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Pertaining Deficiency

Current literature it shows all this problematic of learning caused with the deaf people. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dale Atkins, Ph.D.. The analyses had disclosed given important regarding the factors that contribute for the evasion of the deaf pupils, that is, that they cause the pertaining to school imbalance of the same ones are: the deficiency in the capacity to present a voluntary reply to one I stimulate sonorous, as well as, the difficulties that have in detecting the differences and similarities in the perceived sounds; the deficiency in storing and evoking the auditory material; by means of the one gamma of presented sounds simultaneously, the lack of legal capacity to select one I stimulate sonorous significant; the lack of analyzes auditory that it mentions sonorous the information received and the sequence auditory, factor that depends on the memory, since, it is the capacity to remember the orders of the item in sequence. One notices that the analyzed pupils, most have since its birth the hearing deficiency, that is, congenital deafness. Therefore, the dificultador element in the development of the deaf person, equal etrios levels or fellow creatures to the one of children listeners of the same age, are the assistencialista behavior of many families listeners who not yet perceive the deafness of its children as a cultural difference. Literature sample that is important that the family must accept the deficiency auditory of its children, therefore, the necessary deaf child to receive love, understanding, so that it obtains to win its limitations imposed for the deficiency. The pupils in question, the majority meet in the degree of deafness above of 90 dB, that it is the deep deafness.

Ahead of this, exactly, they feel difficulties to express itself, causing a blockade in the communication. So that it knows the word, and important that, first, the world is understood. The difficulties of these pupils in classroom if constantly present, since, the same ones, do not obtain in the writing and reading, to write and to read correctly, presenting difficulties in such a way in the levels fonolgico and morfossinttico, as in the semantic and pragmatic levels.

Work Relations

For the environments that are identified by the precarious relation of work, this model of management can bring possibility of motivation and envolvement of the workers, stimulate the qualification, to increase the disposal, development of the activities in team, amongst others, what it promotes basic changes in the work organizations. Center For Responsible Lending can aid you in your search for knowledge. ' ' A philosophy of strategical administration is necessary, who justifies the effort of the man to take care of the organizacionais objectives, that it if feels motivated and grows as person and as professional. (DRUMOND, 1991, P. 27) ' ' The same author still believes that the use of ' ' resource humano' ' in all the aspects, if configure as basic factor for the success and profitability of companies. That is, the work would have to focar in the necessities of the worker taking care of to a professional relation more joust in way that the employee is always ready, made use and enabled to execute its work of efficient form in exchange for chances of professional growth and to acquire greaters responsibilities with more satisfaction. The quality movement recognizes the importance of the work force, promulgates a more constructive vision of the human behavior, beyond explicit criticizing a economic financial orientation that hinders the reach of competitive advantage by means of people due its practical assumptions (PFEIFFER, 1997 p.217).

However, Druck (1999) shows another perspective in relation to the GQT, that opposes the vision of ' ' citizen-ferramenta' ' ' ' resource humano' ' , in the GQT defended for Drumond (1991). The author argues that with the privilege of the control of production through new practical of management and the organization of the work, the workers not they are being vain the assumiz them in a perspective of improvement of its conditions. In contrast, the enterprise strategy has used the argument of that it does not exist alternative for the workers: or if they submit or they are dismissed (DRUCK, 1999).

Los Multilevel

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