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Head Department Business

All-Russian public organization "Business Russia". Committee of the Federal Council of intersectoral financial directors and chief accountants. 21dekabrya 2010 in the "Gallery of Modern Art and Design" was held first round table of the Committee FMOS financial directors and chief accountants. By "Business Russia" with a welcoming speech made by: Nikolai Ostarkov – Managing Director of National Public organization "Business Russia", Vladimir L. Liulin – Director of Development-Russian public organization "Business Russia"; Dahnovsky Andrey, Chairman of the Finance Committee (Committee for financial directors and chief accountants) All-Russian public organization "Business Russia." Chief Financial Officer Group Domite.

Member of the Board of Directors of the industrial complex Domite. The main Committee goals for the near future were announced: – Legislation. Formed a real opportunity to the professional community to participate in the modernization of the Russian tax system, reduction of accounting standards to international standards and creating an enabling financial environment for business. – Finding and attracting capital to the Committee. Managing Director of the organization "Business Russia", Ostarkov Nicholas, confirmed the relevance of the functioning of this committee: "We need professional proposals to update legislation.

Business Russia is discussing a wide range of issues related to business. A lot of controversy due to the incompatibility of the laws and the declared principles of business development in our country. We hope that the Committee will develop a literate and detailed projects. "Business Russia" will bring these initiatives to the public authorities, and monitor the implementation of these proposals. " During the discussion, the roundtable participants supported the idea of the Committee. Jointly agreed The provisions of the development activities of the Committee, which will include, inter alia, a description of the membership. Also recognized the need to develop regulations for working out proposals handed down by optimization and adjustment of legislation. The round table highlighted the following issues: Introduction of the Russian Federation to the WTO: the potential benefits and losses for small and medium-sized businesses. Rapporteur made executive director Zavarykin OM In discussing the Head of the WTO, Ministry of Economic Development Cherekaev M. informed the participants about the possibility of inquiries from entities to the Ministry of Economic Development for information on what impact a particular entity will Russia's accession to the WTO. Encumbrance in the building. Speaker was Andronov MY , Head Department of "Audit-Escort." Were raised important issues about the additional commitments (encumbrances) of the builder, which affect the ultimate value of the property. Sounded and was supported by proposal on an initiative amending the relevant legislation in order to specify the order of interaction of developers and local samoupravleniya.Do present at the round table had been brought information that the Committee has initiated a five amendments to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service. This press release is allowed to freely publish in the media, on websites and electronic newsletters.

Comment: With HANA Faster Decide

Einzelbrachtung decides on use your name may mislead a bit – he stands for a combination of hardware and software that can do more than the name suggests. The speech is of SAPs in-memory appliance and the warranties are enormous: more profitable business will be, more speed in the faster provision of information from the study of large amounts of data in optimized IT costs – so that guarantee with the goal to provide processes with data in near real time. The combination makes the difference to achieve this speed, all components have been matched. Hardware-side technologies leading manufacturer to use, specially certified for HANA come. On the software side, the appliance uses an in-memory database that combines information from the ERP and analytics world.

HANA replaced conventional approaches, involving ERP and analytics data had to be merged in a data warehouse and converted for the analyses, by their system. Only this interaction ensures that perfect conditions that result in an editor. Different application possibilities of the in-memory appliance with SAP business one use are basically various possibilities into account. In parallel is a HANA – database on the side of the already-driven database and used. In another scenario, the old database is omitted entirely.

All systems are supported by the HANA database and its components. In addition, recently also the possibility to use HANA products from the cloud for or against getting an individual decision for companies that are already using BI solutions, SAPs in-memory appliance can be a real editor. “Users should now but succumb not the thrill of speed and rushing things dedicated to in-memory technology concepts”, warns Reinhard Oborski, Managing Director at bob systemlosungen, to the vision. “First the existing IT landscape should existing speed brakes to be examined and improved” recommends He. In the case of medium-sized companies, which ruminate on first use of business analysis or ERP solutions, the HANA-appliance and SAP can be business one a way. In the calculation also new hardware must be charged for in addition to license fees and maintenance fees. The in-memory technology independently lead business analytics and ERP projects usually also in the procurement of new hardware. Independently davin coming variation of introduction of into consideration, one applies, however, all HANA scenarios corresponding to: where must be large amounts of data quickly investigated and found fact based decisions, the HANA appliance reveals all her strength. About bob systemlosungen SAP certified partner bob system solutions for more than 20 years successful IT projects for companies of all sectors performs. Erftstadt in Cologne from manages and advises bob international companies in addition to customers in the German-speaking area too. The focus is on the design and optimization of Business processes through the use of holistic and integrated solutions based on SAP products. Also develops and distributes its own products bob systemlosungen. In addition to a software for the multichannel, bob offers applications for managing customer service and sales, controlling, as well as solutions for the public administration and non-profit organisations trade and cash register systems. Well-known customers rely on the services of bob system solutions. More info bob systemlosungen bob Bochmann & Oborski GmbH Bernhard Adebisi Marketing Manager Max-Planck-str. 10 D-50374 Erftstadt Tel: + 49 2235 92302-520 fax: + 49 2235 92302-310 E-Mail:

The Cooperators

As a result of specific problematic temporary space, gave beginning to precarious organizational forms sorted around simple principles as serian free cooperation, mutual aid, fair play, and the always ready, they were associations of individuals and neighbours in territorial terms. In such cases the affection societatis, was and is a tangible reality. Considered these, associations of first grade, they begin to grow in complexity. These quantitative growth, could assume two addresses or both simultaneously. On the one hand they increase at least geometric shape, its physical members. On the other hand they would begin to appear organizations of higher grades. Thus associations of second, third, four and up to point would appear degree.

So say the Organization of first grade of numerous persons physical and the second or more grade, end up burocratizando with all the features we aim here. Although lay in the matter, we believe that the foregoing has enough to do with the concept of institutionalization, as is the Psychiatry and psychology used it in their multiple schools. These processes with different specifications is taking place in our America. The range of the known as entities of well I public, now rediscovered as NGOs or third Sector, are known for our lands. Clubs sporting and social, mutuals, cooperatives, boys scouts. cooperating, they enliven the life of our medium and small oblations, as well as in rural areas. The principle of fair play powered sports clubs; free cooperation powered cooperatives, of the mutual aid mutuals and the always ready, the boys scouts. These institutions and others, as the cooperators (school, hospital, police), work in permanent interaction with municipalities and alcadias and particularly of primary (or Elementary) and even high schools or middle schools. In our America, this has been happening at least since the last third of the last century. Many times these conjunctions of institutions either public, municipalities and elementary schools, are giving concrete answers mas alla of schemes of general application in the field of the statements.