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Summer Shower

Each summer resident in the summer, after a busy day, or simply from sweltering heat, a desire to freshen and cheer up. But often in the country to do so is problematic (if not impossible!). In this case, gardeners can help suburban souls. Even if you are in the country has a bath (or sauna), then sink it every time you want to wash up – quite a troublesome task. Viable alternative is usually also not be – a bucket with a bucket of water (even hot) – Will never replace a full shower.

Any other invention (at one point, for example, put the barrel in cottages on the roof) does not bring anything other than the inconvenience and problems. So, out of the problem by using different samodelok also not observed. What solutions can offer market today, and how not to make mistakes when choosing? When choosing a soul to give worth to pay attention to many factors. For example, on the floor shower stall (in which he done? Will rot?) In a water tank (again, from what material it is made, how well? Do not pour it out of there in time rusty water?), And more. Click Nieman Foundation to learn more. If you do not take into account these items, the purchase of a new well can turn into another problem, not to mention wasted money. We turn to the range of products from the company "Tempolyuks." This company has quite a large place in the product catalog on dacha souls and it is not in vain – the various models of summer showers have gained popularity among buyers. A hit in sales (no exaggeration!) Has become the 'Mobile Collapsible shower MDK-180 Elite'. Let us discuss it in detail.

This shower – a robust metal construction, which is placed on top of a plastic tank with a lid. All design elements are made of modern high quality materials that provide safety and longevity of the soul. In the tank water heater has a built-in temperature regulator – an undeniable convenience. Also, thanks to a special design the tank, do not want to control the water level. The frame itself cabin from all sides closed protective canopy and the floor beneath his feet made of wooden lattice (tree is not subject to rot and fungus due to the special composition of which it is impregnated). Take a shower in a cab of course convenient and comfortable! It should be noted that the heated water can be used for other purposes, by specially provided for the flexible hose otvodischemu. And if we add to all this, yet easy assembly, disassembly and that Many important, the transportation of the shower, then we can conclude that this is something that simply must be almost every gardeners. With a walk-in shower in his dacha, you ensure yourself konfortnoe and full-time residence in the country. Or maybe even call the envy of the neighbors! 🙂 It remains to note that discussed above shower has a lot of modifications. To view the full range of products (with photos!) you will be on the company website "Tempolyuks:

Commercial Equipment

Any of the grocery stores, ranging from small grocery pavilion and ending with a large hypermarket, a hall must have commercial shelving. The need for commercial shelving that is convenient for them to lay out product. Moreover, for each type of product may be different types of shelving. For example, for glass jars, cans of iron or other heavy objects rack must be strong to avoid collapse. Bakery retail shelves are specialized. Moreover, these racks are easier and less stable, since the total mass of products laid out on racks, small by comparison. In other words, commercial shelving intended for different products. Many writers such as American Diabetes Association offer more in-depth analysis. When choosing them pay attention to it.

Just racks should fit into the interior of the shop floor. That is, to be the same color and style of the room. Today, thanks to a few methods of painting, it's easy to get the desired color and pattern on the shelves. After all, much more pleasant when colored racks corporate brand shop. For each species and areas can be selected best rack. resource. In the manufacture of shelving there is virtually no restriction, however, the standard rack is a requirement of operation, one of which – rack must be installed on a horizontal surface or on a vertical wall.

In recent years, grocery supermarkets, the same Bahetle in Kazan, sells non-food items, along with food. Under them, too, has a special trade equipment. If this CD – the special racks for CDs, if it's perfume – that special perfume retail shelves. Quality retail racks – standard shapes and colors, as well as – on the draft customer, can be ordered Company "KZMI." Buying branded racks Sheaco, you get quality and reliable commercial equipment. In any case, if you have questions and want to get competent advice, contact the managers of the company "KZMI"

Childrens Interior

In an effort to make it better, we often make mistakes. In the interior, for a child it is almost inevitable, because you have to make decisions for another person, albeit small. To reduce the number of misses to a minimum, give the ten most common misconceptions adult illustrators of children's interiors. So, what are categorically not to do: 1. Try in the room your child to realize their own unfulfilled dreams.

Child has their own desires and the right attention to them. 2. Strive to help design a child's room to impress your friends. The child feels false and imbued with a distrust you. 3. Buy an excessive amount of things and toys.

When the abundance reaches a critical point, it turns into chaos. On this we should always remember, kids making out the interior. Living in an atmosphere of chaos, the child develops worse and may even suffer from neurosis. 4. Allocated to Child smallest room in the house. If the living conditions of the permit, it is better to settle the child in a large space. This will save you from it and a lot of problems in the future. 5. Zealously protect the environment from damage a child's room and damage. Even if you do badly shelled out and bought expensive furniture, be prepared to courageously accept the fact that the presentation she will lose. Childhood – it's time to spontaneous reactions. A child should not feel own room in the museum of design art and fear for every thing. 6. Intrude into the interior design of a child's room with objects. Often, for brevity, the adults leave the children's room ironing boards, sewing machines and even a freezer. From this room gets the status of a checkpoint. No child will not get you for that. 7. Child abuse theme in interior design. Actually all of these "bunnies, flowers," like basically an adult. Sometimes children even categorically demand to remove the furniture out of sight with Mickey Mouse. 8. Constantly change and improve the view a child's room. There are some parents perfectionists who endlessly improve living conditions for the beloved offspring. This makes the interior of a room unpredictable, which is undesirable impact on its inhabitants. 9. Reject fashion trends. Even if popular trends today are alien to you, leave them unattended impossible. The child should have an idea of what is popular at the moment. This will facilitate his interaction with the outside world. 10. Blindly follow the advice and recommendations of other people. He – the person with the individual traits and emotions. Therefore, in order to build an ideal children's interior, it is useful to study child.

Excellent Choice

Wardrobes – the basis of ergonomics of any home. This view of professional interior designers. Experts have noticed that the color, shape wardrobe strongly influence the perceptions of the atmosphere of the room. And regardless of where it is in the bedroom, living room, hallway, he will comply with the spirit of things around him. At the same cabinets and compartments themselves can be a source, around which the other elements of decor acquire new colors and shapes . Nuanced set, so in choosing such an important detail of the interior is necessary, as the saying goes, "with soul." There are two options to begin selection of wardrobe. First for creative people: based on various reviews and articles that have been read on the Internet, most try to design a wardrobe: choose the color, size, and decide whether it will be built in or cabinet, consider the number of sections for storage. This exciting occupation, being a pleasant occasion for communication can be a good pastime for the whole family! The second suit busier, business people, you can go through the same path more quickly with professional consultants and experienced designers gager, they will choose the best option, focusing on your needs, competently answer any questions.

Which to choose depends on your attitude. To design their own longer, but much interesting. But every time he passed his closet, you'll get satisfaction, recalling the work done. And turning to the professionals, you will save time. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between. Whatever you choose, we recommend first "hack" of knowledge on the subject. In our market closets came less than 20 years ago, quickly gained popularity.

Compared with conventional hinged to the Soviet people in wardrobes, modern built-in wardrobes Coupe boast a number of important advantages. This is the optimal use of available space, convenience and increased reliability for long life, attractive appearance and wide range of materials to decorate the facades. But the door coupe have a special place in the design of this furniture. The facade of favorable direction different from a simple swing closet. This is a convenient system of sliding doors made of type-door coupe in the carriages installed in housing construction. Basis for a closet case is chipboard (laminated chipboard). It is because it makes the future of housing cabinet. Today it is one of the most popular materials and modern technology, which made her do this stuff yet, and one of the most environmentally friendly. The surface of the plate is covered with durable laminate, resistant to abrasion, scratches and other external influences. Figure laminate usually coincides with the imitation wood texture. But can be used and plain colors. Acquisition cabinet compartment – a creative process and fascinating. Therefore invoke the aid of their imagination, play with light, color, mirrors, various decorative finishing materials. Maybe you have created a real masterpiece of furniture, which will be envied all your friends!

Scientific Organization Of Labor

HOT-scientific organization of labor, the foundation work in the office NOT implemented to improve the efficiency of the office. SOL – for leaders who place high demands on the organization of work processes, for which the status and the company's success is a priority. OET helps to organize the working process and find success. Head office must have good professional knowledge, be a good organizer, a creative approach to their work. To work in an office to be most productive, it is important to properly equip the office space. For successful operation the head office, must first correctly organize their time.

Too often managers have slipped thought: not enough time. Neither time did not suffice, and organization! The primary task for the head – to competently organize their time. Credit: Nieman Foundation-2011. A good leader is not someone who works hard, but someone who does a lot. Purchasing office furniture for the staff, manager cares about the working conditions of people who spend most of their lives in the office. Furniture staff should be convenient, comfortable, versatile. Furniture should help create a psychological climate in the team, to enhance the creative process of employees.

But most importantly, functional and comfortable office furniture, easily adapts to the individual parameters of staff should maintain their health. The main function of office furniture – high quality provision of working conditions. Comfortable furniture is a guarantee of productive work. The introduction notes, creates the conditions for health personnel. From a wide range of styles and designs of furniture, select a convenient, ergonomic, practical, versatile furniture.

Dry External

Do not forget to take them through chas.V corner tiles usually have to cut. The remaining part can be use on an adjacent wall. Laying tiles on the wall laying tile on the wall for decoration The inner and outer edges can tpimy is applicable (blue) – plastic strips that make the kind of angle, particularly the outer, more likable. Flexible scallop on top provides a snug fit to the wall or floor tiles. As the cladding is necessary to help control the level of vertical rows. Check the horizontal first row of tiles, you get perpendicular to the rows.

Making internal and external corners design of internal and external corners design of internal and external angles Dry joints 24 hours, treat their seam with putty or sealant. This mixture applied with a rubber spatula or a rubber grout. Fugovat gap – even that pabotka. If you have spedi ppisposobleny empty tube from under the gun for gepmetika and extrusion, it will navepnyaka fun. Tube for the next call to fill in konditepsky manep – Inside a plastic bag hanging from the spinning and obpezannym corner and squeezed, gradually removing the bag for odnopodnogo without puzypey air filled tubes. To get rid of from the remnants of putty, wipe entire surface with a damp sponge.

Frequently moisten the sponge and iron the seams, but do not overdo this – so you can completely remove the coating. (Not to be confused with BSA!). Very unexpected, though, if popazmyslit, sovepshenno zakonomepny The result of the yields of the solution of laying tile with the orientation of the chessboard pisunka. This smotpitsya nice if pisunok gentle and vaguely limited_expression. A trick that DURING laying tiles remains incomplete obpez with Dadi sto.pone. From it we can pretty much set in motion. Savings – potpyasayuschaya and no regret at the large pile otpezannyh parts not suitable for the orientation of pisunka. Happimep, lower pyad DURING pazmetke from the ceiling got 'halves' of tiles. VARIATIONS The orientation of the same you have a bunch of identical otpezannyh 'grassroots'. VARIATIONS chess orientation of the waste will not be. Similarly, for pezov of vertically.

Interior Design In Ukraine

Even in the Soviet Union in the era of single-type "malosemeek and other buildings, tenants have begun to think about luxury in the interior decoration. After all, outside all the buildings were similar, and the inside is almost no different. However, in those hours, there was no explanatory design firms, and people were style rooms themselves. Naturally, this decor was very simple. Interior Design – a job for professionals. You will be stunned to see a variety of know-how encompasses current interior design. According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who has experience with these questions. For example the interior of the country style deserves a decent cost, though you'll enjoy it for years! A special place in the decoration occupies arrangement of the landscape. C recently, this subspecies absorbed features of most powers.

And no wonder, because, for example, Korea all the time considered the birthplace of union with nature and exclusive notions in decorating the infield, and Mexico – primary source of outlandish landscape. More information about innovations in landscape design can be found on the exhibition of landscape design. Next, thoroughly discuss the design and its trends in Ukraine. For you probably will not be the revelation that good design masters in Ukraine very little and often for the formation of unique works, design studios invite the European professionals. But the possibility of development in such a case there. You can just see how many design studios are now registered in Kiev – their numbers soon sunk to five hundred. And this, incidentally, says that interior design in Kiev in demand and well compensated. From Industry leaders should include the following: Grafit, Ideya-LAB, Veron", "StroyDizayn" and "Wedge".

As for other areas of our state may designate an interior design studio in Donetsk and Poltava. As these cities have decent people, respectively, and household design in them is very much needed. In addition, these areas occupy a large part of private homes as a result and garden design is a good demand. Among the firms in these two areas are the following: HBStyle, Oasis, Madiz, ArtBudInvest" and "image". At the moment, the formation of this art is not reached such a plank to the company pored concrete and fairly high quality over a single style design. Usually, all companies are working on all of its forms – from apartment to the garden. And yet do not worry, the quality of the project at such a huge range of operations, it is extremely good. Of course, when you filigree design art connoisseur, then you better communicate with foreign experts.

The End

Single-screw extruder Korean small power can be bought for 10-20 thousand euros, and modern dvushnekovy from leading manufacturers – for 200-300 euros. The bulk of the Russian manufacturers of small works on extruders Korean production, costs of purchase and installation of whom recovered within 1.5 years. In 2005, significantly changed the structure of Russian industry manufacture of pipes. Since 2003, the Russian production of an increasing proportion of products released to medium-sized enterprises, while small companies are gradually reducing their output. If at the end of 2003, approximately 35% of the total volume made of polyethylene pipes were in small businesses by the end of 2005, this percentage slightly above 20%. In the Russian production has been possible to identify a few large producers, controlling not only local markets but also sells its products in other regions. Of all the enterprises producing polyethylene pipes in Russia, there are two major share of which exceeds 35% of the total production. This holding 'Evrotrubplast' and of 'Kazanorgsintez'.

Over 20% of Russian production of polyethylene pipes are produced by JSC 'Kazanorgsintez', whose facilities are located on one site. Enterprise produces polyethylene pipes for gas pipelines to GOST R 50864-95 63-315 mm in diameter and pressure in accordance with GOST 18599-2001 diameter of 10-1200 mm. Until 2006, the pipes made of polyethylene own production grades of PE and PE-63-80. The company 'Kazanorgsintez' 1 January 2006 withdrew from the production of polyethylene pipe grade PE-63. This decision was taken because the brand PE-63 is outdated and does not meet international quality standards.