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Discardings Happiness

The man expanded knowledge, faced competitions, assumed to be able and dominated empires, but solitary only became and. ' ' The virtual world created a new habitat it human being, characterized for the encapsulamento on itself exactly and the lack of the touch, the tato and of contact humano.' ' (BOFF, 1999, pg. 11). The happiness initially dreamed did not happen. Understood happiness as the world of values, being this a positive, interpersonal value and historically determined. ' ' How Discardings same consider in them in? Meditaes' ' , we were another time to search the beddings and we find then it in Aristotle (the 384-322 C.) when says that the necessary man of company of another human being to become more human, consequentemente more solidary. We need changes in the form to think, of structural and epistemolgica form, perceiving the man mere stops beyond the competitive being by its very nature, but at the same time solidary for option, surpassing the vision reducionista economist of last the four centuries. The economy grew, the world was changedded, and ours to coexist taken new humanitarian it lacks of reflection and of position.

Moment to advance of the cartesian model for a new construction of knowing, including the challenge of the complex human being and with multiple concomitant integrations. One to be integral bio-psico-social-spiritual and worried about the habitat and the quality of life of all. New proposal, new paradigm: Assmann and Sung (2000) defend that the happiness as the essential end of the man is on proper itself, but also all the planet, requiring for that ' ' the solidarity desire if transforms into personalized vital necessity as proper experience in an increasing number of the inhabitants of this planeta' '. The essence human being is seen not as based on the rationality, but on our capacity to desire ones for the others a true joy of living, a solidary love that if complements in the happiness of the other, while the other equal a proper itself.


Of this form, we will see which is its degree of communication with the real world, considering that (…) accustomed with the virtual communication, this generation tends to have difficulties to express itself verbally as, for example, to present a work for an auditorium. The interpersonal relation also will be able to become a problem for these professional futures. Thus, we will see as it is being the process of development of this youth in relation to the dialogue, to its way of if expressing, among others aspects. We see in one brief analysis that this new generation is sufficiently different of the precedents, therefore possesss proper peculiarities of the contemporaneidade. Something characteristic of this time is the expansion of the consumption market and, together with it, the great one offers of technological devices, which are of free access to any consumer, independent of age. The young that had been born at this time had finished developing one great adaptation to the technology, a time that had been born inside already of a technological culture. The cultural model in which this youth is inserted is different of that one in which its parents lived, therefore its parents had lived in an age where the computer was not a domestic device and cellular telephones and Mps nor existed.

The young of today possesss a corresponding look to this globalizado cultural system. Of this form, he is correct to affirm that the easy manuscript of these technologies provides a different conception to them secular if compared with the previous generations. With the great technological jump it propitiated the sprouting of a new space in the society, the ciberntico space. Youth assumed a new way of behavior, a linked social model with cellular, digital Mp3 and machines. Soon, For they, email are antiquity. They use telephone to order texts? to sail? in the Internet, to find the way, to take off photos and to make video (…).

The Positive Right

It maintains that the effective order this made up of the legal norms and the customary rules that the public power recognizes and applies, like also by " the rules of generic character that integrate the obligatory jurisprudence and the individualized norms (judicial and administrative resolutions, contracts, testaments, etc) ". The natural right is " inherently right order, that alongside exists or over the positive right " The difference enters &quot both; it is made consist of the foundation of his validity. The natural bond by itself as soon as inherently just. The positive is characterized taking care of its formal value, without considering justice or the injustice from its content. The validity of the second encuntrase conditional by the concurrence of certain requirements, determinants of its use. All effective rule is formally valid. The expressions use and validity own in our meant equal terminology.

Against such rules those of natural right are norms whose value does not depend on extrinsic elements " On the other hand, continuous GARCI’A MAYNES, " the locutions straight effective and right positive usually are used like synonymous. Such comparison seems to us illegal. Nieman Foundation has much experience in this field. All effective right is not positive, nor all positive right is straight effective. The use is purely formal attribute, the seal that the state prints to the legal rules, customary, legal or legislative sanctioned by him. The POSITIVIDAD IS a FACT THAT IS BASED IN the OBSERVANCE OF ANY EFFECTIVE RULE OR nonEFFECTIVE the circumstance that a Law is not obeyed, does not clear to this its use " He is so this author explains his TEOR? TO OF the THREE CIRCLES, where each circle INHERENTLY constitutes the RIGHT COURT FAVORITE, the RIGHT FORMALLY BEEN WORTH AND the EFFECTIVE POSITIVE OR. The Positive Right this way would be the one that is fulfilled or is effective, thus is not inherently valid (just) or formally valid (effective)! In which respecta we preferred to maintain that the terms POSITIVE and RIGHT STRAIGHT EFFECTIVE ARE WITHOUT? NIMOS and that does not exist a right or norms that being effective are not positive.

Chinese Future

Until when the people it goes to support this? I know not, this still goes to delay the people very survives, paying its accounts and living in rope bamba. Meanwhile the Chinese are coming back toward its land with the hope printed in the chest and the disposal to gain more money. It wakes up BRAZIL, it arrives of godfather politics and it thinks about the people, it creates industry, it invests in technology and it improves its people. China in 86 was very violent existed there for many Gangs. Today the thing changed the Gangs had finished and the people was with more power of purchase. The government system is not communist? Yes, but, they are intelligent and had been established in a nationalistic ideology therefore that the economy today scares the United States, that are of eye in China.

Bigger polulao of the planet and a economy in high as can be this? Working hard and creating chances, the people. The Brazilian people is diligent, but what he lacks is chance and investment of the government in technology and to educate its people, he sees what this happening? Older plant of Brusque goes to buy weaveeed soon of China Weaveeed Carlos Renaux, created in 1892, suspended wire production and will start to distribute weaveeed Chinese. It has generations our schools teach that Brazil is the great nation of the future. We have a vast territory, natural resources in abundance, one pacific people and as much other characteristics that become Brazil an interesting country and of gigantic potential. But never we pass of this. We are the perpetual power of the future. We live in an underdeveloped country. In the proud speech of mediocre politicians, this future is next and as always, it will happen soon after the elections with the victory of these disembarassed. It has decades, the candidates are professional bad, poor politicians of spirit in the essence, opportunists and incapable to understand that the future of a nation is not constructed with action of short term.

Federal Government

It is truth that the schools have TV and device of DVD, laboratory of computer science, and other resources. But, exactly thus, these equipment and resources are not accessible to all. Or nor they are always available, therefore in general the schools possess only one laboratory for some hundreds of pupils without counting that some professors still confess themselves incapable to work with a computer or they do not know to bind a DVD device! Front to this reality the Federal Government developed a project pilot. E, in partnership with education secretariats, selected some schools to develop a project in experimental character. Therefore, during the school year of 2011, some schools of Rondnia, and plus some hundreds spread for Brazil, will participate of the UCA: name of the project that it intends to deliver ' ' a computer for aluno' '. In the very small reality they will be ' ' Laptops' '. All the involved pupils in the project, from its devices will have ample access to the Internet. the professors already are receiving training for this new challenge.

It is an advance. Undeniably, in relation to the black pictures, and the laboratories of computer science, project UCA is an advance. But, unhappyly, the project was born with some critical points. Starting with the machines distributed for the pupils very small obsolete devices. ' ' Laptops' ' they are so very small that some professors already are asking when they will receive microscopes to see the devices. Moreover, its slow processors and the access to the Internet are very delayed.

But, then as we are? We are with plus a problem in the hands. Reiterated times professors they have charged access to computer science for itself and the pupils. It came. But she arrived of so problematic form that she runs the risk of if having more problems of what advances.

First Epistle Workmanships

When taking the charity definition that if can observe in the Biblical text of the First Epistle to the Corntios 13:1 – 3, ' ' Despite I said the languages of the men and the angels, if he will not have charity, I am as bronze that sounds, or as cmbalo that he jingles. Exactly that I had dom of the prophecy, and I knew all the mysteries and all science; exactly that it had all faith, the point to carry mountains, if will not have charity, is not nothing. Despite my goods in sustenance of the poor persons distributed all, and despite it delivered my body to be burnt, if it will not have charity, you are welcome would be valid! ' ' the faith configured in the obedience as starting point and when conceiving still the order of Christ, who was vehicle of knowledge the holy ghost, that is the love to the next one, concludes Espinosa: the faith if of the one for the good workmanship for the caridosa workmanship, as assevera Tiago ' ' Thus also the faith: if it will not have workmanships, is deceased in itself mesma.' ' (2: 17). The faith alone can save through the obedience, who is obedient, and only fulfills the charity, independent of the seita of which it is part, it is faithful truily, therefore a man alone can be considered or not faithful by the workmanships that practise and not for the doctrine that he professes or for the dogmas (not universal) that he adheres. Thus the practitioner of the good workmanships is only faithful, while who practises bad workmanships is unfaithful, same that seen all the indumentria of what practises the faith, as points Espinosa ' ' Who possesss the charity really possesss the spirit of Deus' ' (2003; p217). Soon it is possible to know God and its attributes in the measure where if it practises the charity it stops with the others.