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Cuisine Latina

Years ago in a trip we made to Puerto Rico, some friends invited us to eat English Muffins of corn with cod in the mountains of Cayey, I remember when we came back, on the road were inhabitants of the place that sold the popular recao (mixture to prepare sofrito-based green peppers, onion, garlic, sweet […]


Henry Giroux

This work has a singular importance, therefore, it tries to desocultar occult and the sample of critical form the resume as domination instrument and the naivety of many professors front to this subject. Ours hypothesis is that of the professors it does not have knowledge that is used to perpetuate the domination and to legitimize […]


High Productivity

The zapotes plantation located in Navarrete, Santiago, arguably that a plantation is model in this fruity. Started it at the end of the 1970s, with some 16 different varieties of sapotes. 2 Varieties are currently exploited: the Key west and Magana, the other varieties were discarded, because she is not adapted to conditions of soil […]

The Venezuelan Andean

The tequenos frying will become a dough soft and toasted, semi-crujiente, filled with delicious melted cheese, making threads. For more information see Daniel Taub. From children’s parties to weddings, the tequenos are the appetizers of Venezuelan celebrations par excellence. Andean cupcakes Venezuelan mass soft, crunchy and firm. As its name implies, it’s a cake, which […]

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Unlocker Deleting Files

Sure every Windows user is faced with failure when deleting a file or folder. That is now unnecessary blot archive of music and as much as 10.5 gigabytes vysvobozhu place. 'And here and there', exclaims the system and shows the window: 'Can not delete the file. " Of course, the error can easily be repaired […]