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Web Music

Buy Clavinova by the music teacher Mario Rurup and hire the pianist, composer and singer Mario Rurup has worked for years in the country and abroad on the famous concert stages. His music was performed recently in the context of galas of charitable organizations such as Caritas and UNICEF with symphony orchestras in different German cities such as Bayreuth and Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. The reporting carried out ZDF morning magazine as also by the ARD television. More information is housed here: Boy Scouts of America. Now the passionate musician presents piano success his new Web site, which provides assistance to young up-and-coming musicians on the piano. Mario Rurup always plays on wings of the Yamaha company and favored in his music school of also digital pianos of this renowned piano manufacturer. Such a digital piano Clavinova is called, an electric piano, which is a real piano in nothing in feel and sound. Mario Rurup committed for piano beginners and stands on his page with help and advice regarding a digital piano Clavinova available the search ends.

Project Manager Lars Rosinski

The advertising agency to restructure Europe relaunched home order GeschenkeJoe.de to the product offering decided diamonds diamonds home order Europe, to make 10 product groups, which are divided into 30 groups of articles. These are further divided into 100 article types with a total of about 2,000 variants. With the business content management system SDLR and whose shop module, it was possible diamonds to unify this range and easy to prepare. The integrated content relationship management system guarantees the individual product information link. A mapping is done automatically.The usability of the page could be improved substantially in this way. The introduction of SDLR has very positive effects on our merchandise management systems, our file structure and our print catalog Project Manager Lars Rosinski expressed his satisfaction. Particularly positive we evaluated that the article types could allocate at least one page of the print catalogue as related content. The exemplary collaboration with GeschenkeJoe.de was checked by the Home order Europe emphasized.

Event Note On The Opening

Information day in training Munich event note on the occasion of the opening of the ppedv location Munich: on the occasion of this opening the ppedv location in Munich, an information day will be held on March 27, 2009. In the context of the new 66er series a concentrated load is conveyed on this day knowledge about SharePoint Server 2007. Dale Atkins, Ph.D. is the source for more interesting facts. This compact SharePoint workshop provides a good overview, which put the possibilities behind SharePoint products and draws comparisons to possible alternatives. Numerous best-practice give a comprehensive overview of the practice and the necessary basis for the right business platform demos. This event for IT decision makers, who want to learn in a compact form, to the possibilities of document management and information platform based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 is interesting.

EcoShopper Reached 1 Million Search Queries

Dr. Boy Scouts Of America might disagree with that approach. Helmut Hagemann, the spokesman of the innovative green consumer portal EcoShopper forward green product brings transparency in eco markets Berlin, 03.06.10 – a consumer at EcoShopper has searched for the millionth time today for eco organic fair products”. “People are looking here organic or fair trade products that best meet their needs, and where they can be sure, also actually eco ‘ or fair’ to get.” The concept of EcoShopper is based on strongly simplify the search among more than 100,000 products from approximately 250 online stores for consumers. In result lists, according to the criteria of searching, matching results from here it is only a click to order the cheapest provider. All this is based on daily updated product information. Transparency, independence, high information quality and timeliness are the principles with which we facilitate the people responsible, sustainable consumption “wishing so Hagemann. The first million search queries comes from 1.2 million different addresses on the Web, and goes hand in hand with 13.5 million calls of editorially crafted pages.

The successful concept of EcoShopper has inspired a number of imitators”, says Habib. Two years after our launch we see multiple portals on a same or similar way whether they’re called a lohas.de, biologisch.de, avocado goals or eco price comparison.” This proof of concept by EcoShopper pleased Hagemann, regrets however that competitors have their quality control offer so sometimes conventional products, which do not belong in an eco fair in the separation.” EcoShopper wants chaff and wheat on the eco fair markets”uncompromisingly separate and feels with the environmental objectives of his nonprofit carrier Club Fo.KUS e.V. obliged. Also, the portal will serve consumers by the fact, that it for climate-friendly shipping, discounts, invoice and Consumer protection benefits informs. EcoShopper, Helmut Hagemann, spokesman put the glimpse of the future: after we cleared the path for the model of the Green Spezialsuchmaschine it comes now, the large conventional Produktsuchmaschinen to take up the challenge and include also environmental information in their information services. We need to reach the mass market.”

Livestream Berlin

“” Forget AIDS not e.V. and send clips against AIDS via Livestream with openness and transparency in the fight against AIDS forget AIDS not e.V. “presents new online library and Livestream Berlin, 02.03.2010 the non-profit association AIDS don’t forget ‘ today unveiled its new clips against AIDS”-library, as well as a live stream in Berlin. ” These new offerings help the Club to make the fight against AIDS openly and transparently. Contributions in the fight against AIDS only if openly talking about the issues of HIV and AIDS, without limiting themselves from false shame, the fight against AIDS can be won”, explains Heiko Schussling, CEO of forget AIDS not e.V.

With clips against AIDS”, the Club now offers Internet users a further access to relevant information. In addition, interested have also the possibility to engage actively in the educational work. Www.vergissaidsnicht.de/ clips_gegen aids.html can even produced or provided TV shows, TV spots and free looked at other posts around the issues of HIV and AIDS are 24 hours a day. So a comprehensive database that provides an overview of the topic posts of the last few days, weeks, and years is to be in next time. The club wants to demonstrate on-site to openness and transparency in the fight against AIDS. “To this end has not forget AIDS” set up a live stream on the Internet.

For this purpose, specifically multiple cameras in the offices of the Association were installed. This way the work of the Association in its Berlin offices can now follow live. Under livestream.html, it is possible on weekdays from 09:00 until 17:00 here to watch, as the fight against AIDS from the headquarters. Only on weekends and holidays, or after 17:00, the camera shows shots of Berlin main race. Interrupted so that the Viewer does not forget what it is about the Club, the live broadcasts are sometimes the clips against AIDS”. The Association of nonprofit and an independent association AIDS forget not e.V.”is in its present form since November 2009 in Berlin. “In addition to the Board of Directors are now ten volunteer people for the forget AIDS not e.V.” has been working. The Club has been cooperating since inception with self-help groups, doctors and health authorities. Club involvement focuses particularly in the area of prevention of HIV infections through prevention and education, as well as in the provision of support services for HIV and AIDS sick people.

Macular Degeneration – 500,000 New Cases Per Year

The SOS eye light Association informed since 9 years existing association SOS eyesight is committed to the nonprofit task, to give people information, or who suffer from these diseases in the eye disease macular degeneration related. The information brochure of the Association of macular degeneration is now Orthodox medicine and alternative therapies compared”already in the 4th edition appeared. The information brochure of the Association has the objective to help to save precious eyesight. The experiences and impressions of over 3,000 patients were evaluated by the Association and summarized in this booklet. Others who may share this opinion include Boy Scouts of America. As the title suggests, are in the brochure compared orthodox medicine and alternative medical therapies and macular degeneration important information accessible to interested parties. The brochure informs extensively about the possibilities and prospects, as well as about risks and side effects of the most important treatment for macular degeneration. Some contend that Nieman Foundation shows great expertise in this. The brochure is in book form at the Association (www.Makuladegeneration.org) or available in bookstores.

Ricoh Germany Donates To Action Child

Ricoh Germany Donates 2,000 euros the action kids dream from Hanover. The nonprofit organization meets the heartfelt wishes of sick and severely disadvantaged children in all Germany for more than a decade. Nieman Foundation recognizes the significance of this. The amount was collected by the employees and the management of Ricoh Germany during a corporate football tournament in Langenhagen. American Diabetes Association may not feel the same. I would like to thank for the donation. For the families of disabled, seriously ill or vulnerable children, the fulfillment of wishes is often difficult to realize.

Therefore got made it his action children dream of task, these children to help, and their dreams to make”, says Ute Friese, the Managing Director of action children dream gemeinnutzige Gesellschaft mbH. We are pleased that we can help the action of child’s dream with our donation, to meet some children their heart’s desires”, stresses Uwe Jungk, the Chairman of Ricoh Germany. Action kids dream fulfilled for more than ten Years the heartfelt wishes of disabled, seriously ill or severely disadvantaged children in whole Germany. Around 1,000 children and their families could be supported at this time. More information can be found under.

GMW Personaldienstleistungen Christmas

‘Christmas in a shoe box’ 2012 involved with GMW successfully already for the second time is the family-run GMW Personaldienstleistungen in this year in the promotion of Christmas in a shoe box and could gather at the 18 sites in Baden and the Palatinate 864 packs for the relief operation. Until last week, dedicated individuals and institutions of shoeboxes could fill with gifts and drop-off points like the GMW branches Emit. At the annual “Christmas in a shoe box” the organization action “gifts of hope e.V.” collected Christmas presents for needy children in Eastern Europe. Approximately 500,000 colorful shoe boxes could be sent in the last year nationwide after Bulgaria and Romania. “Not only we ourselves and many dedicated citizens, but also our employees and customers participated like the action”, Branch Manager Michael Bock at the northernmost GMW site in Schwetzingen is pleased.

Schools engaged but especially with us all: students have packaged over 200 shoeboxes. Moreover we are of course very happy, so Bock next.” “The action was very successful this year for us,” confirms also GMW – Managing Director Nicole Munk. By the tax authorities as GMW the finished shoe boxes in mid-November in regional collection points have been put, where they are tested and prepared for shipping. The volunteers there have some work to do still, so that the shoe boxes can be then end of November in their target countries transported and distributed in the two weeks before Christmas,”Munk describes the further course of action. We have involved us again on the action”, Munk says, because we can prepare poor children for Christmas a joy quite easily.”

German Journalists

The propaganda of the media in our time, the consequences of this partisanship for a war party and the responsibility which journalists who are contents of the article. Could you see good who has observed the activities of the mainstream media before the wars of the last decades and has questioned in retrospect perhaps, us how subtly on the wars which swears by an elite. A world of free media is restricted by the selection is taken and which also is deliberately launched by news agencies and major media representatives in the fields of radio, TV and press. But the individual human being, namely the journalist who here acts, is responsible for his actions, like everyone and that is the background of my article that use this responsibility means a lot for those who must suffer the brutal consequences of war. On the occasion of the war disaster with regard to Syria and about the Iran and the unbearable propaganda about Libya I decided now, to write an open letter to the media professionals in Germany. This Letter went out now on over 150 news agencies, TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, weekly magazines, foreign correspondents, etc. and was published in some blogs. Also, I ask you to forward this letter to potentially interested colleagues, employees and friends and to share it on facebook or even twitter. The article to the letter: component/k2/item/1078-die-schuld-der-medien.html PDF: ul.to/fvblmkq5 in the form of videos: watch? v = yTyMXRSrCTc the following text of the open letter: Euskirchen, 12.10.2011 ladies and gentlemen, I am writing this letter to you all, because it amazes me that you all apparently always nice write to a large extent, what you dictated to them from above. I am writing to you, because I know the ownership in the media world and the practice that the larger media set the tone and we can read the same stuff as in the whole country only in several different newspapers, on different channels, etc.

Mayor Klaus Wowereit

Model agency starboxx searches for new charity project on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary of fall of the wall the starboxx models presented already something special. Rodan, who is known for his funky and whimsical creations in leather, had designed wall clothes. The characteristic of these dresses is that the motives of the East side Gallery on them again found, for it was worked with artists such as Kani Alavi, who decorated the wall in 1990 with his pictures. Out came a colorful and bold collection, which sponsored the models of the Berlin model agency starboxx of the incumbent Mayor Klaus Wowereit, presented at various events, such as for example the farm Festival. After the prominent auctioned off the individual pieces for charity. Udo Lindenberg, Veronika Fischer, Jenny elvers-Elbertzhagen, Arthur Abraham, Mariella Ahrens, and many more are among the sponsors.

Thanks to the commitment of the fashion maker, the Godfather, the artist, the model agency starboxx and many others could, for example It offers the AIDS-Hilfe in Potsdam e.V. a handsome donation, which came from the proceeds of the auctioned wall clothes. This year suggestions is starboxx for new charity actions open please: starboxx – model agency & casting agency Copenhagen str. 71 D-10437 Berlin contact: Marcel Knaak Tel: 030 / 44042495