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Chico Buarque

Chapter I 1.Aristteles and the Catarse in the Tragedy Greek 1,1 Tragedies in the art of the life. The Tragedy is born in Greece. It counts a legend that caro Burgo de tica (Dionsio) would have taught to the men the culture of the vine. Then the men had prepared the plantation, but one bode devorou all the grapevines. The infuriated men had punished bode, pulling out the skin of the animal.

They had danced, they drunk and they sung the night all until falling of fatigue. The men who had remained until the end of the festividade had received a prize: the meat and the skin of the involved animal in the wine. At this moment it originated Tragedy. The first aspect pointed for Jean Pierre Vernant is the tragedy as social institution of democratic matrix. Social institution and not only a literary manifestation? teatral.

Institution in first place, because the tragedies are written and represented during civic parties of Atenas; in second, because the choir is formed by a college of citizens; in third because the paid city and finances writing and presentation of the parts; in room place and, over all, because the tragedy is a reflection that the city makes on democracy. (CHAUI, Marilena. Introduction to the History of the Philosophy. P 137) Exists great responsible in the inicializao of the Tragedy: Frnico added four important elements: the choir in two groups, the actor started to count on two audiences, it introduced the feminine personage and it fixed the entrance and exit of the actors. With Squirrel it is had actor as creation; Sfocles gave origin to the third actor. Closing the group of that they had initiated Eurpedes meets, that brought innovation for the Tragedies with the skeptical realism and bitter taste. Previously to these people the Tragedies were imprisoned only to myths of Dionsio, and with passing of the time it was becoming necessary to introduce new subjects.

Personal Credit

To save. All we perceive that we still have that making but few they had understood in an effective way. All we speak of this, but also we select that many people or nothing had little modified in its quotidiano since that if initiated this esconjurada crisis. After as many years asleep, she is necessary to awake this animal that is the saving and of that as much people runs away. To initiate are the complicated part more, but if to think about serenity that to have some money of part can in them to offer in the future, will be more easy to motivate us for this national challenge. If to lose its job in the future, to have some money in an account saving could very be its board of salvation well. This money of the saving will be essential not only for itself, but also for all the ones that depend on itself.

I think that this will be reasons more than what sufficient to start to face the saving as a species of religion and to have much self-discipline at the moment where it will be you give to buy something in its day the day. It is certain that saving it will not be able to have as many corporeal properties or incorporeal (trips, vacation, suppers, espectculos) as it would intend but it will be that this compensates the moments of stress unquitness that will be able to pass when not to obtain to pay the great interests charged for the credits, when to arrive at the end of the month and an unexpected one made with that it did not obtain to pay to all its you divide? It thinks more about what it has, less in what it does not have, in such a way will have little propensity in wanting to buy everything what they impose in them nowadays. With this calamitous state of the economy, the wage to the end of the month is one unreliability month, after month. We live times restless to the world-wide level where a handful of people without conscience without respect for the Humanity tries to increase its richnesses exponentially reaching values without parallel. This makes with that all our lives can be afectadas of one day for the other, as has come to occur. If it wants to be prepared for, the worse optimum one is to yesterday start to save. Blog Personal Credito visits mine, to have more tips of as to straighten its personal finances. Mine I finish article in blog ' ' I credit Rapido and Facil' '.