they create Christmas crib figures, because that is essential for them to live their Christian faith. But also bright children’s eyes or a cosy Christmas atmosphere in the living room were named as motivation to decorate Christmas Nativity scenes. Actually celebrate not only devout Christians this festival. And of course, the theme plays commercial”also at my online shop a role, even if I run him not full-time and not have to live. Editorial: How did you at all on the idea, to create an online shop for hand-carved Nativity? Sylvia Detzel, Nativity figurines I am well 20 years of experience in the field Marketing and E-commerce but also advice worked directly for other companies in the usage.

Comment: With HANA Faster Decide

Einzelbrachtung decides on use your name may mislead a bit – he stands for a combination of hardware and software that can do more than the name suggests. The speech is of SAPs in-memory appliance and the warranties are enormous: more profitable business will be, more speed in the faster provision of information from the study of large amounts of data in optimized IT costs – so that guarantee with the goal to provide processes with data in near real time. The combination makes the difference to achieve this speed, all components have been matched. Hardware-side technologies leading manufacturer to use, specially certified for HANA come. On the software side, the appliance uses an in-memory database that combines information from the ERP and analytics world.

HANA replaced conventional approaches, involving ERP and analytics data had to be merged in a data warehouse and converted for the analyses, by their system. Only this interaction ensures that perfect conditions that result in an editor. Different application possibilities of the in-memory appliance with SAP business one use are basically various possibilities into account. In parallel is a HANA – database on the side of the already-driven database and used. In another scenario, the old database is omitted entirely.

All systems are supported by the HANA database and its components. In addition, recently also the possibility to use HANA products from the cloud for or against getting an individual decision for companies that are already using BI solutions, SAPs in-memory appliance can be a real editor. “Users should now but succumb not the thrill of speed and rushing things dedicated to in-memory technology concepts”, warns Reinhard Oborski, Managing Director at bob systemlosungen, to the vision. “First the existing IT landscape should existing speed brakes to be examined and improved” recommends He. In the case of medium-sized companies, which ruminate on first use of business analysis or ERP solutions, the HANA-appliance and SAP can be business one a way. In the calculation also new hardware must be charged for in addition to license fees and maintenance fees. The in-memory technology independently lead business analytics and ERP projects usually also in the procurement of new hardware. Independently davin coming variation of introduction of into consideration, one applies, however, all HANA scenarios corresponding to: where must be large amounts of data quickly investigated and found fact based decisions, the HANA appliance reveals all her strength. About bob systemlosungen SAP certified partner bob system solutions for more than 20 years successful IT projects for companies of all sectors performs. Erftstadt in Cologne from manages and advises bob international companies in addition to customers in the German-speaking area too. The focus is on the design and optimization of Business processes through the use of holistic and integrated solutions based on SAP products. Also develops and distributes its own products bob systemlosungen. In addition to a software for the multichannel, bob offers applications for managing customer service and sales, controlling, as well as solutions for the public administration and non-profit organisations trade and cash register systems. Well-known customers rely on the services of bob system solutions. More info bob systemlosungen bob Bochmann & Oborski GmbH Bernhard Adebisi Marketing Manager Max-Planck-str. 10 D-50374 Erftstadt Tel: + 49 2235 92302-520 fax: + 49 2235 92302-310 E-Mail:

The Cooperators

As a result of specific problematic temporary space, gave beginning to precarious organizational forms sorted around simple principles as serian free cooperation, mutual aid, fair play, and the always ready, they were associations of individuals and neighbours in territorial terms. In such cases the affection societatis, was and is a tangible reality. Considered these, associations of first grade, they begin to grow in complexity. These quantitative growth, could assume two addresses or both simultaneously. On the one hand they increase at least geometric shape, its physical members. On the other hand they would begin to appear organizations of higher grades. Thus associations of second, third, four and up to point would appear degree.

So say the Organization of first grade of numerous persons physical and the second or more grade, end up burocratizando with all the features we aim here. Although lay in the matter, we believe that the foregoing has enough to do with the concept of institutionalization, as is the Psychiatry and psychology used it in their multiple schools. These processes with different specifications is taking place in our America. The range of the known as entities of well I public, now rediscovered as NGOs or third Sector, are known for our lands. Clubs sporting and social, mutuals, cooperatives, boys scouts. cooperating, they enliven the life of our medium and small oblations, as well as in rural areas. The principle of fair play powered sports clubs; free cooperation powered cooperatives, of the mutual aid mutuals and the always ready, the boys scouts. These institutions and others, as the cooperators (school, hospital, police), work in permanent interaction with municipalities and alcadias and particularly of primary (or Elementary) and even high schools or middle schools. In our America, this has been happening at least since the last third of the last century. Many times these conjunctions of institutions either public, municipalities and elementary schools, are giving concrete answers mas alla of schemes of general application in the field of the statements.

Unesco World Heritage

A journey is the inner need to forget your past. Background and general information are gives us about this attractive to the North of Italy, capital of the province of the same name, one of the seven provinces of the Veneto region. It is well known, which has been considered by the Unesco World Heritage site, due to the importance and value of their historic buildings. According to the UNESCO website, represents an outstanding example of a military fortress, stressing that it has retained a prominent number of monuments of antiquity, medieval periods and Renaissance is said, it has always been nodal point of all systems of terrestrial and aquatic transport of the Northwest of Italy. In Roman times it was meeting point of four consular roads: the via Gallica, the via Augusta, the Vicum Veronensium and the via Postumia. Verona was in the diaries of Goethe, Stendhal and Paul Valery trip. Verona is the place where happening the story of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare became famous pointed out as one of the places most attractive and interesting of Italy, is the most beautiful monumental city in the Veneto after Venice. Close to places of tourist interest in the North of this country, is a dynamic center of modern economy.

It is surrounded by hills and trapped by a meander of the River Adige, about 30 kilometres to the East of Lake Garda. Experience, travel taking advantage of my stay in Parma decided to make a trip to the small and beautiful city of Verona, this took the train that led me to Modena where change should be done to move to it. I went at 7 on a chilly morning with 5 degrees, but that arriving in Modena was snowing. I waited for the train that I bring to the city of Romeo and Juliet this departed to the 8.15 am and arrived at Verona at 10.30 a.m.

Boyfriend Trust

The lies always are and will be the barrier that precede to give birth to a couple conflict and shortly afterwards you’re wondering how to win back a love. If you just break your relationship with your partner by these very usual problems around the world need to strengthen your image and conviction to make with such confidence that both your and man will be able to change certain aspects that I help them so that they end. When even this latent sentiment and are in position to attract him towards you, and is what is really good you’re free to use what to the loves it so that they return. If your beloved was who issued you lies on many occasions of their relationship look well if for the it is possible to modify those bad habits in their relationship. Regain the trust of my partner sure as soon as people are mentalized to change and express all the goodness of the other accepting their errors, defects and bringing to light the virtues, values that will be enhancers that love continue at pace, recovering the trust of all be loved. If thou wast your responsible for these bad habits reflects on the damage it causes to others, and not just to your love, if these willing to positively change get ready to fight for this man and have faith that soon return to you and everything you do will be favorable for your mind and body are projected well what you try to do to get started again.

The true feeling is delivery, there is no misunderstanding and there’s no specific way of how to regain the trust of your partner. The only effective method this prevalence of affection and confidence to be opposite. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you.

Scale Map

Scale? Routinely the professionals and technician of the ambient area if come across with maps in different scales. He is common if to relate the maps with great scales or small scales. But what it is scale? Scale is the relation enters the represented area in the map and the reality. Thus, it can be said that the scale can be calculated by means of the following account: Scale = graphical dimension (map)/real dimension In this manner, a map that possesss scale of 1:5.000 means that each 1 cm of the map corresponds the 5000 cm of the reality, that is, 50 meters. When we know if the map has scale ‘ ‘ grande’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ pequena’ ‘? Comparing if two scales, for example, 1:5.000 and 1:10.000, we notice that to divide 1 for 5000 and 1 for 10000 the result will be, respectively, 0,0002 and 0,0001. Observing these numbers, one perceives that 0,0002 are greater that 0,0001. Thus, one says that the map of 1:5.000 possesss a bigger scale of what the 1:10.000. Generally, maps with great scale vary of scale 1:50 until 1:20.000.

Maps with average scale vary between 1:25.000 1:250.000. Finally, maps of small scale have scales above of 1:250.000. It repairs that to become fullfilled the accounts made in the third paragraph with the presented scales as great, average and small said in the previous paragraph, we will notice that the division will result in bigger values in the great scales in relation to the average and small scales. We will also perceive that the result of the division of the average scales will be bigger of what of the division of the small scales. Which scale of map to use front to the displayed one? The reply it is, depends. Its or work depends on the study objective of. Works that involve an entire country as Brazil will use small scales.

Already the planning of the use of the ground of a small country property will need the use maps with great scale. A frequent confusion that involves the term ‘ ‘ escala’ ‘ it occurs when many times we use this term to assign the extension of an area. For example, ‘ ‘ the great So Paulo possesss 20 million inhabitants. However, this amount is not raised, therefore if to analyze in a bigger scale, of the entire country, we will see that this is only one portion of the 180 million inhabitants who Brazil possui’ ‘. In this in case that, the term scale assigns size and does not scale properly cartographic said. This fact is white of much confusion between students and technician of the ambient and agricultural area. In the truth, if we are in relating to the cartographic scale, the correct one is to say that the map of So Paulo possesss a bigger scale of what the map of Brazil. If we are in relating only to the size (dimension) of the area, the job of the term scales is not made a mistake in the phrase between quotations marks above displayed. Scale is a very present concept in the area of remote sensoriamento, systems of geographic information, ecology of the landscape, geography.