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Commercial Equipment

Any of the grocery stores, ranging from small grocery pavilion and ending with a large hypermarket, a hall must have commercial shelving. The need for commercial shelving that is convenient for them to lay out product. Moreover, for each type of product may be different types of shelving. For example, for glass jars, cans of […]

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Childrens Interior

In an effort to make it better, we often make mistakes. In the interior, for a child it is almost inevitable, because you have to make decisions for another person, albeit small. To reduce the number of misses to a minimum, give the ten most common misconceptions adult illustrators of children's interiors. So, what are […]

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Excellent Choice

Wardrobes – the basis of ergonomics of any home. This view of professional interior designers. Experts have noticed that the color, shape wardrobe strongly influence the perceptions of the atmosphere of the room. And regardless of where it is in the bedroom, living room, hallway, he will comply with the spirit of things around him. […]

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Scientific Organization Of Labor

HOT-scientific organization of labor, the foundation work in the office NOT implemented to improve the efficiency of the office. SOL – for leaders who place high demands on the organization of work processes, for which the status and the company's success is a priority. OET helps to organize the working process and find success. Head […]

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Dry External

Do not forget to take them through chas.V corner tiles usually have to cut. The remaining part can be use on an adjacent wall. Laying tiles on the wall laying tile on the wall for decoration The inner and outer edges can tpimy is applicable (blue) – plastic strips that make the kind of angle, […]

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Interior Design In Ukraine

Even in the Soviet Union in the era of single-type "malosemeek and other buildings, tenants have begun to think about luxury in the interior decoration. After all, outside all the buildings were similar, and the inside is almost no different. However, in those hours, there was no explanatory design firms, and people were style rooms […]

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The End

Single-screw extruder Korean small power can be bought for 10-20 thousand euros, and modern dvushnekovy from leading manufacturers – for 200-300 euros. The bulk of the Russian manufacturers of small works on extruders Korean production, costs of purchase and installation of whom recovered within 1.5 years. In 2005, significantly changed the structure of Russian industry […]