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Prime Minister

In the Greek press, altogether very negative on the outcome of the Copenhagen Summit, Eleftherotypia, of left-wing positions, believes that the world’s biggest pollutants have imposed in a nutshell in Copenhagen an imperfect agreement that does not correspond at all with the hopes of a global commitment to limit the warming of the planet. It is said that Greenpeace strongly condemned the arrogance of the heads of State of the most powerful of the world countries introducing an ineffective agreement to combat climate change at the Copenhagen climate summit adds, the Executive Director of Greenpeace International, Kumi Naidoo, warned: the world faces a tragic crisis of leadership. Rather than join for ensure the future for hundreds of millions of people to accept a historic agreement that will allow to avoid climate chaos, the leaders of the most powerful countries of the world betrayed to current and future generations. Avoid climate catastrophe has become much more difficult. While the Copenhagen accord was hailed by some as a step forward, it isn’t. In fact, even it has been formally approved by the Conference of the parties (COP).

It contains no measures strong emissions reduction in developed countries. It is a big concession to polluting industries of the climate, especially in the sector of fossil fuels, which lobbied heavily to undermine an agreement and now licensed to continue polluting. The Conference did not agree on a path to follow to establish a legally binding agreement. Although negotiations will continue next year, the loss of a legally binding target was the Copenhagen Summit a huge missed opportunity. The world has now that resume in Bali road trip to Mexico, where a fair, ambitious, legally binding agreement to avoid catastrophic climate change must be taken Publishedtelesurtv.NET noted, that the Government of Brazil blamed United States (USA).UU.) put an end to the hopes of the world and threaten human life with the imposition of a thoughtless agreement generated by a minimum group of countries at the back of the representatives of more than 190 countries present at the Summit of change position of the South American country, was set up by Environment Minister, Carlos Minc, in line with the rejection that five other countries maintained after the presentation of the document by the President of the Summit, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Loekke Rasmussen, the last day of session, including Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.El Minister reminded that United States, the biggest polluter historic environment, was responsible for the fiasco of Copenhagen, to not having committed formally to reduce GHG emissions and commented, from the Danish capital, the final text (of the Summit) leaves much to be desired, today is a sad day, much frustration and regretted that despite all the efforts the result is very small face to the urgent needs of the world.

Ramon Margalef

Therefore, the entropy is a magnitude to consider when we analyze the properties of the temporary evolution of social systems, even the divergent ones to each other. Mathematically, the entropy is the average value of the car information (also called subjective information), and this one, referred a social event is defined mathematically thus: I (Ax) = – log (px) is not our intention to crush to the reader with complicated algorithmic calculations. To only show that in as much perceivable social phenomenon, the entropy also owns characteristics that can be quantified and that give ponderable consistency him to their quality: It is a magnitude. But in the entropic analysis of the behavior of the social groups it is necessary to consider a variable supreme important: the diversity. Ramon Margalef beside the point contributes a wonderful approach to us on this concept: " The diversity is an expression of the resulting structure of the form in which the individuals of the system interact social". The diversity, then, not only explains the epistemologic foundation of the entropy, but it is transformed into a necessary element in the support of a complex social structure: If the social diversity is reduced, the possibilities of maintaining social a structure complex are reduced, if the diversity is very elevated, will be difficult to maintain the functionality of the social apparatus, unless other properties of the social structure modify suitably. For many social analysts and psychologists a very close relation between the social diversity and the form exists in which the different structures from the social system are related to each other. It can be expressed by means of a connectivity measurement. One has demonstrated that a clear decreasing relation in the social equation exists: greater social diversity smaller connectivity between its members, but in more recent investigations on social mobility, structure and group behavior is observed a relation still more accused between the number of individuals and the connectivity.


3. Those who clicked on a banner or link out of curiosity, showed momentary interest. The first group – this is a consequence of image advertising, when a visitor wants to get to the site-specific company, because the already familiar with it. But This does not mean, for example, that he wants to make a purchase. Maybe he just comes in order to watch the news of the company. The third group – a result of media advertising.

Here, the likelihood of necessary actions rather small. Media advertising to a greater degree of work on brand recognition, except in certain cases: for example, travel agency Banner, which sells hot deals, by country and value trip. But the second group – are the very target visitors. Visitors who come to the site, ready to commit a certain action. In other words, they are ready to buy a product or service ordered.

Thus, the more accurate indicator and assess the effectiveness of activities aimed at promotion of the site is "attracting the target audience." The target audience are visitors coming from the results search the search engines at the request of a semantic core, making a transition from the directory in which the site is registered and described, have fallen from an ad content and media advertising media. Further, it is on the effectiveness of the site, since it depends only on, will the target visitor will get if your product or they will go to a competitor. It provides easy navigation, attractive design, user-friendly interface, simplicity and accessibility of the information on this site. This should take care of at the stage when the plan to create a site. The ratio of visitors who have committed the necessary action to attract the target audience and is called conversion. This action may be filling the order form, a registration, call the telephone number listed on the site, viewing a particular page or a specific number of pages, and so on. Calculate the% conversion is easy – enough to have statistics. Calculation of conversion through the attraction to evaluate the effectiveness of how each channel individually, for a total the entire site. To do this, take the cost of website promotion on a particular channel to attract and divided by the number of visitors coming from the source and commit the necessary action. You can define and price Each visitor to the converted, ie, a visitor who has committed the necessary action. To do this, take the cost of website promotion and divided by the number of visitors to perform necessary action.