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Pedagogical Didactic Process

The education of disciplines History of Brazil, throughout its trajectory always was seen and elaborated in a dogmtica way, as mechanism of construction of an only national identity, where we go to observe such estimated since its primrdios. In the First one and Second It disciplines it to empire of National History was considered facultative and hardly she was taught, where the education of Sacred History predominated on of a National History, where the education methods were practised through the memorization and repetition of the written texts, where salient the following one concerning this question: The programs of History of Brazil followed the model consecrated for Sacred History, substituting the moral narratives on the life Dos Santos for historical actions carried through by the considered constructors of the nation, especially governing heroes and clergymen. The order of the events was articulated for the succession of kings and the fights against the foreign invaders, in such a way that history culminated with ‘ great eventos’ of ‘ Independncia’ of ‘ Constitution of the Nacional’ State; , responsible for the conduction of Brazil to the destination of being one ‘ great nao’. (PCN, 1997, P. 20) During the periods of the Old Republic the education of disciplines of History of Brazil searched to insert in the nation the civic spirit, through a taught patriotic nationalism in history, where we can observes as education proceeded from disciplines: National History was identified with the Native History, whose mission, together with the History of the Civilization, was to integrate the Brazilian people to the modern civilization occidental person. Native History was understood as the foundation of ‘ pedagogia of cidado’ , its contents would have to emphasize the traditions of a homogeneous past, with glorious facts of you celebrate historical personages in the fights for the defense of the territory and the national unit.

Correct Money

Each ticket must be invested to reproduce in more tickets than they will arrive at you, and not in movements that do not produce income of any type. Detngase and thinks with the cold mind if it is doing the correct thing according to the goal that has chosen, analyzes as it is handling his expenses, it studies ways to reduce or to eliminate those that can, analyzes which is the amount that can separate monthly to destine it soon to investments. Perhaps the first numbers are small, but it is a departure point, and if it is committed with his objectives and it owns a real desire to improve his finances as the amounts grow it will also make his enthusiasm when seeing itself proprietor of whom just a short time back it did not exist. If the money that wins finishes in whims and bad investments don’t mention it will serve their effort and planning, is worth then to ask itself which it will turn his income when they arrive at his hands. It thinks about each ticket that happens through its hands like in an employee who can work for you you invest if it intelligently, or work more for somebody he spends if it of inadequate way. Whenever it is on the verge of carrying out a transaction with his money, by great or small that is, it detngase a little while and it pregntese if it is doing as well as possible, pregntese if the erogacin that is about to takes to realise it by the chosen way, if this purchase is really necessary or it can pospone if it, reduce or eliminate. We have thousands of possibilities surround that us to spend of inadequate form and to become indebted with credits and purchases to us with card, promises of payments deferred and long term in comfortable and long quotas want to us to make think that we are conducting a good operation.