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Tobacco Industry

It was a crushing blow to the tobacco industry, but not on the company's Philip Morris. The company has decided not to assure safety of its cigarettes, and position them as cigarettes for those who know the dangers of smoking, but can not get rid of this addiction. Good idea, but in the way cigarettes […]


Tireless Promoters

Advertising campaigns – is a creative process. If you participated in the creation of an advertising brochure, catalog or flyer for your company, you know how much effort and creative energy requires the preparation of a good advertising campaign. But sooner or later your printed promotional materials will be ready for distribution. Now, in fact, […]


Biometric Companies Systems

Biometric companies, Systems and Control De Acceso Many companies have found in the biometric systems, a tool very useful. Thanks to the use of this technology, that allows to identify to the people by its physical qualities, a great number of businesses has been able to put to ray their employees. Consequently, the frauds have […]


The Latest Trends In Dry Cleaning

The latest trends in dry cleaning sector of dry-cleaners and laundries has experienced great changes in recent years. New business models, new techniques of marketing, legal changes and especially new technologies are generating much confusion among both consumers and professionals in the sector or those who want to join. Franquiciastintorerias.NET was created with the desire […]


Write Articles

Write articles and put online in the online magazine or article directory. Would you write a technical article and publish so much must be observed. Every author should know exactly which articles for publication are interesting, but not interesting. For example don’t like perceived hidden advertising of products and services. The reader understand very well […]

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Charity Marketing Punch

Students of the course ‘Technical sales management’ of the Fachhochschule des bfi Wien and Barbara Stockl support the Association neunerHAUS that study “Technical sales management” is so designed that conveys not only theoretical knowledge, but very much practical work (“learning by doing”). Jo Mackness is full of insight into the issues. So also in the […]

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Forbes Fashion

That this woman can boasts a number of printed magazines with her face on the cover, the figure includes about 900 times. According to Forbes, each day it was 50,000 thousand U.S. dollars. She married British film director and producer Matthew Vaughn. This happy marriage of Claudius and Matthew gave birth to three beautiful children. […]


Crisis Advertising

Eyes on the client is now more meticulously than ever, planned course of activities, their financing. For example, for those projects whose implementation started in November-December 2008, the main financial burden on the budget of the advertiser’s moved to the end of January-February 2009. Often the “turnaround” consulting is part of project work, as consumers […]


Outdoor Advertising

Signs have always existed. And often it’s existence was far from cloudless, for example, even in the nineteenth century aesthetically conscious citizens of St. Petersburg scribbled anonymous Governor-General that abundance of signage obscures architectural beauty. In modern times, signs are directly identified with outdoor advertising. In Russia, at the design stage of the bill to […]