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Event Note On The Opening

Information day in training Munich event note on the occasion of the opening of the ppedv location Munich: on the occasion of this opening the ppedv location in Munich, an information day will be held on March 27, 2009. In the context of the new 66er series a concentrated load is conveyed on this day […]


EcoShopper Reached 1 Million Search Queries

Dr. Boy Scouts Of America might disagree with that approach. Helmut Hagemann, the spokesman of the innovative green consumer portal EcoShopper forward green product brings transparency in eco markets Berlin, 03.06.10 – a consumer at EcoShopper has searched for the millionth time today for eco organic fair products”. “People are looking here organic or fair […]


Livestream Berlin

“” Forget AIDS not e.V. and send clips against AIDS via Livestream with openness and transparency in the fight against AIDS forget AIDS not e.V. “presents new online library and Livestream Berlin, 02.03.2010 the non-profit association AIDS don’t forget ‘ today unveiled its new clips against AIDS”-library, as well as a live stream in Berlin. […]


Macular Degeneration – 500,000 New Cases Per Year

The SOS eye light Association informed since 9 years existing association SOS eyesight is committed to the nonprofit task, to give people information, or who suffer from these diseases in the eye disease macular degeneration related. The information brochure of the Association of macular degeneration is now Orthodox medicine and alternative therapies compared”already in the […]


Ricoh Germany Donates To Action Child

Ricoh Germany Donates 2,000 euros the action kids dream from Hanover. The nonprofit organization meets the heartfelt wishes of sick and severely disadvantaged children in all Germany for more than a decade. Nieman Foundation recognizes the significance of this. The amount was collected by the employees and the management of Ricoh Germany during a corporate […]


GMW Personaldienstleistungen Christmas

‘Christmas in a shoe box’ 2012 involved with GMW successfully already for the second time is the family-run GMW Personaldienstleistungen in this year in the promotion of Christmas in a shoe box and could gather at the 18 sites in Baden and the Palatinate 864 packs for the relief operation. Until last week, dedicated individuals […]


German Journalists

The propaganda of the media in our time, the consequences of this partisanship for a war party and the responsibility which journalists who are contents of the article. Could you see good who has observed the activities of the mainstream media before the wars of the last decades and has questioned in retrospect perhaps, us […]



The Pop-Up display in the world of fashion in the world of fashion, focus GERRY WEBER clothing, acting as a vertical system provider. In addition to the wholesale business, the company is also increasingly on its own and franchise-run retail business. Now there are shop faces, 560 HOUSES of GERRY WEBER, as well as successful […]

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Mayor Klaus Wowereit

Model agency starboxx searches for new charity project on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary of fall of the wall the starboxx models presented already something special. Rodan, who is known for his funky and whimsical creations in leather, had designed wall clothes. The characteristic of these dresses is that the motives of the […]


Active Volunteers, Godparents In Germany Tenfold

You give your time for a better future of a child or an adolescent. Active volunteers, godparents give your time to be a child or young people from a disadvantaged social layer through regular contact with support and encouragement. You are taught by local non-profit agencies interested ‘sponsored ‘children and their parents. In a question-answer […]