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Prepared For The Caller

KREUZER is already prepared for the caller Cruiser dialogue Marketing GmbH: the Meckenheimer outbound call centre acts actively on the new draft of the law of the Federal Government to the Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG 2009), the beginning of this year takes effect. Thus, Cruiser shows its innovative spirit at the technical implementation as well as the personnel adjustments on the subject of caller to meet the legal requirements. “The new challenge for the call center is that of Outboundcalls Inbounds” and thus a new solution-oriented campaign management is required. To meet all customer needs, there are different concepts of services offered. 1 transfer a campaign-specific telephone number in the transfer of campaign-specific number there are two variants. The demand of a number can be transmitted from Cruiser or a free telephone number of the customer. When his recall on a campaign-individual greeting, the caller will led, which indicates only that the caller will be called again. 2.

transfer a campaign-specific telephone number with VoiceBox similar stops this in addition a VoiceBox as the pathway of the campaign-specific number to the outgoing message, the return caller can leave a message on the. Thus, a targeted recall by Cruiser is guaranteed. 3. establishment and transfer a service phone number a neutral service number offers the advantage of freely selectable routing. Thus callbacks can both CRUISERS and the contracting authority be accepted and edited what is especially in times of heavy utilization of benefits. However, the disadvantage is that no direct conclusions to hand draw the number on the caller leave.

4. full service offer also here is the number to be transferred freely. In this variant, the numbers will be accepted directly by a trained Inboundteam. Results in the advantage that the customer for the execution of this phone call took time and is thus much gesprachsbereiter. The packages are individually adapted according to the needs and possibilities of customers and carried out. Although 2009 had a transition period of six months after the adoption of the Act to the calling, Cruiser offers already professional solutions for its customers. Company: Kreuzer stands for competence in the field of outbound call center/telemarketing, market survey and sales outsourcing in the B2B (business to business). As a full service provider Cruiser project competences span from the company headquarters in London all international markets, country-specific and multilingual handled with the help of around 80 employees.

Tobacco Industry

It was a crushing blow to the tobacco industry, but not on the company's Philip Morris. The company has decided not to assure safety of its cigarettes, and position them as cigarettes for those who know the dangers of smoking, but can not get rid of this addiction. Good idea, but in the way cigarettes 'stood up' their big-name filter with the red stripe. So very strong, so far, was the association between this filter and 'femininity' of cigarettes. Companies had to change something and change dramatically. It was necessary to make people forget that Marlborough – cigarettes for women, and get to buy their men.

We needed a specialist, able to do so. And he found: Leo Burnett has launched an advertising campaign that became the starting point in modern history Marlborough cigarettes, and just a legendary advertising, which still taken as an example, many marketing specialists. On the posters look now not fine the fair sex, and strong, confident men, 'sea wolves', war correspondents, builders, and, of course, the lords of the wild prairie – cowboys. Feature of the Marlborough cigarette advertising was that it starred not actors but ordinary men, but they all featured firmness, confidence, and genuine masculinity. For example, the first image in the advertising of cigarettes was a real lieutenant United States Navy.

Tutu has undergone major changes, or, as it is called in marketing – rebranding. Change Font at a 'rough', changed colors, becoming red and white, and she pack, in general, began to look more closely and 'manly'. After the release of a set of commercials and conduct a survey of consumers found that the most popular and recognizable character was a cowboy, who became, later, the image of a cigarette brand Marlborough. The poll also showed that a pack called 'flip-top', then there is a box of hard paper with a flip top lid considered the most convenient of the existing ones. As we can see on the shelves of cigarettes, this standard has not been surpassed to this day. After eight months, sales increased by 5000 percent! Rebranding was successful. To date, cigarette company Philip Morris sold in 180 countries, and are among the most purchased cigarettes over the world. In conclusion, we say that what would have been a cigarette, they are still harmful to your health.

Tireless Promoters

Advertising campaigns – is a creative process. If you participated in the creation of an advertising brochure, catalog or flyer for your company, you know how much effort and creative energy requires the preparation of a good advertising campaign. But sooner or later your printed promotional materials will be ready for distribution. Now, in fact, comes the most important – how to do them to get into the right hands? Cheerful and energetic young people grandmother promoters certainly cope with the task of handing out leaflets, that’s just so much expensive for you promotional material will go to the basket. (Not to be confused with BSA!). Is there an alternative? Yes, and not one. A good solution is a direct Marketing – sending their advertisements printed material carefully sorted database.

Method of roads is good, but requires careful podgotovki.V this article, we’d like to have more benign version of your budget – it use of advertising Brochure Holder Rack bukletnits.Pochemu often are preferred? People will approach your advertising stand and take your leaflet or booklet only if they find it helpful. Thus the whole circulation gets into the right hands – the hands of your target audience. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kidney Foundation is the place to go. You just have to choose the place where you can most effectively place your choice bukletnitsu.Ogromny Brochure Holder will allow you to pick up what is needed on the size, capacity and strength. CC Riword specializes in manufacturing and supplying promotional Equipment. Our range of over 100 different types Brochure Holder.

Come to our office and make sure themselves..

Biometric Companies Systems

Biometric companies, Systems and Control De Acceso Many companies have found in the biometric systems, a tool very useful. Thanks to the use of this technology, that allows to identify to the people by its physical qualities, a great number of businesses has been able to put to ray their employees. Consequently, the frauds have been eliminated in which an employee registered the attendance of a companion who was not present. In addition, with the use of the biometric systems, in an access control, it is avoided that people other people’s to the company enter her. The objective of the biometric systems is to avoid the presence of people nonwished. This way, a reader of fingerprints, to the entrance of a building, can assure that only registered people, in a data base, will be able to enter these facilities. Nieman Foundation has many thoughts on the issue. This type of access control is very common in organizations of the state, institutions of monitoring and control and in buildings of offices.

However, its use also is real in some schools, gymnasiums and until in elevators. In order to put a to work a biometric system is needed that the people, who will have access, provide a biometric sample. In the case of a scanner of digital tracks, the sample takes from the forefinger or the thumb. For it, the users will have to press, with firmness and during a few seconds their fingers on a reading plate. When the system has taken the track, identifies the excellent points of this one and creates a numerical sequence, that will identify each user, who files itself in a data base. After this the process comes from validation, in which the user returns to place his finger in the reading plate, the system compares that sample with the data base and it will give via free that user.

In the case of escneres of eyes, the procedure is similar. The usuary sight to a reader, during a pair of the second and system keeps the image from its rainbow or retina, soon to be collated in the validation process. When the scanned person is in the data base, this one can make its entrance, for which a door with lock is abre biometrics or frees a bell crank. As an access control can be seen, by biometric systems, works of independent way, reason why it is not needed personnel of monitoring in joining points. All this causes that the biometry is a great option, for the companies that want to diminuir expenses and to increase their productivity. Source: Note of Press sent by shane.

The Latest Trends In Dry Cleaning

The latest trends in dry cleaning sector of dry-cleaners and laundries has experienced great changes in recent years. New business models, new techniques of marketing, legal changes and especially new technologies are generating much confusion among both consumers and professionals in the sector or those who want to join. Franquiciastintorerias.NET was created with the desire to help those who are interested in joining the sector via franchise or buying machinery for dry-cleaners them same so they have all the information, independently and impartially, so choose the best option. New technologies in recent years have appeared new teconolgias, wet clean, hydrocarbons and other technologies that attempt to replace the dry cleaning. All this creates great confusion among people who are approaching this sector of the economy for the first time. Center for Responsible Business usually is spot on. Regulations further restricitivas for washing dry legislation is increasingly more restrictive because authorities European have proposed ending in the medium term with the VOC (volatile organic compounds) and dry cleaning uses one of them, the precloroetileno. This has led to a progressive rise in the price of this solvent and that the public authorities require increasingly more corrective for this type of facilities.

The horizon so that the dry-cleaning go little by little by replacing with alternative technologies. Progressive ban of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and the Precloroetileno the most important uncertainty facing the sector is therefore the progressive prohibition of perchloroethylene and rising prices that is suffering, both the solvent itself as its use (which implies collected waste, mitigation measures, environmental licensing) changes in ways of life the hurry, the incorporation of women into the labour market or fashion low cost are generating big social changes to the dry-cleaners do not can be kept outside. This involves organizational changes, technological and fees that dry-cleaners must apply if they wish to to survive in this very competitive economy in which we live. The challenge of the future, and the current, Dyer is in guess what will be the technology that will replace the dry cleaning. This decision is key in ensuring the future viability of the business. Source: Press release sent by dry-cleaners.

Write Articles

Write articles and put online in the online magazine or article directory. Would you write a technical article and publish so much must be observed. Every author should know exactly which articles for publication are interesting, but not interesting. For example don’t like perceived hidden advertising of products and services. The reader understand very well what is at stake. You will notice immediately, what you actually want to achieve with the prices of the products, and automatically activate protection mechanisms.

The secret of advertising is the secret of the current and most effective advertising that their consumer in you sees no advertising. He remembers only that what he is really interesting and useful. How to write good articles and publish, what do they include? Key to the success of a really interesting for the reader is not any overview article, no description of any perspectives and potential opportunities. An interesting material needs you now, can apply today. If you write an article and published, it should be an instruction to the real steps and actions. The reader would like to see immediately the result, he would like to have the key to success in the hand. Write hot topic who writes articles and published, the need to know a secret – just on a hot topic.

The theme should be on everyone’s lips, it must provide for excitement. So it is not sufficient to rely merely on their own ideas. If you want to write good articles and publish them, should be assumed by the real analysis of the situation on the market. You first must realize what people need, later to be able to give them. Only in this way that works in all areas, and also in the writing and publishing of articles. To brief a promotional text you can write too, that it is long. The reader is interested in a particular product and want to collect as more information, because it is about his own Risk, comes to his money. At a specialist article you want to write and publish, it’s different, because you have to touch is the best short. The readers of the article risk nothing, they have too little interest. At any time, readers can leave the Web site and look at what’s new. Also, you should remember that the scope of the large article simply shocked the audience. Who can remember all these points, when he writes an article and published, can do much more for its readers.

Charity Marketing Punch

Students of the course ‘Technical sales management’ of the Fachhochschule des bfi Wien and Barbara Stockl support the Association neunerHAUS that study “Technical sales management” is so designed that conveys not only theoretical knowledge, but very much practical work (“learning by doing”). Jo Mackness is full of insight into the issues. So also in the Lehrgegenstand of “Team building”. The students have set the task to build a punch stand in the pre-Christmas period and sell the appropriate drink. The proceeds should be provided for a good cause. Time: December 20, 2008, time: 09:00 18:00 place: Mariahilfer Strasse 38-40 (directly in front of the Department store Gerngross) project learning through practical application is in training at the Fachhochschule des bfi Wien at the top.

To develop projects to the projects will, it is not enough to us students. “In the framework of the course team building” we are the students of the second vintage of the study are technical sales management “until the end of semester one Project have realized and this merged practice with theory of social nature. The final event is the punch on December 20th, 2008 in Mariahilferstrasse 38-40, before Gerngross department store, near U3 Neubaugasse output. The well-known ORF presenter Barbara Stockl supports action by active selling of the punch. Good mood guarantee a big raffle with great prizes and a choir. As a highlight, a sightseeing flight in a Cessna will be auctioned. We will donate the net proceeds of the event the Association neunerHaus. The Club neunerHAUS operates three apartment houses in Vienna, where a total 160 formerly homeless people have found a new home.

Main objective is to improve the living conditions of homeless people and to provide an independent and long-term living. We are looking forward to your visit! “The students of the second year technical sales management” as well as Programme Director Mag. (FH) Novel Anlanger and FH lecturer Wolfgang A. Edwards. Learn more about the neunerHaus at or node/7

Forbes Fashion

That this woman can boasts a number of printed magazines with her face on the cover, the figure includes about 900 times. According to Forbes, each day it was 50,000 thousand U.S. dollars. She married British film director and producer Matthew Vaughn. This happy marriage of Claudius and Matthew gave birth to three beautiful children.

Model Naomi Campbell from Britain Sino-Jamaican origin. Born a "black panther" in London in 1970. She became the first black model who appeared for fashion magazines Time, Vogue. She began her career at age 15, young Campbell was involved in secular shows and various events. Filmed clips for famous singers such as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and others regularly involved in the show's most famous fashion houses. He currently lives in Russia, engaged to a Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin. Catherine (Kate) Anne Moss British fashion model born in 1974. Kate has become almost the first world model ', whose height was 168 cm, but in spite of its growth, it became a global model that has worked with many famous fashion houses and brands like: Dolce &Gabbana;, Gucci, LouisVuitton, Chanel, Dior, Versace and others.

It has become the world's second top model on the level of its state, according to the magazine Forbs. The first is a Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. Kate had a beautiful girl and quite a few admirers and fans, but got married only once, from the same marriage, gave birth to a daughter. But love was short-lived, as she confessed to his handpicked Top Model "You're too good for me." Gisele Bundchen, Carolyn is one of the most famous and highly paid top model in the world, originally from Brazil, born in 1980. Is the most popular person in the world of lingerie VictoriSecret. Her face was on the covers of magazines such as: Vogue, MarieClaire, Bazaar, RollingStone, Playboy, Maxim and others. She married a football player Tom Brady, and gave him a son Benjamin. In 2010, released a series of personal environmental cosmetics Sejaa Pure Skincare. Natalia Vodianova famous Russian model, was born in Nizhny-Novgorod in 1982. In 17 years at the invitation of a modeling agency goes to Paris and starts fine her modeling career. She worked on the podium for YvesSaintLaurent, Gucci, CalvinKlein, Valentino and many other fashion houses. Her beautiful little child's face appeared on the covers of many fashion magazines, as well as for the famous calendar Pirelli. Just became the face of many Companies: KalvinKlein, LouisVuitton, MissSixty and many others. Successfully marries a British lord Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, and he gives birth to two beautiful sons and a daughter. In recent years, the global catwalks, we increasingly see the Russian models, and their love big fashion houses, and participate in fashion week passes without Russian models.

Crisis Advertising

Eyes on the client is now more meticulously than ever, planned course of activities, their financing. For example, for those projects whose implementation started in November-December 2008, the main financial burden on the budget of the advertiser’s moved to the end of January-February 2009. Often the “turnaround” consulting is part of project work, as consumers need confidence to want to trust money to those who know what to do in such times. So difficult to talk about the allocation of Crisis consulting separately paid service. The flexibility of the organizational structure of agencies allowed to survive without heavy losses the first wave of the crisis and the fall to concentrate on creating a portfolio orders for next year. Now our company feels confident enough that the positive effect on mood and employees. And it’s now worth a lot.

Certainly, the role played by the presence in the customer portfolio Agency sufficient producers of goods FMCG, who, as a rule, even in hard times feel good. Dr. Neal Barnard has much experience in this field. In addition, these companies because of the specific competition are forced to maintain a constant promotional activity to maintain share of voice, from which their case depends directly on the share market. It is interesting to note that the crisis in general led to increased demand for accurate, technologically advanced solutions in the field of integrated advertising and marketing communications. Many companies, advertisers are paying attention to planning advertising campaigns, meticulous approach to market for new products. Have become more popular kinds study.

There are many applications for the study of consumption patterns. The company is actively interested in consumer criteria for choosing and purchasing decisions. Many worried about how their budgets. In such circumstances, Our services are becoming more important and do not need additional justification in the eyes of the customer, as it was before. Well, many, especially regional, advertising structures, including advertising agencies, Yekaterinburg, should refer to the origins of the agency, as a phenomenon. Agency, as a kind of “core” as the center of project management.

Outdoor Advertising

Signs have always existed. And often it’s existence was far from cloudless, for example, even in the nineteenth century aesthetically conscious citizens of St. Petersburg scribbled anonymous Governor-General that abundance of signage obscures architectural beauty. In modern times, signs are directly identified with outdoor advertising. In Russia, at the design stage of the bill to protect the signs from the tax authorities had Duma faction, “MP”: “people’s deputies’ reminded that by law the seller is obliged to inform the buyer the name of your organization, its location, opening hours and to place this information on the sign.

In other words, the sign – the mandatory information. And to all the mandatory (except for signs), we decided to treat responsibly. In Minsk safely co-exist for several generations signs. Arising stylistic dissonance raises a smile even from the experts Mingoroformleniya, not to mention less fettered in the emotions of ordinary citizens. Thus, three generations of outdoor advertising in the city: “The Pavilion” Beer of water.

” Outdoor Advertising in the style of rotten rannebrezhnevskogo psevdoampira occasionally ennobled watery paint. Particularly popular this type of “outdoor advertising” among these types of outlets such as small grocery and vegetable shops, provincial consumer services, etc. It is believed that these signs can not fight – scatter the ashes of themselves. But no, made to the conscience and survived for decades. “Kruce the eggs.” Bad taste of outdoor advertising last decade generated by ignorance of the new material or a desire to save money. You do not become boring flooded the entire city pale pink, like a sex shop, barber signs, hardware store and even conventional grocery store (with “strawberry”)? Selection of fonts usually beshitrosten and infallible, as throwing in the process of communication fingers clumsy and simple names, like a monologue bindyuzhnika tipsy. These designs will fall only under the yoke of intense competition, not the other way … “The new, yet not become old.” Just good signs, samples of outdoor advertising, pleasing to the eye and professional designer, and class of technologies used. A number of these technologies has grown over the past decade, several times. For example, acrylic glass, high-density and color stability, or LEDs, more vivid and efficient than gas-discharge ads, etc., etc. (See “External poll”). Another thing is that in addition to technology has taste and style – elements that are often more important than tricked ‘trim’ or ‘elkameta’. In Russia, by the way, has long been a contest, “Sign of the Year”.