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Chile University

It explained that the enterprise social responsibility did not have to be " charity, neither philanthropy, nor patronage, nor marketing with cause, nor maquillaje" advertising or they green washing" ". In order to differentiate it &quot is precise; to always return to the definition. First I must see and do cago to me of the […]

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Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

Riograndense Republic (1835-1845): the spirit of the farroupilla revolution, is perceptible to anyone that loops through the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul, and is stoked by the Riograndense traditionalist movement that is embodied in countless CTG (Centre traditionalist riograndense) scattered throughout the territory of that State. Argiropolis de Sarmiento (1850): Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, […]

Global Expansion Strategy

Detlef Tilgenkamp: ‘BONOFA controls further success by Europe over the United States and East Asia’ BONOFA is becoming increasingly international: after 2012 already new business networks could be built in England, Italy and other EU countries, the management to Detlef Tilgenkamp takes increasingly international markets targeted in Dubai, the network inspires numerous business partners, Thailand, […]

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Sunny Future For Solar Energy Companies?

Forecasts in the year 2013 2013 it applies to the solar market for the solar market to adapt to the less frequented European market. Due to the high demand by Chinese consumers, the current weakness of Europe’s solar market compensates for most. This becomes clear when one considers the previous market leader, Germany. For the […]

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Seminar Description

Target optimization: Decide on the amount of the variable salary staff finally it should not go to in determining the remuneration on the fish market in Hamburg or the Viktualienmarkt in Munich! Instead, employees can set both towards achieving the aspired target altitude and salary resulting resulting in achievement of target in advance even. The […]

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Customer Advice

Larovo released their new smartphone sales Advisor to find a way out of the confusing Produktdschungel of mobile devices. Troisdorf, 11.12.12 the Smartphone market continues to grow and an end of this tendency is not in sight. More sophisticated devices with more technical options to inundate the mobile landscape. There to keep the overview, you […]

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Implementation of private entrepreneurship, small firm management or a large corporation, all this requires constant reference to the norms of current legislation. As is known, no knowledge law is no excuse. But does it really, to keep abreast of all changes of articles and regulations, without special education and long experience? Unfortunately, no. Mainly because […]

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System Integrators

Companies representing their interests in this sector can be divided into several groups: software developers. This category can be safely attributed to the developers and electronic document management systems implementers, developers need to allocate a separate optical character recognition systems (OCR) software vendors dedicated "iron." All companies that sell specialized bond and book scanners, data […]


Court Notices

The procedure is standard and its implementation are subject to special forms (forms). In some areas the courts have even automated notification of the court action (through the data). Court Notices mandate for the lower courts (regardless of the amount in controversy). The Court does not check the received claim on the merits, and consider […]

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Dream Machine

Number of cars every year on our highways only grows. Nothing unusual – in fact any of us, at least once remarked the dignity of personal vehicle, hardly refuse such a thing. Because all more often people are not even very high income tend to buy even a used, but the individual cars. While naturally […]

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