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United Arab Emirates

Since 2003, the international photographer Voigt deals intensively with of HDR photography. This is provides is a special recording and processing the photographs, the completely new and spectacular image results in terms of contrast and brilliance. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Vaidya compares his ambitions with the earlier painter Paul Cezanne: you must not reproduce nature, but represent. By what? By defining colour elements.” In contrast to usual developments of digital image are traditionally chemically developed photos Voigt after processing, printed on high quality photo paper and laminated into the port on an aluminium plate. This leads to unique pressure results in absolute Museum quality.

Voigt cooperates with a media agency in Cologne, realized the prints almost on any desired material (also on wood, glass or burned on tiles). You will find a selection of our photos on the Internet at, however, is that conventional monitors may not reflect the full contrast range of an HDR image. The pictures give a rough idea of what is possible here. Ralf Voigt has issued repeated internationally. Exhibitions in the United States and the United Arab Emirates took great interest. Web site: Felix Ehrenreich & ucon-lodge cocktails, art – design bar and Gallery in a… The ucon-lodge (project start 2005 / opening 2007) by Felix Ehrenreich, in the North of the old town of Cologne, sets design trends.

The way how conceptually, the components of light, air and water with purist design are United, is unique in Cologne. Every single detail was even conceived. The ucon-lodge – the spelling plays with the name of the Canadian Northern Province is designed for the sensation of purity in all design details and associated the clarity of the cool North. The strength of bar design, in which the primary colors white and blue contrast lies in its consistency and its voltage full openness. The floor, cast in one piece, reminiscent of the white benches on snow, water, ice, the fur-related columns on polar bears. Fine details underline the Nordic impression. Gallery of light: the expensive light concept in the ucon-lodge, is modeled after the shaft of sunlight. Light change in 16 million colors are possible and dive the room in different atmospheres. This “light the walls” are the essential core of the room lighting. In these huge walls of light, the actual gallery behind state of the art LED technology. This refined technique enables a new kind of presentation of art. While for example photos on the wall are illuminated by spotlights on classical, images in the ucon lodge backlit, are large. This form of representation allows images in their colors more vivid and intense shine, while they at the same time seem to merge with this integrated in the interior design. This fusion of space, art and decoration works in this way virtually of course and yet refreshingly new to those enjoying viewers…

Festival Of Lights 2009

Brings light into the darkness of Berlin – in the bright light of Berlin – from 14 to 25 October Berlin shows a historical landmark in the new light. For the 5th time that held Foundation Berlin Festival of lights from the city in Berlin. World-famous historical landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the radio tower, Tower, the Berliner Dom, will shine under the direction of the lighting designer Andreas in the lights Bohlke. The Birgit Zander and her event agency designed program is versatile. The Berliners can apply as for a midnight wedding, enjoy jazz in the gardens of the Minister, take part in the night of open doors or run at the light run. Where there is light, is also shadow. This year’s Festival of lights is the motto: brings light into the darkness.

That is quite handy, that we ask the Berliners to support, to put Berlin in the right light and at the same time to support the Association Ernest heat in Berlin Kreuzberg”, explains Mr. Siegfried Helias, Chairman of the city Foundation Berlin. Ernest heat e.V. manages and advises affected families, children and young people from AIDS. To collect as much as possible, we use the mobile as a modern collection box. As SMS with the keyword to the shortcode 81190 BERLIN can help anyone at any time and any place with a”Dr. Bernd Andrich Union investment reported by the project partner of the Festival. “We are planning also the number for charity in and around to build our light show that as many as possible get to know this way of helping.” Special feature: the thank you SMS, every shipper receives a unique number is.

You entitles a virtual light still on the Internet page to light. With an SMS to 81190 with BERLIN Ernest heat e.V. and Festival is supported with 3 half of lights, expect 2.83 directly on the Stiftung.Es SMS delivery charges are additional. This is a service of spendino GmbH.

In Japan

In Colombia it is known as the Day of the Love and the Friendship and it is not celebrated the 14 of February but in September, because in most of the country February is the month of the scholastic season. The tradition of the secret friend is common, who consists of introducing in a container small papers with the names of the participants, then, each is extracting a paper of the container and must give a present to the person whose name says the paper. In Ecuador usually it is celebrated the 14 of February with roses, nocturnal cards, serenades, dinners between married pairs, of fianc2es and friendly In Spain this celebration began to celebrate in the middle of century XX, with the reason to stimulate the purchase of gifts. In Guatemala also the Love and the Friendship or Day of the Affection are known like Day of. To the people they demonstrate making of interchange for example friendly secrets, giving pink the men the women, chocolates and small details that demonstrate to love and friendship. In Mexico one demonstrates to the love between fianc2es or spouses with roses. Dr. Neal Barnard spoke with conviction.

In Peru this celebration knows like Day of the Love and the Friendship. In Venezuela usually it is celebrated with intimate dinners between married pairs, of even friendly fianc2es and. In Japan, besides the festival of Tanabata – local version of the Qi Qiao Chinese Jie, the Day of San Valentin is celebrated from February of 1958, impelled initially by company Morozoff the chocolate. Like particularitity, one stands out the fact that they are the women who give chocolates to the men, or are its relatives, friendly or fellow workers. Corintios 1-13 bequeaths to us: Although I would speak all the languages of the men and of Los Angeles, if I do not have love, I am like a bell that resonates or a subject of gossip that retie.

Although it would have the gift of the prophecy and would know all the mysteries and all the science, although it would have all the Faith, a Faith able to transfer mountains, if I do not have love, I am not nothing. Although it would distribute all goods to feed the poor men and to give my body to the flames, if I do not have love, does not serve to me don’t mention it. The love is patient, is helpful; the love is not envious, does not boast, not envanece, does not come with baseness, does not look for its own interest, is not irritated, does not consider the received evil, is not glad of the injustice, but it rejoices with the truth. The love excuses all it, creates all it, waits for all it, supports all it. That this day is of happiness, of to share and to love.

Technology Information

Already our grandmothers said the cheap comes out expensive. (Source: American Diabetes Association). It seems obvious, but this advice is not always taken into account, especially in SMEs, these are some basic tips. Do always make a plan of needs queutilice a strategy will be working efficiently, why: why not do a technology plan to forget about the topic? Decide to purchase based on the objectives set out in the business plan: raise the ideal scenario, in which receives at least 50 orders daily from its web site and at least 50 calls customers and opportunities. What you would need to not lose business opportunities and at the same time respond to their current customers? Invest in scalable technology leading technology brands offer scalable enterprise solutions and solutions for household use (not scalable). The second option is usually cheaper but more expensive since you can not be extended if your company grows. Nieman Foundation can provide more clarity in the matter. Designing a network infrastructure saves money the quality of computer networks are usually measured with the standard do do 9?, where 3 9? s mean 99.9% of the time without problems or with fewer words: the technician to come once every 3 months only by control.

If this is not your case, consult a company that designed its network. Impresorasde network save lot of money network printers usually cost a little more than a common, but you only need one per floor or workplace. This will also require less maintenance and a better optimization of the toner. Organize your files with a network of network or SAN disks disk, allow you to have a centralized location for shared files, eliminating the scenario of the pen drives that come and go or the internal emails that travel the world. These uses can also be using Windows networking functions, but depend on the PC that has the device is turned on and reduce the overall performance of the user. The famous (and often forgotten) Backup I lost all my information and entered Me a virus are the phrases that precede the question you have one copy? Backup systems there are thousands.

Our humble advice: important files have to be on a network drive, which in turn, keeps on a pen drive or on a remote server. I swear that is not advertising: the ftp service to make backups only cost $60 + VAT per month! How much it costs to retrieve your information? Answer this question – before – saves time and money. It is always preferable to invest efficiently to spend time and money trying to emparchar after problems. When purchasing technology, keep in mind the cost of inputs and the possibility of expansion of computers; With that information, ask for several quotes and analyze the proposals. Do you need professional advice?

Musician Shows

Paddy Kelly for the first time presented his painting in the context of the PEACE of of kind of project. The painting is a mirror of himself, the world and life, he learns for Paddy Kelly. Over the years, Paddy Kelly is the musical head of the famous Kelly family and celebrates worldwide success with millions sold plates until he 2004 completely withdraws from the public eye and lives for 6 years as a monk in a monastery in France. 2011 paddy returns to the stage and gives his musical comeback. 2012, he presents a more art for the first time publicly the painting. In the 1990s, the singer with Irish roots discovered his passion for painting.

He begins to experiment with colours and shapes and developed his own distinctive style. The works of the young artist embody a seriousness that is paired with a refreshing innocence and sometimes childlike and playful perspectives. In his pictures he processed very feelings, questions, experiences and aspirations intimate messages. At the height of our success, I had many impressions and experiences to process. I could not pronounce some things with the music and I was looking for a different form of expression. So I resorted to the PIN because images are sometimes stronger than words,”says Paddy Kelly. The very personal approach, the origin of the works conclude quite the person Paddy Kelly and his inner self.

For him, painting is a way to find his personal, inner peace. When I have a bad day, I paint. I put the negative feelings onto the page and so I am going”, says the 34-year-old. Paddy Kelly is confined not only to himself, he would also make a contribution to the peace of others. He advocates as an Ambassador by Caritas international peace-building projects.

Mexico Tourist Attractions

Make Puerto Vallarta beaches, landscapes and lots of activities to carry out one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the Republic of Mexico: located on the Banderas Bay and located 350 Km of Guadalajara, this region is distinguished by its warm weather – with average temperatures reaching 27c – the presence of lush junglesperky rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, forming unique in Mexican territory scenarios. With growing development in the tourist area Puerto Vallarta has reached unimaginable growth some decades ago, today offering a wide variety of options when choosing accommodations and lodgings in these lands. I advise you take a time to make your reservations in advance and thus access the best hotels with discount in Puerto Vallarta, which offer you a first class, warm attention service and comforts that searches for your vacation at a very convenient price. As I mentioned in the beginning of the review the beaches are the main attraction tourism in Puerto Vallarta: soft waves and transparent waters, the beaches in this region of Mexico are presented as the most beautiful in the country, inviting an endless number of travellers to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Among must-see points is Mismaloya Beach, one of the most exclusive spaces afforded by this destination. In this beach local, national and international celebrities gather to enjoy a charming scenario and practice water sports such as diving, central activity for the tourism in the area.

Water sports receive all the attention in this place: the diving lovers will find in Los Arcos place that always dreamed to practice this activity, since there are some of the most impressive rock formations in the country, which seem to emerge from the crystal clear waters, forming the perfect setting to discover the underwater world. Logically in this tourist destination of extreme sports enthusiasts will find an endless number of spaces to challenge to the nature through surfing and kayaking, while the more observant may make ecotourism. The nightlife is also very intense in Puerto Vallarta: in the area you will find a myriad of restaurants with the best of the traditional, national and international cuisine, in addition to the best bars, where you can enjoy a drink listening to music to your liking, and most modern discotheques, ideal for those who want to dance until dawn. Another alternative is to participate in any of the artistic, theatrical and musical events taking place in the city. To conclude this small review of the alternatives offered by tourism in Puerto Vallarta I will highlight the options related to the local art and culture: not everything is Beach in this area of Mexico, on the other hand, the range of activities is endless in this brief description, however is worth mentioning the possibility of a tour through the streets of the city centrewhere you will find the best galleries that exhibit paintings and sculptures by artists local and international, as well as more than interesting temporary exhibitions.

Voluntary Military Service

The secret of eternal youth has been always an evasive objective: while we grow more, we more wished to conserve our energy, perfomance physical and mental, and, most important, we wished to know: how we extend our life expectancy the possible maximum? An investigation of 13 years of citizens of the third age done by the Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics of the Hospital Hadassa de Monte Scopus, has demonstrated determining that one of the clearest answers to these questions, is as simple as economic: to stay working. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . You want to live more? Whatever works you can and ofrcete of volunteer if you cannot work said the Dr. Yorma Maaravi that leads the investigation. The study, that involves 1000 people of the third age, all of them born in 1920, found that working either offering itself like volunteer, it increases the opportunities significantly to work better to one more a delayed age. Those who continued working after the 70, in a position or payment or volunteer, more possibilities have many of continuing with life and of developing of idependiente form, at the age of 77 and still more. There is little difference, according to the study, if the work or the voluntary military service is daily or weekly, and was not a relation between the type of work and the physical effort that it required. Still the work that did not require physical effort, was beneficial. Of acuedo to Maaravi, the present director of the Department of Geriatrics and Rehabilitations of the University of the Hadassa Hospital, the benefits of working are not limited to bring to house one pays, since the voluntary work has the same beneficial effects that the work payment. Trabajar has a great effect; we cannot determine if the reasons are physical or mental, but clearly affirmed that it has great relation with the personal satisfaction, with enjoying one same one and with the socialization expressed.

Chile University

It explained that the enterprise social responsibility did not have to be " charity, neither philanthropy, nor patronage, nor marketing with cause, nor maquillaje" advertising or they green washing" ". In order to differentiate it &quot is precise; to always return to the definition. First I must see and do cago to me of the impacts, because he would be unacceptable in a project with impacts significant to compensate with philanthropic actions negative impacts. And here it is valid to see which is the interest that is behind doing position to me of those actions. He is sincere interest to contribute to the local economic development and comprises of my strategy and my policy or we are in the scope of the impact and compensaciones".

Lastrico Robert is civil engineer of the University of Chile, with doctorate in the University of California, attending today studies of philosophy in the University Gabriela Mistral. One of the points that put in discussion was the polarization level that has reached the debate on the responsibility of the companies, calling to all the parts to have all the information before criticizing. " A little is had lost the effectiveness of these organizations (who are against the dams in Aysn), I say and it without offending nobody, when disqualifying to which they try to make these projects. To disqualify generally to the companies. I believe that he is ineffective, inefficient, believe that it can arrived better objetivos" it explained. In its opinion " it is worth the pain to change the speech already exhausted on private companies and the industralists, not being legitimate to demonizar generally nor in particular to the transnational ones in this subject of today. He is not legitimate to demonizar them if we do not have an objective knowledge of which they are acting bad or antiethically, and while we are not sure that the imputations are certain that them hacemos".

Udo Exhibition

\”News from Udo A. Since early March 2009 presents the painter Udo A. Heinrich Heinrich his works within the framework of the exhibition the kind of freedom\” at the Salon del Arte on the famous Calle 8 in Miami. Florida travelers can visit the exhibition until April 6, 2009. The whole world celebrates the historic change in the United States – with the hope of peace. Under this motto the exhibition was the kind of freedom even on March 07, 2009\”in the Salon del Arte opened in Miami. To the joint exhibition, at which each present two of her works various artists in different Nations, the Organizer reported already now extraordinarily high visitor numbers. The Leipzig art painter Udo A.

Heinrich is the personal invitation and presented his current painting he had dreams – and yes, we can? \”, which shows the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, the American flag and Martin Luther King.\” Udo A. Heinrich shows Obama as a beacon of hope and thus goes on the idealism Martin Luther Kings one, also the way for Obama’s Presidency has been prepared by its courage and imagination for freedom and peace. \”\” The second image Crusades? \”shows George W. Bush a crusader and thus playing on Bush’s crusade against evil\” on. The President of Gallery, Jose Luis Guerra Polanco, paid tribute to this special portraits as \”of high artistic quality and impressive expressiveness\” and rated the images as important for my country\”. \”The exhibits come from the series profiles + connections\”, in which Udo A. Heinrich the interplay between art, politics and current Affairs deals with. Through the correspondence between the persons shown in the foreground and background, associated the spiritual or historical connection to the viewer and is stimulated to an intellectual engagement with the contemporary and historical structures of power\”, according to the artist about his work.

Make Money Online

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