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Prime Minister

In the Greek press, altogether very negative on the outcome of the Copenhagen Summit, Eleftherotypia, of left-wing positions, believes that the world’s biggest pollutants have imposed in a nutshell in Copenhagen an imperfect agreement that does not correspond at all with the hopes of a global commitment to limit the warming of the planet. It […]

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Ramon Margalef

Therefore, the entropy is a magnitude to consider when we analyze the properties of the temporary evolution of social systems, even the divergent ones to each other. Mathematically, the entropy is the average value of the car information (also called subjective information), and this one, referred a social event is defined mathematically thus: I (Ax) […]



3. Those who clicked on a banner or link out of curiosity, showed momentary interest. The first group – this is a consequence of image advertising, when a visitor wants to get to the site-specific company, because the already familiar with it. But This does not mean, for example, that he wants to make a […]

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