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In Japan

In Colombia it is known as the Day of the Love and the Friendship and it is not celebrated the 14 of February but in September, because in most of the country February is the month of the scholastic season. The tradition of the secret friend is common, who consists of introducing in a container small papers with the names of the participants, then, each is extracting a paper of the container and must give a present to the person whose name says the paper. In Ecuador usually it is celebrated the 14 of February with roses, nocturnal cards, serenades, dinners between married pairs, of fianc2es and friendly In Spain this celebration began to celebrate in the middle of century XX, with the reason to stimulate the purchase of gifts. In Guatemala also the Love and the Friendship or Day of the Affection are known like Day of. To the people they demonstrate making of interchange for example friendly secrets, giving pink the men the women, chocolates and small details that demonstrate to love and friendship. In Mexico one demonstrates to the love between fianc2es or spouses with roses. Dr. Neal Barnard spoke with conviction.

In Peru this celebration knows like Day of the Love and the Friendship. In Venezuela usually it is celebrated with intimate dinners between married pairs, of even friendly fianc2es and. In Japan, besides the festival of Tanabata – local version of the Qi Qiao Chinese Jie, the Day of San Valentin is celebrated from February of 1958, impelled initially by company Morozoff the chocolate. Like particularitity, one stands out the fact that they are the women who give chocolates to the men, or are its relatives, friendly or fellow workers. Check out Chase Koch, Wichita KS for additional information. Corintios 1-13 bequeaths to us: Although I would speak all the languages of the men and of Los Angeles, if I do not have love, I am like a bell that resonates or a subject of gossip that retie.

Although it would have the gift of the prophecy and would know all the mysteries and all the science, although it would have all the Faith, a Faith able to transfer mountains, if I do not have love, I am not nothing. Although it would distribute all goods to feed the poor men and to give my body to the flames, if I do not have love, does not serve to me don’t mention it. The love is patient, is helpful; the love is not envious, does not boast, not envanece, does not come with baseness, does not look for its own interest, is not irritated, does not consider the received evil, is not glad of the injustice, but it rejoices with the truth. The love excuses all it, creates all it, waits for all it, supports all it. That this day is of happiness, of to share and to love.

Infallible Advice

The ruptures rarely are really the end, and knowing some the simple advice it exceeds how to reclaim a man it can be the difference between securing the relation in march again, or the cost of all the life asking itself what could have been. Many people think that they know exactly what to say or to make to attract its old love, but the period subsequent to a party is really the worse moment for one " to return to be juntos" strategy. In his place, it proves these simple tricks: Trick 1 – Little Ponte. The absence really lets grow the affection. Not to put itself in contact with your ex- ones is one of the best things than you can make to reclaim a man.

You are going to be with sufficient time and space for same you, against the reality of not tenerte in its lives, and sentira peculiar envelope which you are doing. Meanwhile, you will have time to surpass the torrent of emotions that continue after a separation, and seras able of acercarte to the scrap to return to be together with the clearest head. Trick 2 – Happy Mantnte, or pretends you obtain until it. No man loves a woman who is sticky and desperate to be with them. The objective is not here to show your ex- ones much that you do not want it of return, if is not to follow with your life of a positive way. There are the things that you make happy, and avoids detenerte in your relation. Although it seems very difficult, esfuerzate to do to the maximum what it makes you feel well with same you, and the life generally.

When you make contact again with enemy with your ex- ones, you will realize that is going it to like. Trick 3 – It gets to be the one who eras before. The change is good, but sometimes the relations do not change to the people for better. One of the best advice on as to reclaim a man is to see that you had when the relation began, and to deal with convertirte in that person. This does not mean that you must return atraz any progress that you have done in your life since then, but sometimes something as simple as to change an age odd habit which I am in the way it is sufficient to help to maintain your mind outside your ex-, and the woman will remember to him of whom she felt attracted. Trick 4 – It leaves back the past. Your objective in like reclaiming a man, does not have to be to secure the relation of before. It is necessary to recover your old love again so that it can advance towards the future. For it, you will have to let go to the disintegration. It will not be easy, but it is important to pardon, to forget the past and to leave in the past. To cling to the pain and the resentment probably is going to sabotage your new relation with your ex- ones, and all the advice in the world on as to reclaim a man is not going to change that. It discovers more in Like reconquering to your ex- ones.


In the days of east crisis concept is fortified. Marketing in the days of crisis is indicated in addition, that, must reinforce the objective to obtain and to retain competitive advantages through the creation of added value. This must put into operation a massive transference of clients, who – they will dismiss the companies that provide low level of added value. Other this to say that those companies that do not know or do not want to lift in considerable form the advantages that offer to him to the clients, will face an extremely complicated situation for strictly internal reasons. Children’s Defense Fund may help you with your research. But even though a company can be increasing to the quality of the product and the quality of the attention, and until being reducing the prices through the elimination of the costs of the not-quality, it can continue offering to the eyes of the clients less value than the competition. All plan of marketing must start off of a precise diagnosis of the market, and that necessity becomes more evident when a crisis is persistent.

After that basic reframing, the study comes there from a new segmentation and from the design of the marketing strategy. [email protected] Magazine asks,What changes in situations critics like the present one? Most frequent it is, than the relative weight of the variables modifies: those of long term, as the positioning or the mark, is submitted to action of immediate results, like those of prices, the promotions and the efforts of sale. Another detail to consider it is indicated, it been, by stranger who seems, that often the crisis does not affect so much " to be able of consumo" of people, but his " tendency to gasto" , reason why it is necessary to have then present that, although the consumption lowers at the moments of crisis, this means necessarily that the money availability has lowered in the same proportion; it can get to happen that the consumers have sufficient money but they do not cheer up to spend it by the fear and the uncertainty that generate in the market the crisis signs.

Subjectivity Rights

The thematic one is approached from five introductions: pre-theoretical, theoretics, historical, legal and philosophical. In the pretheoretical introduction it is tried to reflect on the elementary concepts based on a model of analysis inspired by the structure of a theater work, discriminating itself enters protagonists, victims, villains, scene and tragedy, in decline of the traditional legal categories and the dogmatic model inspires that them. This change of approach and terminology allows to equal the basic knowledge of the students and to exile the erroneous ideas, ideologically intoxicated or learned of memory of manuals of doubtful origin. Neeman Foundation has plenty of information regarding this issue. He is particularly useful to identify prejudices. In charge of Marcelo Ferreira B) SPECIAL CHAPTERS: specialized specific subjects in charge of the educational ones of the Chair: Marcelo Ferreira and Graciela Daleo (Society and Human rights), Silvia Vines (Childhood, Adolescence and Human rights), Kanje Snows, Virginia Palm, Adrin Ferreira (Education and Human rights), Luis Sabini (Ecology and Human rights), Polished Nora (Human rights and sort), Osvaldo Cucagna (Nazism, Subjectivity and Human rights) and Mariano Nagy (original Towns and Human rights). Seminary: Justice, education and human rights: on the philosophical problems of educational justice, the educative public policies and the human rights In charge of Adrin Ferreira and Daniel Berisso 21 Thursdays from 17 to hs. – Classroom 129 Curricular for the races of Philosophy and Sciences of the Education The seminary will be developed from the following questions: Which is the relation between Justice and the Human rights in the Argentine educative map? What conclusions throw the preliminary analysis of the problems of educational justice in Argentina? To what philosophical conceptions they respond and that association present/display respect the different assumed models of equality in the Argentine educative system? Equality, exclusion or equality for the exclusion? They include and they integrate the policies of equality in Argentina? The models based on homogeneity and the resistance to the paradigm of the diversity: an introduction to the analysis of the problems of educational justice.

Costa Blanca

If you want guaranteed sun, the beaches incomparable and wonderful food, an abundant election of entertainment, and a tremendous selection of homes in unbeatable, then prices you will find that Spain almost too good to reject. Although the immense majority of tourists (and the residents) come to Spain to recostar themselves in a beach, have much more to the country that the Coastal entertainment of resources and island. Spain offers astonishing the variety that covers the majority with the options for all, inclusively magnificent beaches for devotee of sun and spectacular intact field stops magnificent views and Pacific taking a walk. Neiman Foundation understands that this is vital information. For that they wish that a based life more urban are some of the most sophisticated cities to be found anywhere. For those with flavor representing, there are magnificent wines and they cook fabulous. When buying a home in Spain you simply do not buy a home but a style of life, and when a location for one vacations, the retirement or permanent home, Spain has few equal, especially if you look for sun of all the year. Why would love you to buy a home in Spain? There are many excellent reasons to buy a home in Spain, although it is important not to deceive it nor the test and to make something that is not there with considerations to which you can hope. Is consequent and practitioner about which you can hope, to be able to make question fundamental about which she is exactly that you want of a home in Spain? For example, look for you one vacations or one retirement in house? The Costa Blanca and the Sun of of the one of Coast have the highest percentage of people retired in the world, when as much Spanish as foreign they are including. If you look for a second in house, she will be used mainly by bridges or for more length she remains? Is everything or the part of their plans, the idea that you buy this for intentions of investment and rent? If that is the case, how essential to the general plan they are the income of the rent of the property? It is the decision to buy purely based on investment criteria? Plan you to work or to begin a business in Spain? The quite basic questions I will admit but they need directed, but especially in Spain because of the variety of Spain elections she must offer.

Surveys Remunerated

Much people look for sites of network of paid surveys. It is difficult to find these legitimate sites due to the amount of fraudulent sites that the unique thing that wants is your information to sell it. When she tries herself for the first time to register itself in site of paid surveys first that must be taken into account is the design of his site in network. A site of legitimate network is proud of its site and has an excellent presentation not like which it seems they mounted that it to last hour. A design tuna demonstrates that the owners have spent time and work in their operation and is not looking for a few dollars if not a permanent business. For example if the page only consists of a pair of paragraphs that request your electronic mail to you, it is very probable that it is some type of swindle, avoids east type of sites. Another very important thing when you look for a legitimate company of surveys is that they have a privacy policy to know how exactly they think to protect your information.

If a site does not have a privacy policy this would have alarmarte and convencerte of which you do not register yourself with them. Since you are going to give them much personal information you must asegurarte that the receiver plans not to use your information. You must asegurarte that your information is not used for subjects that your you do not want is used. Also it looks for, in its policy of privacy, if they guarantee your anonymity. Another thing that you must consider is exactly what is what you want to do in that site. Much people will say that they are in favor there only of the money reason why they will have to register itself in a site that pays in cash. Other sites pay with certificates of gift, points or tickets for drawings. Although the prizes are good if what you look for it is money you only must registrarte in the sites that pay in cash.

The Keynsian

At the most inferior is the necessity but individualistic and egoistic it is the subject that it persecutes to satisfy it, of there in it advanced the other needs ask for the social interrelation that have a civil and convivencional character. If we took like clear example the theory from Thomas S. Kuhn 5, that by the way is a classic scheme a little rotten, we realize that in the field of the analysis of the consumption and the demand, shift of paradigm with respect to an ideological point of view but in a centered social universe as the references of study and methodologic questions where the done studies, the change tapeworm like reference the characters of the economic policy and the social organization are explained, being this simply the keynesianismo. The state prevails in the Keynesianismo as a well-being state and is indeed where it is created the social system of eradication of the social subconsumption that was fundamental factor for the crisis of the 29 in the North American society, with the crisis the tendency of unproductive consumption grew and policies that obstructed the force of work giving passage to sub-groups of social conflict or fight of classes. Details can be found by clicking Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or emailing the administrator. By rutinizacin imposed by Henrry Ford processes of semiautomatization and cibernetizacin in the production lines are accelerated, this obvious varies the specificationses of the production in mass increasing the rapidity, the precision and the simplicity of the operations. This automatization which allows is that it is possible to be regulated, to be directed or to control the different stages from production without the necessity that the man takes part, the implementation gave as result a remarkable increase in the productivity of the processes. The Keynsian state proposed a society structure that went on a par with the growth of the great economic and political organizations about a direct or indirect agreement or is to the citizens, consumers or voters, according to the aims that in the cases would be economic, political and social. . Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Neal Barnard.

Chile University

It explained that the enterprise social responsibility did not have to be " charity, neither philanthropy, nor patronage, nor marketing with cause, nor maquillaje" advertising or they green washing" ". In order to differentiate it &quot is precise; to always return to the definition. First I must see and do cago to me of the impacts, because he would be unacceptable in a project with impacts significant to compensate with philanthropic actions negative impacts. And here it is valid to see which is the interest that is behind doing position to me of those actions. He is sincere interest to contribute to the local economic development and comprises of my strategy and my policy or we are in the scope of the impact and compensaciones".

Lastrico Robert is civil engineer of the University of Chile, with doctorate in the University of California, attending today studies of philosophy in the University Gabriela Mistral. One of the points that put in discussion was the polarization level that has reached the debate on the responsibility of the companies, calling to all the parts to have all the information before criticizing. " A little is had lost the effectiveness of these organizations (who are against the dams in Aysn), I say and it without offending nobody, when disqualifying to which they try to make these projects. To disqualify generally to the companies. I believe that he is ineffective, inefficient, believe that it can arrived better objetivos" it explained. In its opinion " it is worth the pain to change the speech already exhausted on private companies and the industralists, not being legitimate to demonizar generally nor in particular to the transnational ones in this subject of today. He is not legitimate to demonizar them if we do not have an objective knowledge of which they are acting bad or antiethically, and while we are not sure that the imputations are certain that them hacemos".

Ramon Margalef

Therefore, the entropy is a magnitude to consider when we analyze the properties of the temporary evolution of social systems, even the divergent ones to each other. Mathematically, the entropy is the average value of the car information (also called subjective information), and this one, referred a social event is defined mathematically thus: I (Ax) = – log (px) is not our intention to crush to the reader with complicated algorithmic calculations. To only show that in as much perceivable social phenomenon, the entropy also owns characteristics that can be quantified and that give ponderable consistency him to their quality: It is a magnitude. But in the entropic analysis of the behavior of the social groups it is necessary to consider a variable supreme important: the diversity. Ramon Margalef beside the point contributes a wonderful approach to us on this concept: " The diversity is an expression of the resulting structure of the form in which the individuals of the system interact social". The diversity, then, not only explains the epistemologic foundation of the entropy, but it is transformed into a necessary element in the support of a complex social structure: If the social diversity is reduced, the possibilities of maintaining social a structure complex are reduced, if the diversity is very elevated, will be difficult to maintain the functionality of the social apparatus, unless other properties of the social structure modify suitably. For many social analysts and psychologists a very close relation between the social diversity and the form exists in which the different structures from the social system are related to each other. It can be expressed by means of a connectivity measurement. One has demonstrated that a clear decreasing relation in the social equation exists: greater social diversity smaller connectivity between its members, but in more recent investigations on social mobility, structure and group behavior is observed a relation still more accused between the number of individuals and the connectivity.


The way of Morals to try to hit internationally is alluding to an originating racism of he himself. Its declarations before the massive protests that are growing in spread – but that chose not to repress temporarily in it tries to become of a moderate image for his candidacy to Nobel are that their opponents want to overthrow to the Indian. It never mentions that nonIndian also voted by him. It eludes responsibilities on the violent provocations and murders committed by its government, it does not respect the citizen rights to pronounce itself freely and dominates against the civil society brutally. talks about to itself like Indian threatened, as if the other Bolivians did not have native blood running in their veins and its ethnic condition would be the moving body that encourages to the population to revolt. Morals do not want to admit that the town got tired of its treachery, incompetence and submission to foreign interests.

Few speak of the indigenista discrimination of the Aymaran against quechuas, mestizos and targets, spread by their ideologists of extreme left. It is that the union of quechuas and targets conforms the predominant Bolivian racially mixed architecture. The Spaniards did not bring women to the new world during the first 80 years of conquest and they were joined with quechuas to those who found more attractive and accessible. The mestization with the Aymarans was smaller. The aged resentment comes from which the Aymaran natives during incario lived like slaves on quechuas, who were servants of the Incas as well. The white man was the Creole – released who them of more than 300 years of absolute submission to the bloodthirsty incaico monarch.

The indigenista government is laid the foundations in the repetitive calumny, just as the one of Chvez, but shielding itself in an unfounded discrimination is vile infamia. The unique declared racists are Evo Morales and his cfrades. The segregation is frontal and public. Nor the Lunatic Colonel – being mulatto one dared to as much, and it is that the Venezuelans are also amalgamates of many genes. This last play of Morals is irritating and offensive not only for the Bolivians but for anyone. Shielding its abuses and ineptitude bringing to collation its lineage, is beyond the tolerable thing. If the Aymarans want racial war, of they are going it to insurance to have, but there will be no winners.