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GMW Personaldienstleistungen Christmas

‘Christmas in a shoe box’ 2012 involved with GMW successfully already for the second time is the family-run GMW Personaldienstleistungen in this year in the promotion of Christmas in a shoe box and could gather at the 18 sites in Baden and the Palatinate 864 packs for the relief operation. Until last week, dedicated individuals […]


German Journalists

The propaganda of the media in our time, the consequences of this partisanship for a war party and the responsibility which journalists who are contents of the article. Could you see good who has observed the activities of the mainstream media before the wars of the last decades and has questioned in retrospect perhaps, us […]



The Pop-Up display in the world of fashion in the world of fashion, focus GERRY WEBER clothing, acting as a vertical system provider. In addition to the wholesale business, the company is also increasingly on its own and franchise-run retail business. Now there are shop faces, 560 HOUSES of GERRY WEBER, as well as successful […]

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Mayor Klaus Wowereit

Model agency starboxx searches for new charity project on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary of fall of the wall the starboxx models presented already something special. Rodan, who is known for his funky and whimsical creations in leather, had designed wall clothes. The characteristic of these dresses is that the motives of the […]


Active Volunteers, Godparents In Germany Tenfold

You give your time for a better future of a child or an adolescent. Active volunteers, godparents give your time to be a child or young people from a disadvantaged social layer through regular contact with support and encouragement. You are taught by local non-profit agencies interested ‘sponsored ‘children and their parents. In a question-answer […]


Not Only On St. Martin: Animal Board Collects Mild Gifts

Start your animal sign Germany e.V. “1 Christmas euro” Telethon lantern, lantern, Sun, moon, and stars. And don’t forget the animals! Day is thinking about at the today’s Saint of Martins – it like the tradition – the good in the people. Not only for Saint Martin of tours in the fourth century, but also […]


Frankfurt Roos

Big anniversary in the Hessian town of old this year celebrates its 40th anniversary the Roos freizeitanlagen GmbH with headquarters in old town (near Frankfurt am Main). Since 1973 the Roos for solar pool heating, high quality and Know-How in the field of swimming pool construction stands. Developed in the early years of the company […]


3B Scientific In Hungary Celebrates 20th Anniversary

3B scientific Europe is one of the most important production sites within the group. Marketing and sales aimed at a variety of Eastern European and Central Asian countries. Hamburg/Budapest, August 2013 – these days 3B scientific Europe commits Kft. the 20th anniversary. This as Biocalderoni Kft.”well-known companies was group outside Germany in 1993 to the […]


Nehring Association

Berger: VDI has the district Club promoted after the reunification growing together Germany’s persistent Berlin-Brandenburg of the Association of German engineers (VDI) celebrates on Sunday the 60th anniversary of its re-founding after the second world war. The official entry in the register of associations dated on January 24, 1950. VDI had been dissolved by law […]