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Nonprofit Associations

The Berlin specialist for association management Friedemann Rojahn serves non-profit organizations for over 20 years. Berlin, may 28, 2010 – the Berlin specialist for association management Friedemann Rojahn supervised nonprofits for over 20 years. With skill and diligence he ensures his clients legally clean, transparent and efficient settlement of donations and public grants. Donation is a matter of trust. This applies even for prominent people, as Alice Schwarzer on the basis of Metun & can affair recently painfully learned. Non-profit associations through their years of persistent social work, which has already become an indispensable part of public social services acquire this precious confidence socially engaged people. Many organizations are finding themselves through the current negative headlines around two large Berlin social institution of discredited threatened. In addition, they fear a significant overhead by future sharper controls of their use of funds.

These to cope with the additional administrative overhead, can be problematic especially for volunteer-run clubs. “Trust is good, control is better so could the guiding principle by Friedemann Rojahn, owner of the GmbH” are within the current discussion. CDF is often quoted on this topic. The trained merchant distinguished by expertise: Often several volunteer share the management tasks. These include the areas of finance and management of Member data in a hand. “Only in this way, the necessary control is possible otherwise funds often lost the Club.” From this and other administrative shallows, the preserves GmbH”non-profit organizations for over 20 years, of the equestrian Association of kindergartens up to cooperatives of the Knights Hospitaller. While the administrative specialist throws his considerable expertise to vereins – and tax issues in the pan.

Of course, we replace not the counsel or tax adviser, but we can alert the Board to, when the corresponding advice recommended is”, says Rahul. This special knowledge are there in particular, that the boards of non-profit associations can benefit from. All too quickly, an administrative error into a legal nightmare for its Board of directors personally liable can grow out? We relieve especially volunteers at the administrative tasks. If the Association Management runs effectively and legally correctly, there can be no rude awakening due to formal error, who sneak out of ignorance or lack of time”, RAI performs. The bandwidth is large: modern database technology facilitates the member management, postal mailings to members to be done with the in-house inserting in a fraction of the time. A complete “Office services” to the approval of the Board will be installed upon request. Capacities are released, Board members can concentrate on content, faster to recognize critical situations and cope better. Thus they sustain that even in difficult times survival trust of their private and public sponsors. “About the GmbH” Friedemann Rojahn, managing partner of GmbH, has specialised for more than 20 years on the management of clubs. This includes among other things the training as an office clerk, training to the programmers of databases and regular participation in continuing education in the areas of: financial controlling and liquidity planning bookkeeping and accounting law and taxes in the Club payroll and payroll visits you also our Web page: for more information GmbH please contact on management for associations c/o the Web pilot wife Snezana Kocijancic Tel: + 49 30 3195 44 74 fax: + 49 30 3195 44 75 E-mail:


It is always a good time to travel the world, experience new cultures, or simply leave the Office for a good period of time. It is possible that you sewing not more at your workplace, that have decided to look for something better, or that directly does not work today. Gain insight and clarity with Taking Control of Your Diabetes. So take advantage of these nest egg and travels the world, to clarify your ideas knowing something more interesting than the four walls that surround you. To choose the perfect destination should keep in mind several things: If you prefer to go to a place where you feel at home, where talk your language, or go to an area where you feel like an alien, to enjoy a completely different culture, in search of a great challenge. If your budget is limited, you have to think far you can stretch it. Another issue is security, even if you are travelling in a group.

Before you go, investigates a little about the site you want to visit and find out how to travel safely. Some countries have more risks that others, and take simple precautions mark difference between good or bad memories. These are some of our best selections, a mixture of known places and other more unusual and exotic, lost to the world. Gives equal what corner need, there is a place in the world for you! Thailand Thailand offers many opportunities, since your degree of diving up to work with wild animals, like monkeys and elephants. In addition, many rural provinces are demanding volunteer teachers for working with groups of all ages.There you will find beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches of crystal clear waters, good food, and good atmosphere of nightlife, where you practice your English. Search for cheap flights to Bangkok. Australia when you arrive in Australia, probably flying to Sydney or Melbourne, probably will find at least one part-time job.

Pertaining Deficiency

Current literature it shows all this problematic of learning caused with the deaf people. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dale Atkins, Ph.D.. The analyses had disclosed given important regarding the factors that contribute for the evasion of the deaf pupils, that is, that they cause the pertaining to school imbalance of the same ones are: the deficiency in the capacity to present a voluntary reply to one I stimulate sonorous, as well as, the difficulties that have in detecting the differences and similarities in the perceived sounds; the deficiency in storing and evoking the auditory material; by means of the one gamma of presented sounds simultaneously, the lack of legal capacity to select one I stimulate sonorous significant; the lack of analyzes auditory that it mentions sonorous the information received and the sequence auditory, factor that depends on the memory, since, it is the capacity to remember the orders of the item in sequence. One notices that the analyzed pupils, most have since its birth the hearing deficiency, that is, congenital deafness. Therefore, the dificultador element in the development of the deaf person, equal etrios levels or fellow creatures to the one of children listeners of the same age, are the assistencialista behavior of many families listeners who not yet perceive the deafness of its children as a cultural difference. Literature sample that is important that the family must accept the deficiency auditory of its children, therefore, the necessary deaf child to receive love, understanding, so that it obtains to win its limitations imposed for the deficiency. The pupils in question, the majority meet in the degree of deafness above of 90 dB, that it is the deep deafness.

Ahead of this, exactly, they feel difficulties to express itself, causing a blockade in the communication. So that it knows the word, and important that, first, the world is understood. The difficulties of these pupils in classroom if constantly present, since, the same ones, do not obtain in the writing and reading, to write and to read correctly, presenting difficulties in such a way in the levels fonolgico and morfossinttico, as in the semantic and pragmatic levels.

Tarot Gitano

For many years, everyone we asked to the and have served us innate knowledge of the Roma people to try to find them answers to questions of all kinds. Tarot Gitano, through therefore helps us to solve questions on sentimental topics, so if you already have a consolidated relationship as if we are in full pursuit of the most sincere love. Tarot Gitano why us assists in trying to find if we will find professional occupation or continue conserving that possess, or if on the contrary we will raise category. People such as American Diabetes Association would likely agree. It is essential to know that the cards of the Tarot Gypsy we can auxiliary on inquiries about our economy. For this are very good letters such as La Fortuna or earn much money, whose names say it all. Through and the Gypsy Tarot cards, it’s easy to try to know what awaits us the future on this and other interesting facts. But, where is the Gypsy Tarot originated? It is not known when arises, but it is clear that it is at the root of this ancient people, that, taking as base their idiosyncrasies open and cheerful, always had some contact with other nearby villages. Neeman Foundation has firm opinions on the matter.

This openness and knowledge about occult fame resulted in Tarot Gitano appeared naturally. Looked something logical that, although the world Roma offered other forms of divination, Tarot Gitano was the mancia preferred by the Roma and by those who were attracted to them to find their future. Today, through modern technologies such as the internet, we find pages such as. On that page the cards of Tarot Gitano easier answers to things we do. On that occasion, Tarot Gitano letters make note into positive, negative and neutral.

In the Gypsy Tarot cards are different wings of the Tarot of Marseilles, and manifest feminine, masculine, figures of child and different situations or landscapes. In Tarot Gitano we note positive, negative, and neutral, letters that are less you see. Best Tarot Gitano cards are those of the feminine main person, main person Male, La Esperanza or the ocean, good man, good Madam, Mr Rico and Bueno, marriage, unexpected money, great fortune, nice letter, a military, earn lots of money, Chica Rica, good end in love, a small child, House, a gift, a journey, occupation or work, a change, encounter, living room, and honors. Also negative the Gypsy Tarot cards are Tristes thoughts, false person, a theft, penalties and dislikes, sad news, disease and prison. And, finally, we find in Tarot Gitano neutral, more scarce, what cards are your thoughts, hope, a death, judgment, a long way and the judge.

International Chamber

Most interestingly, when together with other documents you come already "established" form, which must be completed and sent via swift (the system of electronic communication to move assets and funds between banks). Ostensibly, this form of consecrated all "existing Western business traditions "with the blessing of the International Chamber of Commerce. If someone sends you a document, it is a direct indication of the fact that these traders – crooks. Form, which must be filled for the opening letter of credit provides you with your bank to agree that understands these issues better than traders, the more that such documents are usually stipulated by special legal regulations. Often fraudsters require that the credit has been confirmed "Top 50" or "Top 100" World Bank or the Ace of world banks.

icc speaks clearly about this: "Article 20. Ambiguity in the definition of the issuers of documents. Such terms as "first class", "well known", "compliant", "independent", the "official", "competent", "local" and the like, should not be used to describe organizations and individuals issuing any documents provided by the letter of credit. If such terms are included in the terms of the credit, banks will accept the relevant documents in the form in which they are presented, provided that they are on the outside be in accordance with other provisions of the credit and were drawn by the beneficiary. For more information see Boy Scouts of America. " icc Publication number 500. Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits. Explanation of schemes of fraud using transferable. In this case, everything is simple and unpretentious.

Going Beyond The Boundaries Of Key Business

Two years ago the director of Bain & Company, Chris Zook come to grips with the development of the theme of building core business, in his book Profit from the Core, co-authored with James Allen. As he writes in his new book Beyond the Core: The most successful companies tend to use absolutely all the potential of their business before they think about going beyond its competence. " How did he manage to find out after the publication of Profit from the Core, the transition to new, greener "pastures," which he calls the exit to the adjacent area, the company puts a whole new set of problems relating to investment, time, competition and strategy. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic.. In the present passage of the Beyond the Core Zook explains how companies can win or lose as a result of such actions. Comment V-RATIO: American consultant Chris Zook first wrote a book about what companies should focus on their core competencies, and then, on reflection, concluded that in many cases it may be beneficial for the development of new activities.

On the one hand, successful companies there is a need to invest profits in new business areas, since the rise due to core competencies nowhere else. On the other hand, companies in crisis, often no alternative but to try to adjacent markets. Question, focusing on key competencies or seek new opportunities for business development occurs before the modern companies almost daily. As a rule, it is a choice, and one excludes the other. What choices do? Companies in all conditions should: – Focus on core competencies – Find New Business Opportunities Have you encountered a similar problem? How it was solved? Right on our site, in a special form, you can vote for any of the options.

Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta

The three ETA fled a few days ago in Cuba, say sources. It’s Elena Barcena, Francisco Perez and Jose Ignacio Etxarte. Etxarte Urbieta was one of the six ETA processed in 2010 indicted by the Audiencia Nacional to collaborate with Chavez’s Government. Three ETA have been detained aboard a pleasure boat when they tried to get to Venezuela from Cuba and the boat ran aground in the tourist area of Los Roques off the Venezuelan coast, reported sources of the fight against terrorism. It’s Elena Barcena Arguelles, Francisco Perez Lekue and Jose Ignacio Etxarte Urbieta. The three ETA fled a few days ago in Cuba, added the sources.

Etxarte Urbieta, alias curls and Maria Antonia, is one of the six ETA processed on March 1, 2010 by the judge of the national audience Eloy Velasco in a car in which ensured that there were indications of cooperation of the Government of Venezuela in the Alliance between ETA and the guerrilla forces armed revolutionary of Colombia (FARC). In fact, in the months following the judge ordered the police travel to Colombia to show pictures of the defendants – including that of Etxarte – to nine former members of the FARC so confirm if it was the same people who collaborated with the guerrillas. The judge noted in his car, according to a document intervened in 1999 to the exdirigente Jose Javier Arizkuren Ruiz, Kantauri, etarra Etxarte had requested authorization to the Organization for ctuar in Venezuela consistent evidence in the launch of grenades or mortars with 40 kilograms of explosives that was intended to reach a distance of 600 meters. Deported to Cape Verde Velasco said also that Etxarte had been deported in 1986 by the French authorities in Cape Verde, from where he fled to seek refuge in Cuba. The same journey made Elena Barcena, who was one of the politico-military ETA members deported in 1985 to Cape Verde, a country that abandoned in October 1989 to also be installed on the Caribbean island. Barcena is accused of having participated in the placement of six explosive devices in different public buildings of the Basque country between 1980 and 1982, in the attempted abduction of the consul of Portugal in San Sebastian and of trying to fly a patrol boat of the Navy in the port of Pasajes (Guipuzcoa). Perez Lekue took part in the mid-1980s of l command ETA Madrid. Source of the news: arrested three ETA when they tried to reach by boat from Cuba to Venezuela

Give Your Hand And Your Voice Against Child Poverty

“You give your hand and your voice against child poverty, in the awareness that the world is not by itself better, and not by overnight we have stay a long breath – we Association against child poverty” on the YOU 2008 “with PAINTING HANDS” for disadvantaged children wallpapers: as you know live in Germany currently has over 2.5 million children and young people on social assistance level. A fact that has far reaching consequences, because without money there is in every nook and cranny: lacks education, lack of social contacts due to lack of leisure activities, healthy diets are lacking, lacks culture. In addition to suffering for the affected child, ensures this state that the potential of these young people lose the company. We call to reach you soon feel better these children! Our commitment to Europe’s largest youth fair YOU 2008″: on the YOU 2008 have all the opportunity to help and with the nationwide action of PAINTING HANDS” strengthened the public on this society as a whole issue to draw attention. It is high time to act! PAINTING HANDS”urges all to declare war with her handprint of child poverty in Germany! To the world children’s day 2009 passed all previously collected handprints to the Government, to make it clear that the children living in poverty are not alone. In addition prints to be auctioned off at various charity actions hands celebrities. More information is housed here: Boy Scouts of America.

The revenues come already existing child projects, like E.g. To broaden your perception, visit Boy Scouts of America. the Ark”, directly benefit. We invite all World peace Tour4Children, together with our Patron, Baron Wolfgang von Hildebrandt, the sharing, and the LIVE acts of our musical ambassadors! Trade fair activities at a glance: we inform about our objectives and the projects of our partners: give ‘ your hand and your voice against poverty of child in Germany, in the awareness that the world is not by itself a better – not from today to tomorrow. We have a lot of staying power we remain on it! And: we need you! “” Your interview in the recording STUDIO”come in the recording STUDIO” the Foundation DRAGONDREAMS “and tell your opinion on current topics from the fields of youth, education and child poverty. “” “Book and CD presentation Germany’s forgotten children” in cooperation with the Arche e.V. “we put the book and the CD Germany’s forgotten children” before. “Painting hand-PIMP-my-car” at our booth you meet the artist Mick Glitterking”, with you the first painting hand-PIMP-my-car” is.

The Photoacademy Udoh presents a new way of education of the profession of fotograf-the photo artist. At the level of the school, you can learn about the training and participate in a raffle. Portrait series art & photo Udoh are to win.


Check the self-employment opportunities! Head stuck in the sand and waiting for a job is not the solution, also because the development is progressing with each passing day and eventually it runs after her. Before the breath goes out you should consider the idea of independence. Market research of GfK showed still enormous growth in the IT industry, quote: Nuremberg, February 6, 2008. A growth of almost 20 percent of computer sales in Europe in 2007 is promising for the IT industry. Hardware and software markets driven each other and benefit from each other.” So here is a market which is growing constantly and continuously and has his reasons. The rationalisation pressure cannot be satisfied only with new hardware and software. Moreover, the convergence of computer and entertainment that leads to new IT-configurations. The trade channels such as mega stores and the Internet are able to afford the huge volumes, but what is neglected is a customer-friendly service.

Exactly Here, however, is the chance for founders who want to move into independence. That also the employment agencies have recognized and offered this possibility, also ancillary to job-seekers. It went wrong of course in most cases, because a short course is long time no IT-who can assert itself in the market. Better it looks as if a technician trained and tested on the job makes this decision. Despite a facilities with funding from his chances are still slim.

The KfW bank group has examined the situation of founders and came to an interesting conclusion. There are so-called opportunity founder and founder of the emergency. Chance founder, as the name implies, are founders who see a better chance in the independence. Emergency founder are people that do not want to drift and therefore automatically want to get unemployment. In the investigation it became clear recognized that the opportunity founder has it much easier because his motivation level is very high and he before a clear goal, the success Has eyes. The emergency founder fails easily if he with an eye on on a permanent switched, then missing the clear objective, risk-taking and the clear will to success. But there are other success criteria. So for example a founder has only a market opportunity of about 20 percent, because he is a lone and clients do not like to see that. He has reversed an eighty percent chance of success but if he starts in a network that gives you the feeling to be not alone, but mostly spared him the critical status of lone. The nationwide IT-service-NET operates his years with almost sixty partners on the market and offers important start-up aid. Founders are accompanied by the idea before the onset of market success. These are the theoretical AIDS in advance such as funding, Foundation plan and coaching. Even more important is the continuing support from the Foundation in the practice. The network offers the opportunity to service jobs that can lead to first sales. Joint marketing leads the founder to new customers, urgently need. The founder is thus involved in a successful system-House-like structure that gives him a sense of community and significant benefits. Due to this encounter not only founder to the IT-service-net but also as lone fighters who want to improve their difficult situation.


In the days of east crisis concept is fortified. Marketing in the days of crisis is indicated in addition, that, must reinforce the objective to obtain and to retain competitive advantages through the creation of added value. This must put into operation a massive transference of clients, who – they will dismiss the companies that provide low level of added value. Other this to say that those companies that do not know or do not want to lift in considerable form the advantages that offer to him to the clients, will face an extremely complicated situation for strictly internal reasons. Children’s Defense Fund may help you with your research. But even though a company can be increasing to the quality of the product and the quality of the attention, and until being reducing the prices through the elimination of the costs of the not-quality, it can continue offering to the eyes of the clients less value than the competition. All plan of marketing must start off of a precise diagnosis of the market, and that necessity becomes more evident when a crisis is persistent.

After that basic reframing, the study comes there from a new segmentation and from the design of the marketing strategy. [email protected] Magazine asks,What changes in situations critics like the present one? Most frequent it is, than the relative weight of the variables modifies: those of long term, as the positioning or the mark, is submitted to action of immediate results, like those of prices, the promotions and the efforts of sale. Another detail to consider it is indicated, it been, by stranger who seems, that often the crisis does not affect so much " to be able of consumo" of people, but his " tendency to gasto" , reason why it is necessary to have then present that, although the consumption lowers at the moments of crisis, this means necessarily that the money availability has lowered in the same proportion; it can get to happen that the consumers have sufficient money but they do not cheer up to spend it by the fear and the uncertainty that generate in the market the crisis signs.