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Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta

The three ETA fled a few days ago in Cuba, say sources. It’s Elena Barcena, Francisco Perez and Jose Ignacio Etxarte. Etxarte Urbieta was one of the six ETA processed in 2010 indicted by the Audiencia Nacional to collaborate with Chavez’s Government. Three ETA have been detained aboard a pleasure boat when they tried to get to Venezuela from Cuba and the boat ran aground in the tourist area of Los Roques off the Venezuelan coast, reported sources of the fight against terrorism. It’s Elena Barcena Arguelles, Francisco Perez Lekue and Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta. The three ETA fled a few days ago in Cuba, added the sources.

Etxarte Urbieta, alias curls and Maria Antonia, is one of the six ETA processed on March 1, 2010 by the judge of the national audience Eloy Velasco in a car in which ensured that there were indications of cooperation of the Government of Venezuela in the Alliance between ETA and the guerrilla forces armed revolutionary of Colombia (FARC). In fact, in the months following the judge ordered the police travel to Colombia to show pictures of the defendants – including that of Etxarte – to nine former members of the FARC so confirm if it was the same people who collaborated with the guerrillas. The judge noted in his car, according to a document intervened in 1999 to the exdirigente Jose Javier Arizkuren Ruiz, Kantauri, etarra Etxarte had requested authorization to the Organization for ctuar in Venezuela consistent evidence in the launch of grenades or mortars with 40 kilograms of explosives that was intended to reach a distance of 600 meters. Deported to Cape Verde Velasco said also that Etxarte had been deported in 1986 by the French authorities in Cape Verde, from where he fled to seek refuge in Cuba. The same journey made Elena Barcena, who was one of the politico-military ETA members deported in 1985 to Cape Verde, a country that abandoned in October 1989 to also be installed on the Caribbean island. Barcena is accused of having participated in the placement of six explosive devices in different public buildings of the Basque country between 1980 and 1982, in the attempted abduction of the consul of Portugal in San Sebastian and of trying to fly a patrol boat of the Navy in the port of Pasajes (Guipuzcoa). Perez Lekue took part in the mid-1980s of l command ETA Madrid. Source of the news: arrested three ETA when they tried to reach by boat from Cuba to Venezuela

Assembly District

Traders call for the removal of posters and improve the access. The Assembly postponed taking a decision on this matter. Meanwhile, they organize its structure by neighborhoods when dismantled the camp. The general Assembly of the 15-M movement in the Puerta del Sol has postponed tonight the decision on the request for the merchants of the area so that they withdraw the protest posters of the establishments and facilitate transit across the square and adjacent streets. Before the divergence of views, the Assembly has entrusted the legal Commission that study this matter to raise it later. Madrid trade employers asked this afternoon to the campers leave the adjacent streets free and eliminated their posters of the showcases by considering that the protest is causing serious damage to the businesses in the area. Among other issues, the Assembly has approved that the PA system stops working the midnight to facilitate night’s rest to neighbors in the area. A spokesman for the Commission’s legal has urged to think the duration after police managers, as it has secured, is reportedly aimed at the campers to ask them they concrete time which would be in Sun.

Assemblies in the Assembly District also agreed to strengthen its internal structure through the creation of organizational structure composed of coordinators in each of the neighborhoods of the capital. In this way, after dismantling in the emblematic plaza, meetings will take place on Saturdays in each neighborhood. The Assembly, which eventually lasted from eight and a half until half-past eleven o’clock, has studied several proposals raised by the various committees, including the creation of an organization chart with spokespeople who will be elected in caucuses that will be held in each of the districts of Madrid. With this objective of extending its action to neighborhoods, the Assembly has set for this Tuesday a meeting, from 20.00 hours, with the objective of coordinating the protest at different points of the region when dismantle Sol camp. Once those responsible for the neighborhoods assemblies are elected on Sunday is planned, from noon, a new encounter between all of them to establish a common action plan. This object, in addition, the creation of a web portal of neighborhood s, communication forums, and with the minutes of the meetings and the points approved at each Assembly has been approved. Source of the news: Sun traders call for truce to the campers and they postpone its response

Carlota Ciganda Finds Work

EUGENIO G.DELGADO, one of the strongest promises of the Spanish women’s golf moves to professionalism with 21 years. His first professional tournament was the Tenerife Ladies Match Play. I want to get out me the European and the American card. Carlota Ciganda 21 birthday, June 1, and 11 days later ended his first tournament as a professional in second place, the Tenerife Ladies Match Play. It was amazing to debut as professional in my country, with my brother, my mother and my aunt and uncle watching me, recalls the Ulzama navarra.

Ciganda has been champion of Spain in all categories and has won the final of the Liga Universitaria de EE UU and British Ladies Amateur. I’ve had to leave parked my studies in sociology in America because it may not be 100% on the two things. Now golf is my job, but I don’t want to press because you play for money. My family tells me that I not go crazy. Ultimately, the goal is the same: put the ball in the hole. Charlotte started playing golf with 5 years in Ulzama: lived five minutes from golf course. I was going with my father and his friends.

I liked, I did well, and little by little, I was climbing. For now, the only Navarre can attend professional tournaments guest. I want to get out me the European and the American card. Only the 20 and the 30 best, respectively, succeed in some previous. That, or win a tournament, explains. In his first tournament as a professional almost get it. On the horizon, his dream: winning the British, where they invented golf, must be incredible. Tiger and Sergio Ballesteros Carlota Ciganda acknowledges that it has two idols: Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia. After spending so much time away from the circuit, I see difficult Tiger to return to be as subjective as before. About Sergio, I am convinced that sooner or later will win a big one. The navarra also reminds Severiano Ballesteros: has been one of the greats. It has left its mark. Source of the news: Carlota Ciganda finds work in golf

Ferrari Throws

Ferrari has needed half course to offer to Fernando Alonso, his first pilot, a single-seater capable of measuring in short with the Red Bulls, especially that of Sebastian Vettel, Dominator relentless of the first act of the Championship, six victories and three seconds placed on the first nine stops on the calendar. According to the signals emitted during the first two sessions of test of the Grand Prize of Germany that Sunday will be held on a stage as significant as the Nurburgring circuit, everything indicates that the Scuderia has already achieved it. To be able to gauge more accurately the potential of a single-seat F-1 is important to cater to the performance of the two pilots of the team. Until now, the difference between the Spanish pilot of his teammate, Felipe Massa, featured the laziness of the 150th Italy, a much more unstable than the RB7 prototype. Source of the news:: Ferrari throws you the Lasso to Red Bull

Alberto Corazon Spanish

Or talking with a friend, Alberto Manguel; Writing fiction, Edith Wharton, and complete tales, Unamuno, which are some of the latest titles of pages of foam. Poster, heart the national prize for design Alberto Corazon Spanish designer has designed the poster for the fair. A staircase, which shows us, that it has nothing to do with the ascent that the artist feels when it reads: with good readings still taking evidence kinesthetic, physical, be rising, not by elevation, but stepping on treads. Sometimes a few rungs, other a ladder without end. And adds something to what the readers that there is no game to pull out of their hobby will agree: when you’ve finished reading what surrounds you has been transformed.

You’re not the same as that which began that reading. You feel the nostalgia of the ascension. That nostalgia is that pushes us towards a new book. Towards a new staircase. The children, first at 19.30 h the small this Friday have an appointment: Learn how to make your own drop-down figure Mapfre Pavilion. Only half an hour later, another option for them: a workshop where photography, reading and writing are converted into a single art. After a few brief notions of photography, children will do a still life with their favorite books to photograph them and then write a comment.

Paseo cars of the retreat. Friday: 11.00 to 14.00 and 18.00 to 21.30 h. S & D: 10.30 to 14.30 and from 17.00 to 21.30 h. * you can buy your books on PopularLibros source of the news: begins the book fair, the popular festival of literature

Supreme Court

To midnight they have summoned a silent scream with the aim of uniting all forces into the collective consciousness. Left United has infomado that intends to appeal the decision to the JEC to the Supreme Court and the constitutional. However, consulted lawyers say that, a few hours a day of reflection, there is no time to wait for results of the resource. The legal process, is now as follows: provincial electoral boards should talk with the delegations of the Government and police commanders to enforce the measure agreed by the Central Electoral Board. How will it they? It is an open question. President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has already said that the Ministry of the Interior act properly, well, with intelligence in relation to concentrations. Despite the fact that many lawyers consider that camping do not constitute an election offence, the truth is that the organic law of the regime Electoral General (the Loreg) – in his article 153 – specifies that any breach of established binding standards which do not constitute an offence shall be punished by the Board Electoral competent and sets for the individual fines of between 100 and 1,000 euros.

The JEC creates a new problem the organisations that have been more closely linked to the protest, Nolesvotes, or Democraciarealya, have made a great effort this Friday by disassociated from the camp, which are autonomous and independent of each other. Their fear is that, if it gets very against yours, may even accuse them of sedition (lift public and violently to prevent, by force or outside legal channels, the implementation of laws) which is imprisonment of up to ten years. In addition to unlink, spokesmen for both associations make a call to responsibility to prevent any act of violence at any price. In fact, some lawyers warn that violent acts will foot police evictions and any non-peaceful resistance could be seen undermining authority. For its part, the judges for democracy Association has made public his opposition to the decision of the Junta Electoral Central prohibit concentrations. We wish to express, from the maximum respect to the Board, our disagreement with your agreement we believe he comes to create a new problem from a restrictive interpretation of a fundamental right such as the meeting so deeply linked to a democratic society. On the opposite side, the Professor of constitutional law of the CEU new Paul ensures that as soon as concentrates call for no vote to various parties, camping are campaign events. Defends that the JEC has applied the law and believes that l police should enforce proportionately far. New requests that police officers preventing concentrations have, but there is only evictions by force where altercations occur such as burning of containers, break crystals or assaults on journalists. Source of the news: lawyers see legal margin to maintain the 15-M camping in the day of reflection

LeBron James

There were just 40 seconds to the end of the third game when Chris Bosh decided to take a step forward. Overshadowed by the double-double of Dwyane Wade – who contributed 29 points, 11 rebounds and three assists-, and the ubiquitous deployment of LeBron James,-which arrived at as many 17, nine assists and three rebounds-; night reserved the protagonism of the elect. That scoring the decisive basket. That was worth the 2-1 for Miami in the series and who knows if the middle ring. Bosh contributed 18 points, including seven in the fourth period and became the hero of the Heat to break the tie to 86 Nowitzki had been established to overcome the advantage of six that had the Heat in the last three minutes. I wanted to leave my mark on this series and think that I have achieved it; When I wrote down the shot, I had enough to know this was the day, explained Bosh with a quizzical air. Source of the news:: Bosh appears in the photo

Romania Xavi

Before the Chivas of Guadalajara Xavi will be the only novelty. It is hoped the reappearance of the injured Gerard Pique, with an overload. Barca Xavi Hernandez may debut this morning against the Chivas of Guadalajara, while it is also expected the reappearance of the injured Gerard Pique, with an overload. The Figo central already played a few minutes in the friendly match against Bayern Munich, while Xavi Hernandez still has not contested an instant this preseason. The meeting of the Barcelona against the Chivas Mexican will be played early this morning at 02: 00 (Spanish time) in Miami, and will be the second clash of the azulgrana in the tour of the United States, while you still will have to play another game in the State of Texas. For the encounter against the Mexican entity this morning, the coach of FC Barcelona, Josep Guardiola, also can count on the recovered Marc Muniesa, besides young Sergi Gomez and Gerard Deulofeu, who have come to the United States from Romania, where were proclaimed champions of Europe u19. Brazilian Adriano Correia Tuesday joined the catalan team’s work, and not expected that Guardiola out of your entry yet into the team. Source of the news: Xavi takes action against the Chivas of Guadalajara