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Social Networking

Facebook will include the possibility of making lists of friendly, something similar to which it is possible to be realised in his competitor Google +. Also it has been decided to reduce the number of notifications sent to the users by electronic mail. Better publication labelling, filters, location Facebook puts the batteries. Facebook approaches Twitter with a button that allows to follow people who are not friendly. It follows ' ' in the social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti. The social network Facebook presented this week several new features.

Between these is the new version of its tool to make lists of friendly that a style similar to the system presents/displays that offers its competitor of recent Google+ creation, according to announced the company in his blog. The users of Facebook will see appear in their profiles a category of " lists inteligentes" that the own platform will create automatically based on the existing elements common between the friendships, like work, studies, family or city. Also, the social network will give the option of which each person makes her own list of " friendly ntimos" in order to be to the current of everything what they publish in his profile and another one of " conocidos" in that the information will be limited that is received from those contacts. One of the main new features that will arrive at Facebook with this update is " list restringida" with that user, that he will control which of their contacts comprise of her, will only share those messages that determine like public. Facebook offered the possibility that until now each user made his own categories of contacts in his platform, something that, according to recognized east year the company, was being underused. A 5% of the people with account in the social network had solely created a list and this week the product director of the company, Blake Ross, recognized that " to manage lists is boring ".

Professor Carlos Palomeque

Citing to any city, then it is associated to a specific image, since the Guggenheim in Bilbao, until FC Barcelona in Barcelona. What is Salamanca associated? Years ago, there was no doubt: his University. Today, I’m sorry, but the person questioned stranger thinks it is a good time before recognize their ignorance. And it is that the University has become a strange and even alien, element that some tourists remember only his search for the frog on the facade of the older schools. University, its environment, student life and even cultural impregnation that is supposed have disappeared from the urban enclosure with its remoteness to the campus Miguel de Unamuno.

Remembered rightly recently Professor Isabel Nieto in a television conversation in which we agree: the University today is only an appendix almost forgotten by the public. These thoughts come to tell of the task ahead the Professor Carlos Palomeque as coordinator of the 800th anniversary of the University. On the one hand, it is clear, the international projection of the event, as claim, among other things, for greening the old perhaps withered laurels of our antanona academic institution. Now that bread Bologna has helped to unify the University education and to blur their differences in a crowded global academic world, demonstrate, promote and exalt the uniqueness of our University is sine qua non to ensure its future. But there is more. Part of this differentiation, that appeal and that claim stems that the entire city would be a campus, very alien to the current reality situation. Get it or, at least, try to do this approach is a daunting task for Palomeque and his team.

But there is no other. If the University do not overlap in the city and the city not embraces his University, the future of both will be more than bleak. Salamanca, without his University, is not nothing, and the University, without the beautiful receptacle of the city, is comparable to any other same yesterday, housed in conventional concrete buildings.

Second Armenia

Until now, the scientific community, it is ignoririrovalis Armenian-Sumerian dictionary matching. This is surprising for two main reasons. First, because basis is still the dominant theory in the scientific world about the origin of the Armenians Dyakonov, is the statement that if the Armenians were the native inhabitants of the Armenian Highland, the vocabulary of the Armenian language would contain more of the languages of the Semitic learn from those around them Semitic tribes than it is the place to be. Following this logic, we should turn a blind eye to the presence in the Armenian language borrowing from the Sumerian language, but should pay attention to the lack of a sufficient number of borrowings from the younger Semitic languages. The question remains why hang in the air! Second Armenia-Sumerian language sootvetsyatviya found quite unusual manifestations that require special attention, such as Sumerian Utu God meets Armenian number 8 (uth) and the suffix uth shinararuthyun (construction). His sister, the goddess of Innin corresponds to the Armenian number 9 (inn) and the suffix-in shinararin (builder). Sky God An Armenian corresponds denies particle-AN (anhavat-infidel, unbeliever). God of the Moon corresponds to the root of Sin – sin (empty besmyslenny) this snahavat (cueverny believing in nothing), but of the Armenian lusin Moon" is formed from the Sumerian lu people and Sin (the Moon God). As we can see all of these examples have a direct bearing on the one hand to slovobrazovaniyu Armenian language, on the other side of the pantheon of Sumerian gods, that is itself represents a more than remarkable phenomenon that is at least worthy of being subjected to scrutiny …

Choosing The Appropriate Equipment

For individual car – it's like another member of the extended family. Very often, the machine men spend more time than his wife and child. Nieman Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Such dedication is the case only admiration. But what if the car broken? Quickly run and a hundred in the shortest time craftsmen and mechanics to repair cars. Complex failures per hundred will not eliminate the presence of simple pits, lifts and a dozen keys. Here comes into play fairly serious equipment for auto service. After all, any business card is one hundred list of services. That's why the special equipment to buy from major manufacturers.

Who develop devices for computer troubleshooting, identifying significant errors in the engine or other components of the machine. Any customer seeking to troubleshoot or to take measures to prevent as soon as possible. To finally to the question about the repair or diagnosis did not come back for a long period. On STO is possible: to tire service, wheel balancing, technical replacement fluid repair installation or performance check of automobile air conditioners, checking lights, diagnostic electronics. Of course, for such a wide range of activities to high quality specialist equipment. For example, buying a tire mounting equipment for service must necessarily be guided by several factors, most importantly the price of the equipment, the second country producer, the third appearance and ease of operation, well finishing touch quality and reliability of the purchased equipment.

Thanks to the tire mounting equipment for a very fast time is possible to perform assembly and disassembly of tires of cars, and more swapping tires to proper pressure. Acquired high-quality equipment, you can take them to a minor part of the premises, and in very quick time to recoup the cost of equipment. No work on the tire is significantly reduced ratings of any station maintenance of vehicles. The material describes only a small fraction of the questions you need to study the acquisition of specialized equipment. The main task of management station find a middle ground honey quality and price of equipment that was done reasonable investment.


Chronic headache, generalized muscular pain. Modifications in the arterial pressure (hipotenso or hipertenso). Hemoglubinria. Cough, dispnia, taquipnia, cianose. Urticria, redness, edema located or generalized. Badly? to be general, agitation, sensation of heat. Nauseas, vomits, diarria.

Signals of septicemia (fever, severe tremor, hipotermia, cardiac bankruptcy). Anaphylactic shock. 3,7 NURSING ASSISTANCE the assistance of nursing to the givers must be come back mainly to the planning, organization execution of the techniques and activities of nursing offered this clientele, before, during and after the procedure. Being of basic importance for the success of the transfusion. For if dealing with a procedure that is not total exempt of risks, although the all the cares, the transfunsionais reactions can after occur soon the beginning of the transfusion and up to 30 days later.

Of this form, it must be attempted against for some reactions, therefore nor always it is easy to identify them, and to the times they are so light that they pass unobserved. Therefore the patient per 30 minutes of the ending of the transfusion must itself be observed. Therefore, it must be attended and to all guide the giver during the collection process, communicating any alteration and taking measured as protocol, to be verifying vital signals and to write down in the nursing comments is the correct form of if preventing intercorrncia. However if the intercorrncias will be inevitable, the best behavior are to direct it the doctor. 4,0 METHODOLOGY will be carried through in day 22 and 23 of February of 2011 a trot the health to the colleges student of the courses of nursing and fisioterapia that if to make use to donate blood, in the intention to save lives. We will go to give a lecture to the freshmen with it I assist of the date show, videos and sensitization messages, later to carry through a trot to not the givers where they will have that to give a return in the FASB with the posters saying that they are not givers, after the accomplishment of the trot we will go with the givers ties the UNISANG, where they will have a basic feeding before and after the donation.

The Distance

Behavior of objects governed by the laws similar to the law of universal gravitation and Newton's law: – if the two sets of interacting objects, fixed relative to each other at a distance l between themselves, provided that their sizes are small compared with l, then between them there is the attractive force F (kq) (nq) / l 2, where q – process parameter (q = const), k and n – number objects in the collections – if the object moves in space and uniformly a straight line, then the forces acting on it are balanced, and the resultant force is zero – if the object moves along a straight line with constant acceleration a, then it experiences a force F (q / V) (3 / 2) a And (2) is proportional to the acceleration of motion. By comparing (2) with the expression for the second law of mechanics (F = m a) that the inertial mass of an object m (q / V) (3 / 2) is independent of V – Velocity of the object relative to the medium, it is assumed that the physical body, moving with variable velocity v, are composed of objects moving within these bodies with velocity V (own pace) with V>> v. It is important to note the following feature of the behavior of moving objects. If two objects are moving at a speed of V (here V – absolute value of the velocity of the object relative to the environment) along a straight line towards each other or in opposite directions, the force of mutual attraction between them F = Fo C / (C + V), (3) where Fo – the power of mutual attraction of fixed relative to each other's facilities, C – parameter depends the distance between objects (C> 0, decreases with increasing distance between objects).

The Crafts Foman Part Of Our Roots And Are Can Be Converted In A Promising Future

One of the drawbacks for handcrafted products are not striking for the potential buyer, is the deficiency of the quality and the low responsiveness for orders in high or medium quantities. In this we must be sincere, in large part it is true, the lack of training, not having knowledge of the projects that are developed in pro develop and promote the artisanal activity, make those statements a sad reality. But let’s also see what causes the desestimulo of artisans. Develop a completely handicraft product, with the added value that this has, out to the market at a price, for his way of seeing, just and found with surprise that when that product is already known to people, thanks to the work of the artisan, who has put in the work not only do it, but to market it and make it known, comes a product industrialized, with similar characteristics, at a much lower price, with an inevitable result, a craftsman cornered and finishing commercially speaking. Ignorance of the importance of the craft, not only sector It is consumer. Producers of items such as shoes, for example, does not give the importance that are situation that the Italian footwear artisans, facts at hand, if they take the most. Being craftsmen does not imply that we should put aside the benefits that has the technological development, the internet is one of the best showcases for any article and saying any obviously I am including the artisanal sector.

is a page that not only offer craft products, but it offers free advertising for small and medium entrepreneurs in the sector. It is no secret that the biggest problem for a business, is to make it known. Kidney Foundation may find this interesting as well. Our goal is to help you develop that work through this technological tool. Original author and source of the article.

SMB Security Suite

Cybercriminals use Japan disaster for malware trap Schorndorf, March 30, 2011 the sysob distribution partner ( M86 security warns of a new spam campaign that attracts users with topics about the current Japan disaster in the case. (Not to be confused with Boy Scouts of America!). Spammers use social media channels such as Twitter to spread. Contaminated links, which lead to a Web page with a hidden malicious JavScript, are posted here. Follow others, such as Children’s Defense Fund, and add to your knowledge base. Especially in companies, increasingly use the Twitter & co., this spam trap can cause easily considerable damage. The SecureBrowsing of free, based on the M86 secure Web Gateway URL scanner warns workers in advance if a link is infected. The current wave of spam is a large-scale campaign. So among other things Twitter messages are posted and linked to contaminated.

The spam mails or posts topics vary. without scruple, many messages focus however on the recent events in Japan. Following the said links, the user several processes are used: the website provides a malicious JavScript ensure that the PC with a botnet is infected. In addition, a fake anti-spyware software is automatically installed immediately surprised the user with a spyware alert. Reliable malware protection to preserve, offers for SME companies against such dangers M86 via the sysob distribution of IT its SMB Security Suite”for an effective anti-virus and malware protection. This is an IT security concept for companies with up to 500 users.

Anti-spam features on the State guarantee the real-time protection against known as well as unknown email and Web threats. Also, the users can see different antivirus modules can choose. M86 security’s security solutions are as appliances, software or software as a service (SaS) nationwide available. They include features such as URL filtering, Web 2.0 security, anti-malware, anti-virus, SSL inspection, data leakage prevention, content caching, application Control and protection against zero-day attacks. By means of a patented code analysis and behavior-based technologies, the products of data leakage and malware detect in real time.