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ALIENAO Production

The base of the society is the economic production. On this economic base if it raises a superstructure, a state and ideal economic, the social ones, politics, moral, philosophical and artistic. Marx wanted the inversion of the social pyramid, that is, putting in the power the majority, the proletarians, who would be the only force capable to destroy the society capitalist and to construct a new society, socialist. The IDEOLOGY is present in representing, thinking, the exchange spiritual, the ideas, the superstructure, the language, the right, the politics, the religion, the art. All related with the economic structure and the way of production. With effect, for Marx, the State nothing more is of what the organization form who the bourgeois ones had created for necessity, in order to reciprocal guarantee its properties and its interests .

> the history of all the society that existed until the moment is the history of the classroom fight; it exempts and slave, patricians and plebeian; barons and servants of the soil, members of the corporations and apprenticees, in short, for Marx, had been continuously in mutual contrast and had stopped fights that the society finished in revolutionary transformation of all . > is conditional to the profit, in way that the production will have an edge of corresponding profit. Being that this profit will be always bigger that the value applied in its production . > the process of alienation if of the q if denies in the object bred. It is the objetificao process. Therefore, the work that is mentally ill> . , How much in this manner lesser the paid to laborer and how much bigger the duration of hours of working, in such a way bigger price the enterprise profit.

In the modern capitalism, with the gradual reduction of the hours of working, the enterprise profit would be supported through what relative more-value is called (in opposition to the first form, call absolute more-value), that it consists of increasing the productivity of the work, through the rationalization and technological perfectioning, but still thus not dixa of being the half-escravista system, therefore the laborer each time if emprobece more when produces more wealth. Thus, the more the world of the things increases of value, more the world of the men if it devaluates. The ALIENAO, since all work is mentally ill, in the measure occurs then where if manifest as production of an object that is other people’s> to the creative citizen. The reasoning of Marx is very simple: when creating something is of itself, the laborer if it denies in the object bred. It is the OBJETIFICAO process. Therefore, work that is mentally ill (because it creates something other people’s to the creative citizen) remains mentally ill until the value in it incorporated by the work force is appropriate integrally for the worker. In other words, the production represents a negation, since the object if opposes to the citizen it denies and it in the measure it estimates where it and it defines until it. The appropriation of the incorporated value to the object thanks to the force of work of the citizen-producer promotes the negation of the negation. However either, from the moment that the citizen-producer of the value what he produced, it already is not more mentally ill.

Voluntary Military Service

The secret of eternal youth has been always an evasive objective: while we grow more, we more wished to conserve our energy, perfomance physical and mental, and, most important, we wished to know: how we extend our life expectancy the possible maximum? An investigation of 13 years of citizens of the third age done by the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics of the Hospital Hadassa de Monte Scopus, has demonstrated determining that one of the clearest answers to these questions, is as simple as economic: to stay working. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . You want to live more? Whatever works you can and ofrcete of volunteer if you cannot work said the Dr. Yorma Maaravi that leads the investigation. The study, that involves 1000 people of the third age, all of them born in 1920, found that working either offering itself like volunteer, it increases the opportunities significantly to work better to one more a delayed age. Those who continued working after the 70, in a position or payment or volunteer, more possibilities have many of continuing with life and of developing of idependiente form, at the age of 77 and still more. There is little difference, according to the study, if the work or the voluntary military service is daily or weekly, and was not a relation between the type of work and the physical effort that it required. Still the work that did not require physical effort, was beneficial. Of acuedo to Maaravi, the present director of the Department of Geriatrics and Rehabilitations of the University of the Hadassa Hospital, the benefits of working are not limited to bring to house one pays, since the voluntary work has the same beneficial effects that the work payment. Trabajar has a great effect; we cannot determine if the reasons are physical or mental, but clearly affirmed that it has great relation with the personal satisfaction, with enjoying one same one and with the socialization expressed.

First Latin American Meeting

Meeting of regimes proper AL in BHDo day 14 to day 16 of May happens, in Belo Horizonte (MG), the First Latin American Meeting of Controllers of Providence in the Public Service. Having as objective the interchange of experiences and knowledge on the problems, solutions and challenges of the systems of providence of the public officers, the event will approach subjects as mechanisms of coordination between systems, financial compensations, financing, would act, investments and financial management by means of panels and groups of debates. To the end, a work plan will be elaborated. The meeting is an initiative of the Ministry of the Social welfare of Brazil; of the National Advice of the Proper Controllers of Regimes of Social welfare (Conaprev) of Brazil and the Federal Consejo of Social Previsin (Colepres) of Argentina in cooperation with the Program of Formation in Applied Quantitative Methods to the Social security for Americas (Quatrain – Americas) of the Internacional Organization of Trabalho (OIT) and with the Inter-American Conference of Seguridade Social (CISS) .PL it wants to finish with vote of sattle of matter in conselhosEst in the House of representatives, moving in regimen of priority, a project of complementary law (PLC) that it extinguishes the vote of press of the chairmen of the board deliberative fiscal of pension fund whose sponsors are public institutions – Union, States, cities, autarchies, foundations, state-owned companies and society of mixing economy. Today, these advice are formed by representatives of the sponsors, participants and attended, being the president, who he has the vote of sattle of matter, indicated for the sponsor. According to author of PLC 140/07, Eudes member of the house of representatives Xavier (PT-CE), the press vote unbalances the equality relation enters the parts in the advice. The proposal is being analyzed for the commission of Social security and Family, stops later being sent to the commission of Constitution and Justice and of Citizenship and, only then, to follow for the Plenrio.

Economic Crisis

The Crisis For 1929 return, the party finished in a violent economic crisis that all shakes the foundation of the world-wide economy. The production grows, the consumption diminishes, the stock exchange breaks, the industries enter in bankruptcy and the misery reigns. With end of the first War, U.S.A. passes for one ‘ ‘ boom’ ‘ economic. Industrial companies and agricultural proliferate and are developed. Great conglomerates of companies with open capital if become common. The Stock exchange has movement is of the common one and the speculation with action is great the attractive one of the moment.

Immediate enrichment was offered and easy to who it acquired action. They were corporate share of insurances, agriculturists, mines, great supermarkets, banks, etc. All and of all the social classrooms they practised this ‘ ‘ esporte’ ‘ financier, using in this all its economies. These companies satiated capitalized more produce each time to take care of, as much the American consuming market, as the European market and Latin American, generating, with this, a superproduction of merchandises. But, if she exists merchandises in excess, according to logical it capitalist market, does not exist inflation. If inflation does not exist, does not have necessity of increase of wages. All we know, for proper experience, that inflation absence is a great lie.

After all, in charge institutions for the calculation of the inflation are controlled for the government that has interests in demonstrating a financial balance of its administrations. With objectives to keep the mentally ill population the truth. Therefore, the results are camouflaged and maquiados. this occurs in all the places and all the moments of history. U.S.A., along with all its development, was not and nor is, different. It could, according to calculations not to have inflation, but, the wages to each day lost its power of purchase and the population consumed each time less provoking one subconsumo. Repercussion Parallel, in this height of ‘ ‘ campeonato’ ‘ the Europeans came, gradual, recouping its economy and, slowly, diminishing the importations of American products, what he reflects in the American problem of subconsumo. This reduction in the consumption of American products, parallel the production in excess produces inexecutable and indetermined an equation: superproduction ‘ ‘ versus’ ‘ subconsumo. As result, the merchandises in excess were storaged. The companies had had that to diminish the production, the profits had compressed. The shares not so attractive. Gradual, the people start if to disinterest for the action ownership and try to get rid themselves of these financial assets. The prices of these start to fall, it offers increases and the panic to contaminate who possua. Finally, in a Fifth fair, fatdica, 05 of September of the year in course, the Stock market of New Iorque (main of the country), exceeds its record, offering thousand and thousand of action for sales. The values fall down disastrously from a high place the zero almost and the stock market suffers the biggest fall, after the 1929 in addition. with U.S.A., the entire world enters in crisis. I wait to have helped to it to understand it the economic chaos that we are living.


Welinton Dos Santos is economist With high of 12% by vol. of sales in the first semester of the 2009 in comparison the same period of the passed year, previously the crisis, shows the increase of the interest for the trusts, as one of the alternatives of safe investment. They had been 924,4 a thousand new vendidas quotas of January the June. In the June month it was commercialized 170 a thousand new quotas, record registered in the period since 2005, according to ABAC. The System of Trusts, counts today on 3,67 million participants.

The quotas contemplated in the first semester add 468,2 a thousand, a 22,3% increase, remembering that the contemplation is the moment that the joined corporate shareholder can acquire the good. When acquiring a trust, becomes necessary to consider item as tax of administration, types of insurances, requirements in the release of the goods, as demanded guarantees, beyond verifying that what was promised in propaganda it consists in contract, not to be been deceptive. When buying a quota also is always necessary to verify all the expenditures, percentages of the installments and stated period of duration of the group, is advisable to pay to a safe unemployment and safe from life for repayment of quotas in case of death of the joined one or in case of difficulties provoked for the unemployment. To attempt against itself not to assume a superior installment 20% of the familiar gross income, therefore, the increase of the good tends to more go up than the wage in the time. This module of purchase is advantageous, being free of interests, for payments in day, what it becomes adequate the financial investment the necessities of its pocket, but remembers that although class, or in the telephone above.

Cuba After The Resignation Of Fidel Castro

February 18-19, 2008 Fidel Castro announced to leave the offices of President and Commander in Chief. No other President in the world held so long in power. Cuba is still the only Western country in the defunct Soviet bloc in which the Communist Party maintains the monopoly of power. Castro, has also avoided being questioned by a popular uprising. Do as has been forged to Cuba Fidel and what can happen with this island after the departure of Castro? When 31 July 2006 the official press announced that Fidel Castro temporarily left the power to recover to an operation, thousands of Cuban-Americans in Miami celebrated what they thought it would be the end of the Castroism.

On his 80th birthday Fidel showed photos where appeared to recover. He was temporarily replaced by his younger brother Raul, but, instead of returning him to the post for 19 months Catsro has decided to follow the path of Chinese Deng Xiaoping’s spend the last days of his life as the power under the shade by ensuring that there is an orderly transition of representative without that modify the system and control of the Communist Party which he established. The particularity of Castro the way in which Castro came to power was very different from the of the other communist revolutions in the world. The Bolsheviks took power in the midst of a bloody world war I (1917) and were consolidated in power after a civil war that lasted until 1921. In China, Korea, Indochina, Yugoslavia, Korea Communists waged protracted guerrilla wars.

In the cases of Asia they consolidated in power militarily colliding with internal enemies or foreign powers. In Eastern Europe the people’s democracies were imposed by the advance of the Soviet confronting the Nazi army. While all these cases there were long and very bloody wars, the Castro uprising occurred with relative little loads of dead.

Personal Credit

To save. All we perceive that we still have that making but few they had understood in an effective way. All we speak of this, but also we select that many people or nothing had little modified in its quotidiano since that if initiated this esconjurada crisis. After as many years asleep, she is necessary to awake this animal that is the saving and of that as much people runs away. To initiate are the complicated part more, but if to think about serenity that to have some money of part can in them to offer in the future, will be more easy to motivate us for this national challenge. If to lose its job in the future, to have some money in an account saving could very be its board of salvation well. This money of the saving will be essential not only for itself, but also for all the ones that depend on itself.

I think that this will be reasons more than what sufficient to start to face the saving as a species of religion and to have much self-discipline at the moment where it will be you give to buy something in its day the day. It is certain that saving it will not be able to have as many corporeal properties or incorporeal (trips, vacation, suppers, espectculos) as it would intend but it will be that this compensates the moments of stress unquitness that will be able to pass when not to obtain to pay the great interests charged for the credits, when to arrive at the end of the month and an unexpected one made with that it did not obtain to pay to all its you divide? It thinks more about what it has, less in what it does not have, in such a way will have little propensity in wanting to buy everything what they impose in them nowadays. With this calamitous state of the economy, the wage to the end of the month is one unreliability month, after month. We live times restless to the world-wide level where a handful of people without conscience without respect for the Humanity tries to increase its richnesses exponentially reaching values without parallel. This makes with that all our lives can be afectadas of one day for the other, as has come to occur. If it wants to be prepared for, the worse optimum one is to yesterday start to save. Blog Personal Credito visits mine, to have more tips of as to straighten its personal finances. Mine I finish article in blog ' ' I credit Rapido and Facil' '.