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Domestic Life

The Romans felt attracted by the domestic life; aspect characteristic of this civilization. The woman was the companion and cooperator of the Roman man; she was with him in the receptions and the banquets; thing that stops the Greeks was scandalous. The Roman woman shared with her husband the authority on her children and the […]


Pedagogical Didactic Process

The education of disciplines History of Brazil, throughout its trajectory always was seen and elaborated in a dogmtica way, as mechanism of construction of an only national identity, where we go to observe such estimated since its primrdios. In the First one and Second It disciplines it to empire of National History was considered facultative […]


Correct Money

Each ticket must be invested to reproduce in more tickets than they will arrive at you, and not in movements that do not produce income of any type. Detngase and thinks with the cold mind if it is doing the correct thing according to the goal that has chosen, analyzes as it is handling his […]