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Business Education

Market for business education in Ukraine every year is gaining momentum, the number of training and consulting firms increases, each of which offers a wide range of services, only if the quality is always provided the product meets the stated price. And as far as laws of modern business trainers in Ukraine call themselves as […]


Technical Cooperation Service

Technical Cooperation Service Technical Cooperation Service (SERCOTEC) is a Chilean institution responsible for supporting efforts to improve the competitiveness of micro and small enterprises and strengthen the management capacity of these. It is a subsidiary of Corporacion de Fomento de la Produccion (CORFO), established on 30 June 1952. Delivery of advisory services, training and funding […]

Los Multilevel

The other three elements that must have an intelligent working for your multilevel marketing system I continue showing quickly. 4.-AUTO reply is the well-known Robot that will send trace messages by us and will in turn have a triple purpose: take our part to contact all the training necessary, daily or inter daily, through a […]