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Escaping The Debt Trap

The consumer loans of German private households put on more than 200 billion euros. More and more individuals file for bankruptcy. The consumer loans of German private households put on more than 200 billion euros. More and more individuals file for bankruptcy. The gap between Gering – and better earners is growing steadily and inexorably on.

So even with the Wagner family. The financial budget was already getting scarce but today everything has changed exactly. Although the parents of two children work rent, rising costs, life entertainment and food prices and the one or other purchase partly through credit tear a hole in the budget. Money to save in the rarest of cases remains at the end of the month. This approach is as long as well until something unexpected happens.

Just as at the beginning of the month at Olaf Wagner. The order situation in the company where he works is always falling, the mood is tense for weeks. OLAF is now afraid to lose his job, he was hired as the last. Would he his job now lose the life of the Wagner of family would reverse itself completely in the opposite direction. Even if Sabine, the wife of OLAF, also work, rental prices, costs and food prices remain at the current level, only missing income to pay all of a sudden this. In such a case, a tense situation can quickly lead in the over-indebtedness. But you have to let it come not only so far. In Germany, there are many charitable or governmental focal points to be in debt counselling help for free. When will the over-indebtedness? But what does over-indebtedness in the case? An over-indebtedness exists if exceed the monthly expenditure taking monthly. The debt spiral is continuing times slower, times faster. A way out of this debt is either spending reduce or increase the earnings but lighter than said.

Scientific Organization Of Labor

HOT-scientific organization of labor, the foundation work in the office NOT implemented to improve the efficiency of the office. SOL – for leaders who place high demands on the organization of work processes, for which the status and the company's success is a priority. OET helps to organize the working process and find success. Head office must have good professional knowledge, be a good organizer, a creative approach to their work. To work in an office to be most productive, it is important to properly equip the office space. For successful operation the head office, must first correctly organize their time.

Too often managers have slipped thought: not enough time. Neither time did not suffice, and organization! The primary task for the head – to competently organize their time. Credit: Nieman Foundation-2011. A good leader is not someone who works hard, but someone who does a lot. Purchasing office furniture for the staff, manager cares about the working conditions of people who spend most of their lives in the office. Furniture staff should be convenient, comfortable, versatile. Furniture should help create a psychological climate in the team, to enhance the creative process of employees.

But most importantly, functional and comfortable office furniture, easily adapts to the individual parameters of staff should maintain their health. The main function of office furniture – high quality provision of working conditions. Comfortable furniture is a guarantee of productive work. The introduction notes, creates the conditions for health personnel. From a wide range of styles and designs of furniture, select a convenient, ergonomic, practical, versatile furniture.

Chief Accountant

What is he so good? But what about information security? He is not even necessary to pay. The advantages are, and many of them. Professional wrote business plans are not the first time. He has a set of assessment methodologies, business and product promotion schemes, logistics optimization, in which he is well oriented. Do not even the accountant's "fish". The most primitive way to professional – to build your strategy on the basis of following a strong competitor. Chief Accountant did not know other people's strategies.

And most importantly – will bring a professional business plan on a plate just in time because of selfish interest. Privacy Statement do not worry: let consulters in the inner sanctum can be. To do this, there is a contract, clauses on confidentiality. Typically, a business engaged in planning high-level specialists and positions. They understand the measure of responsibility and are not interested in exile from his job with a battered reputation. Often, professionals need is not so much financial information as strategy is not built on it. A information about the interaction of the outside world – open, it is available to any customer, supplier and marketer.

And the last thorny issue – pay. Can a business plan to be "unsubscribing", a set of template phrases totally unrelated to the particular situation. Maybe. Everything in life happens. Here the client is also protected by the contract. It can get your money back, not having signed the closing documents. Or require improvements to virtually infinity. But as a rule, this is not required consulters are interested in the recommendations and positive feedback as well as all other sellers of goods and services. grind indefinitely its business plan is not will – "could not, so could not!" In a word, you can purchase a business plan, but you can make it yourself. In the first case, he paid, but they will be engaged immediately. In the second case there is no cost, but the result too. Someone should this deal, someone needs to know details, someone has to do it professionally. Refer complicated one-off projects to professionals! Believe me, it's profitable.

Google Ads Information

In response to the question “What I can I sell online? On this occasion going to tell that after the placement of Google Ads in our venues, so perhaps the second most popular and simplest, is to make money selling advertising links. What is a sponsored link? A link is a word or phrase with a link to a specific website can still contain an advertisement or information that is being promoted, for example. I invite you to visit “the best directory of free articles. The link is set to” “because it changes the color of the text, if you give click on will take you to the front page of this site. If you are not convinced, visit Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP. What is the difference between one ad, a banner and a link? An ad may be image, video or text allusive and be different sizes and even come to occupy an entire page, the banner is usually a small ad offering concise information and aims to capture the attention to the netizen is directed into the page that shows the ad or the complete information of what offers, while a link is only a word or phrase that is integrated into content. What types of links are there? There are various types of links, some placed in images, others within the text to be touched to display information mousse, some which open a separate window or page, these are just some examples of the many who could comment for the imagination of webmasters who create has no limits. In the next note will discuss the advantages of placing links on our website and some alternatives that I know to sell them.

Electricity Customers

Nuclear compromise strengthens dominance of the power groups criticism of small party Berlin, September 10, 2010. The agreement on an extension of nuclear power plants encounters enthusiasm at least among the big power giant. The response from independent suppliers in the electricity market is quite different. Their criticism: The new energy policy strengthens the dominance of corporations and brings the electricity giant billion additional revenue. “The extension is not a good decision for current customers: the big corporations will also continue to dominate the German market for decades”, says Robert Mundt, the Chairman of the Board of the alternative energy provider FlexStrom. The experts of the oko-Institut have already done the math: therefore the nuclear compromise of the Federal Government brings energy Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) and Vattenfall the four power Giants RWE, E.ON, triple-digit billions of additional revenue. The four big power companies are currently operating nuclear power plants in Germany and thus the Financially benefit extension.

This includes, however, only a fraction of this additional income from the policy investment imposed on the companies in renewable energy. Also the leaked adjustment clause with rising electricity prices doesn’t change it. The public all details of the compromise with the nuclear industry should be disclosed”, calls for FlexStrom Board Mundt. To worry about is that the power giant to continue their dominance in new technologies. It is just the small utilities, which bring the market positively in motion and relieve the budget of current customers according to industry studies.

A relief for consumers is currently hardly expected by the policy. “Now go instead of long wait for the politics”, Robert Mundt by FlexStrom therefore recommends. Center for Responsible Businesss opinions are not widely known. With the change to an independent energy provider, put consumers not only a sign against the electricity giant, but can relieve usually also their budget. A Stuttgart-based budget (annual consumption of 4,000 Kilowatt hours), for example, around 330 in a year when he changes from the basic supply rate of the energy group EnBW to the cheap prepaid service (by FlexStrom) DeutschlandsBest eco saves.

Travel Journalism Stories

Exciting Spring projects 2012 tip end, and once again the participants of our travel-writing programs have impressed with their ingenuity and creativity. You may find that CBC, Australia can contribute to your knowledge. Exciting Spring projects 2012 tip end, and once again the participants of our travel-writing programs have impressed with their ingenuity and creativity. Participants come from all over the world to experience the European cities of Edinburgh, Berlin, Lyon and Madrid with curso. The travel journalism internship program by curso EC aims, together explore a city that the participants acquaint themselves with the culture, then to cover their experiences in a travel magazine together. They are assisted by a team of local journalists. l of Your Diabetes was the first to reply. Several times a week (in Edinburgh on weekdays) workshops and project-related meetings take place, to provide participants with the necessary know-how. The design of the book is discussed and implemented with a professional layout.

We also offer the students in Berlin, Lyon and Madrid still teaching in the respective National language; also in the necessary research to support and can rely on the work of a professional Proofreaderin on all project sites. And in spite of, or maybe even because of, the enormous time pressure, professional travel magazines and travel guides, which have attracted also by visitscotland arise on our three-to four-week trips. Our books offer readers even a decisive advantage, because our publications are up to date and in addition honestly and authentically. The team members are independent of any travel / tourism lobby and so the reader can learn how it really is on the ground and what is really worth seeing. The guides are full of real experiences of like-minded adventurers who felt himself and on his own Berlin, Edinburgh, Lyon or Madrid on the tooth. In addition, the resulting material is a true feast for the eyes, with imaginative and fun layouts that provide a change of pace from the standard travel magazines. At the end of each Project we give together in the team the incurred travel magazines and travel guides an ISBN number, to make the books officially single. Who is curious now, the travel writing guides spring 2012 on following links look at excerpts: 2012/03/citytravelreview-curso24-get-edinburghized / 2012/04/citytravelreview-curso24-de-madrid-al-cielo / for more online information about the projects follow the respective links of the project sites on the Web page editorial curso EC

German Journalists

The propaganda of the media in our time, the consequences of this partisanship for a war party and the responsibility which journalists who are contents of the article. Could you see good who has observed the activities of the mainstream media before the wars of the last decades and has questioned in retrospect perhaps, us how subtly on the wars which swears by an elite. A world of free media is restricted by the selection is taken and which also is deliberately launched by news agencies and major media representatives in the fields of radio, TV and press. But the individual human being, namely the journalist who here acts, is responsible for his actions, like everyone and that is the background of my article that use this responsibility means a lot for those who must suffer the brutal consequences of war. On the occasion of the war disaster with regard to Syria and about the Iran and the unbearable propaganda about Libya I decided now, to write an open letter to the media professionals in Germany. This Letter went out now on over 150 news agencies, TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, weekly magazines, foreign correspondents, etc. and was published in some blogs. Also, I ask you to forward this letter to potentially interested colleagues, employees and friends and to share it on facebook or even twitter. The article to the letter: component/k2/item/1078-die-schuld-der-medien.html PDF: in the form of videos: watch? v = yTyMXRSrCTc the following text of the open letter: Euskirchen, 12.10.2011 ladies and gentlemen, I am writing this letter to you all, because it amazes me that you all apparently always nice write to a large extent, what you dictated to them from above. I am writing to you, because I know the ownership in the media world and the practice that the larger media set the tone and we can read the same stuff as in the whole country only in several different newspapers, on different channels, etc.

Cyprus The New Cuba

Sunday 24 new presidents in the island-Be major of the Caribbean (Cuba) and in the one of the Mediterranean chose themselves (Cyprus). Raul I castrate replaced in the position to its brother Fidel, who commands Cuba from 1959. In Cyprus the Communist Party removed 53% from the votes and his head Demetris Christofias will be the sixth elect president of that republic (independent of London from 1960) and Head of State " Marxist-leninista" in the history of the Middle East and the cincuentenaria European Union (the EU). Christofias, in spite of being pro-Castrate, proclaims that not " cubanizar" to his island and that will maintain the democracy and the market so and what they have made it his party when holding the mayorship inhabitant of the capital and several portfolios of the salient government of Tassos Papudopoulus, the diverse communist ministers who had Italy or France or the elect agent chief executives of the communist parties in other two small European States: San Marino and Moldova. However, this " Beyond heleno" yes it tries to radically alter the status of his country (located in intercrosses between two of the plates geopolitics more volcanic than it has: the one of the near east and the Balkan). The demand to end the 1974 partition (when the military junta of Greece impelled a bankrupt blow to be able to annex Cyprus and Turkey invaded its northeast) and to remove all the foreign troops (the 30.000 Turks that a 37% of the island occupy, the one of the British bases that there is in 3% of his territory and those of the UN). If Turkey retires of Cyprus it would give better possibilities him to want to enter the EU. If Cyprus reunifies in an see-ethnic federation it would hit on the Palestinian conflict (although showing a solution different from the partition with Israel). Original author and source of the article.

The Battle Of Thermopylae

In July, 480 bc Xerxes' army marched to Thermopylae, mountain pass, which was on route from Asia to Attica. In ancient times the passage was no more than several hundred meters in width, and so he was one of the best places to Greek Defense against invasion of foreign enemies. At Thermopylae the Persians met a detachment of Greek soldiers, which consisted of five thousand soldiers led by Spartan King Leonidas. Xerxes at first did not believe that such a small army would dare give him a fight. Details can be found by clicking PCRM or emailing the administrator. But five thousand Greeks two days repulsed an attack the Persians, while Persians causing considerable damage. The Persians could not do anything until then, until I found a traitor who is on the mountain trails led the army in rear of the defenders Greeks.

On the night of the third day, the Persians brought down a barrier that was put up by the Greeks at the pass and began to leave the rear of the troops defending Thermopylae. By this time, the Greeks remained in service in 1200 hoplites. Learning about crawling, Spartan king Leonid released all surviving allies, and the 300 Spartans stayed in place. The Persians surrounded the detachment of Spartans and completely destroyed it. Neither Spartan has not surrendered to the enemy. In the Battle of Thermopylae army of the Persians lost in killed about 20,000 people, the Greeks – 4 thousand. But it was not the point. It was the Greeks at Thermopylae inspired the global fight against the Persians, to mobilize and combine all the Hellenistic cities.

Internet Insurance

Flood helper how you can protect yourself from infectious diseases for weeks the flood considers important vaccinations wide parts of Germany in breath. While in many cities still thousands volunteers fill sandbags and reinforcing dikes, the cleanup begin elsewhere. Both helpers and affected parties come with contaminated water and that the germs in contact, thereby increasing the risk of infection. While the Robert-Koch Institute observed so far no increase in the number of infectious diseases in the flood areas, there are certain precautions to be taken to comply, as to minimize the risk of contagion. So should those concerned regularly and thoroughly wash your hands and no food to take, which have come into contact with possibly contaminated water. In addition, it is sure that children swim or play in flooded areas.

In addition, people in the affected areas should their vaccination against Tetanus can check and, if necessary, brush up on. Infection with tetanus, also called Lockjaw, using bacteria that enter through open wounds in the body. The appropriate vaccination is taken over by all statutory health insurance and should be renewed every 10 years. In special cases a vaccination against hepatitis A may be considered also, especially if long time no clean drinking and washing water available. The vaccination costs by the health insurance fund is different here than not prescribed for tetanus and takes place at the insurers per case. Who so inoculated against hepatitis A would like to have, can ask for his cash-strapped, whether this covers the costs.

For more information and an overview of the various services of all statutory health insurance, visit. Contact: Contact person: Karsten Leidloff Kunze und Leidloff GbR Hallesche Strasse 1B 06779 Raguhn Tel: 0180 5 499 799 240 * fax: 0180 5 499 799 249 * E-mail: Info(at) * 14 ct/min from a German landline. German mobile radio price: 42 ct / min company portrait: informed since 1999 on the Internet about all statutory health insurance. Insured persons can consult free of charge and without obligation on through tariffs, fees and services of all funds in the current comparison. In addition, the trade portal provides assistance when changing the health insurance fund.