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Assertive Behavior

If we don’t have bases as an ideal or a goal our character is weak, because these incentives paid the confidence in us to achieve the goals, or to comply with our ideology, generating an assertive behaviour with respect to our purposes; It means if say front and without fear in that it is believed and towards where you want to go, without no more interfere, this is nothing more than demonstrate our rights as thinking beings through assertive behavior. There are many factors that affect the lack of assertiveness, but the most important are: lack of character not have goal or objective lack of confidence in our abilities depend on others not always force to express our rights do not accept that we cannot mistake lack of beliefs and ideologies little cunning to the challenges. Adjust our character to others, only to be finally accepted Venezuelan management must take actions involving him to give way to the assertiveness is revealed, surprising in its imperfections, in how motivates, handles, understands their staff, how generate a harmonious climate and above all to keep it. It is necessary to wake up the confidence and self-esteem of staff, post as he is said if it does, is a brake on the development of assertiveness, affecting organizational behavior of the company. Considered as noted Cardenas, that every human being has the right to be who he is and to express what they think and feel. When this becomes assertive way ensures the utmost respect for others and for yourself.

An assertive style of conduct allows to communicate smoothly and effectively, as well as what must be our own position and provide information about how we would like others to act in the future. A good assertiveness ensures cohesion of groups, the spirit of belonging, respect, productivity. Lack of assertiveness in working life influences in a very meaningful way, as never receiving an increase, or a recognition, until losing the confidence of your superior or other co-workers, due to indecision and wrong judgments and labor behavior. Venezuelan management should pay more attention in pro to properly handle your assertiveness at work.

Modern Technologies

If the studio at the same time receive a large number of orders, it will allow her some time "to stay afloat, but today most studios are no longer competitive and close. The most effective way out of this provisions will be separation of duties. For example, instructing the process of developing the site of partners, you reduce the risk of bankruptcy, will reduce them virtually to nothing. Having entered into partnership with one of the large companies, you will be able to engage only in marketing and consulting clients. The development site will take on a partner. And while your studio will consist of only one man and work in peace without an office. How does pay specialists, which deals with technical issues? – You ask.

I was expecting this question, because I once asked him too. Modern technologies allow to automate the the process of creating Web sites to remove from the technical process the majority of routine manual work, thus saving the time of the developer. There are systems that can help you create a professional website in a relatively short period of time. Create a system of forces only major firm in the state where there are real professionals. But, having spent time and effort once the company uses this system for a long time, while having high performance. Of course, no system will replace the work of the designer, creating graphical layout of the site, and the coder, the filling site content, and these works are usually charged separately.

Viral Marketing

Intrigue – here is one of the most powerful levers of viral marketing. Today I will tell you about the methods of information transfer, which are unprecedented in their effectiveness, speed and cheapness. The idea virus has nothing to do with computer viruses and does not harm people. Viral marketing does not tolerate spam, and refers only to interested Internet users. It's no secret that traditional advertising is too intrusive and ineffective. In this case, after an advertising campaign demand falls.

What can maintain a constant interest in your product, service, site, you ask? The answer is – viral spread. Thanks to technology viral business, you get an ever-increasing traffic, which grows like the Big Bang into the universe. And all this time without your participation. What do you need to run like a virus? First of all, we need great idea. The idea is to benefit and please the people.

Like the idea should be so that users wanted to share it with your friends and acquaintances. If the idea is good, then we will have no problem with that asked to place our links and articles owners of large thematic resources and newsletters for its target audience. It is also important to develop your own personal brand. The vast majority of resources Russian-language Internet unnamed or simply indicate the name or nickname – for a company or product does not see a particular author. Your future clients or partners want to know whom they entrust their money and time. The next moment, the to keep in mind – you need to know your target audience and apply it to her. For example, if your site or newsletter about real estate, you should not apply to people engaged in breeding purebred dogs, etc. Finish an article like that today, if you have the knowledge and experience in their fields and have a quality and popular original content that you want to share for free, then make a name for himself on the Internet without any cost is not a problem. With all the ensuing emotional moments. I've listed the basic principles of viral marketing – now it's up to you. I wish you good luck and new achievements!

Business Income Issue

After working on hiring more than ten years, I have come to the conclusion that it is always necessary to raise its price in the market life. Daily move in that direction. During the work 'on the uncle in the large companies I , as if not raised your salary will still be the ceiling, it is still the career ladder, sooner or later will be rested in the 'sky', so to achieve their goals and dreams, I started my business. Opening the magazine vacancy 'Employment and Wages, "you can find out its cost and the cost of any person in any specialty. Yes, we sell. Sell your time for money. How much is the hour of our life? Even if you have a good salary, there is such a thing to be aware of. If you hired for a salary of 800 Euro, the real value of your 1000.

If your salary 1500, you deserve to 1800 cu and so on. If you are working for 2500, the rates go up and you really do not underpaid 500 'money "means that Your employer is consciously aware that you are worth more, but underpaid, because we all live in conditions of market relations, and the reality is that everybody wants to have an advantage. You, too, trading in the market and usually discount has already been included in the price of the goods. Think about this. How many really worth an hour of your life and how much you do not underpaid? I have a question for you, if that, the amount of money you currently earn on your job, you'd be able to be in the form of passive income, you could continue to stayed to work "on my uncle? If not, what would you do? How would live, what hobbies do a priority in your life? Once I realized that I do not want life to work for hire, I dared to start a business and succeeded. This is not an easy path, but very interesting, very 'funny', so to speak. By experience I can advise, for those who thought about the business of the Council has begun, even if sooner or later you return to employment, you will have totally different person, well, if you succeed, you expect a completely different life, a much higher level.

The Law Of Business – Money Makes Money

It is known that money has a phenomenal ability – “creeps” penny – the hryvnia, uah – for ten and so on to tens and hundreds of billions. It is noticed by the ancient businessmen moneychangers and merchants Ancient Near East, Egypt, India, Roman Empire, etc. This is an immutable law of commerce, financial life. We only know him, to comprehend, to understand the mechanism of action and learn how to use their own purposes – to make money. And then do not need a starter capital, nor or business colleges. Therefore, a novice businessman must understand the magical power of the law and eventually use it in their business. For clarity, effectiveness of this law, we give, we can say one example from the experience of novice American businessman who made money on the cultivation and implementation of Kalanchoe Daygremonta.

It was in the late 30’s, when all of America embraced an unprecedented crisis. With the rapidity of lightning almost went out of business and disappeared from the economic life of hundreds and even thousands of large industrial plants and factories, associations, agricultural firms and farms, but the small firm young – twenty agrobiznesmena Arthur Neisse, contrary to the laws of economic crisis, has flourished, gaining strength and power. And why? Yes, because its owner – Arthur Neiss – opposed, as he later put it, the laws of economic crisis, the law of the financial heap on the formula “Central climbs cents and the dollar – the dollar – up to infinity if the process control.” Where do you start young Arthur Neiss? Son of a petty official of the suburbs of a small provincial town – the fifth child in the family, he was unable to get a decent qualification and, especially, higher education, to start a business. Hunger, cold and hopelessness reigned in a family where there was no longer an employee.

Be A Better Work And Advance

Normally, when you ask a volunteer for most of the crowd concerned with doing a menial task, look the other way or offer excuses why they could not offer themselves. Watch people in these circumstances. It's pathetic. You can stand out from other people for being the "go-to" person. There always has to volunteer. If you do it too often can create resentment among other workers.

That is a natural defense mechanism used to cover their own lack of initiative. Idea # 3 – Give freely of their time while at work. Too many "workers" do as little as possible. To avoid responsibility. They work slowly. They attend to personal matters during work hours. By giving a strong performance in the work to be noticed.

Do not be afraid to work through a casual lunch or tea break. Offer to help another employee with a task that are ahead. You do not have to be on his shoulder. Let them know that you can come if they are unsure. Be useful. It will be noted. Idea # 4 – Suggest things. Some of the major innovations in business have come from staff members. Can you imagine what it would be seen by the business owner if there is something you said the company earned an additional $ 100,000 per year, or save the company money or time? Being a person of "ideas." It's easy. Think about your work. How can it be managed better? How can streamline the operation? Are there areas that could reduce the waste? There are many areas that could offer a brilliant suggestion.

Managing Director

For these reasons we Peruvians must defend our democracy, our political system and our economic model. If so say we are evil communists, what would be if we were in a government with them? Nationalized, political persecution, the death of businessmen, journalists killed, unjust imprisonment of people who do not please the regime. It is the country that Abimael Guzman dreamed of ruling on behalf of the Communist Party of Peru Shining Path. Sendero Luminoso did not want the democratic system, would not alternation in power, did not want foreign investment, no wanted free trade treaties of developed countries, wanted a government of terror, an autocrat in power. Ollanta Humala wants the same and together with the President of Bolivia, which more like a restaurant waiter, a statesman, want to destroy the country.a That’s what he wants, Hugo Chavez, financier of the protests in Peru, a military out of their country looks like a thug in the Barracks of Callao, but not a president of the republic, if you can so call today to Venezuela that the rules with an iron fist, killing and appropriating journalists which thief of the social media does not like.

A friend you Europe, Latin America and Peru, I tell them that in Peru the only thing wrong is to allow the presence of subversives in Congress, unions and communities in the Andes and the Amazon. Should work with the national intelligence services to locate, capture, report and imprison all the promoters of chaos, disorder and confusion, making apologies for the violence and seek to overthrow democracy in Peru. a Show your love for Peru defending the democratic system, economic model and do not let word for communists, who call themselves nationalists, patriots of the XXI Century..


These governments answer fundamental rules prevailing in wealthy countries, which leads to verbal histrionics and volunteerism. The challenge of economic laws, has led these countries to seek curb inflationary pressures through repeatedly failed, price controls. Even has done, as in the case of Argentina, believe the government, in its effectiveness, to the point of distorting official statistics when the results did not confirm their beliefs. The populism of these countries resulting in unexpected changes in the rules of the game, creating a very bad business environment. Paradoxically, these countries have large development needs infrastructure they need private capital to satisfy, as in the case of Argentina in the energy field.

According to Cisneros: That takes long-term investment and no one invests in highly unpredictable places. Not that populism is the problem that scares investors, but is the continuous change in the rules of the game derived from the excessive power of governments thus undermining investment. But the problem is not so bad if only affect foreign investment, since at least the local investment would partly offset the lack of foreign capital. Current populist governments undermine investment in general, not only local but also foreign because they produce a context of unpredictability and instability. I even dare to say that these populist governments, to create some instability in the region, undermine in part, against the flow of investment to other countries in the region.

I imagine an investor who wants to settle in the constant bickering generated primarily from Venezuela, may be a factor that undermines the investment decision at the possibility that tensions from turning into a major problem. If you intended to make a preliminary assessment of Latin American countries, I dare to say that have demonstrated the complete failure of populist policies and the success of policies more friendly to the market. And in the medium term, is likely to prove unsustainable populist policies. Is that they are demonstrating their inability amid a context of international economic boom in their economies, creating problems of inflation, price distortions, disincentives for investment and, ultimately, increase in poverty (though not show their indicators).

If governments are to reduce poverty, should understand that the best way is through a stable and predictable macroeconomic environment, friendly to investment, which ultimately is the factor that generates sustainable employment. So you can create a virtuous circle between investment and growth to decrease poverty levels in Latin American countries.

End Always

And this is not bad, it’s good that everyone, children, understand and learn that every achievement should be based on a previous effort. But we see as being repressive to consider only a tendon honesty work we agree to be worthy, as there are many enterprises that society does not look like a trabajo honesty . For most people, honest work, is one in which one is more than 10 hours a day at work, perhaps no one working overtime charges, 5-6 days a week. Before, when we mentioned the social environment in which each person develops, we wanted to emphasize any differences among them. It is not uncommon to find that society considers those are always looking for new opportunities outside of what conventional employment, how irresponsible or a vagary .

Humans always have some degree of denial to see all our realized, the end of the day there is something good and something we consider reprehensible, not readily confess, something that embarrasses us. In the society collectively usually happens the same. It has always been a tendency to denial up to see the reality of the societies in which we live, and among other ways can be seen when considering those who have economic difficulties at work or not by defects in the constitution of our societies, but because of lack effort themselves. Society is, if we are good workers and employees, a eso to go looking for new business, you do not want to work , is a common thought, and is often frowned upon, even by his own family.

Stock Market: Who Do We Serve ?

When I learned in school the practical application of the graphics, I remember that as an example, use the monthly evolution of an alleged sales company. I also said that there are seasonal variables using the categories, but in general, and most importantly, is to visualize the trend increasing or decreasing. If we make a graph with the evolution of the global economy, taken as a reference in February 2008 to February 2009, what we show?. I believe that any string of mountains is more linear that the resulting graph. The question is: does the value of the shares represent a true reflection of the evolution and business assets?.

It seems not. So? : To serve the Stock Markets?, Or rather, to whom or from whom serve the existence of these? . What has happened in almost every crisis we have endured?. Billions of coins they can think of, have vanished into nothingness. Who were the owners of this money? Pension Funds: workers’ savings to be used when the time came they deserved retirement activity.

Investment Funds: thousands and thousands of small investors, who trusted organizations that work with alleged financial advisers and specialists, who receive hefty salaries. Investors: they use the services of brokers. You need to know that stock prices are recorded when conducting transactions through it. That is, someone who sells another purchase, the price agreed is the value of the paper. So, until the close of business each day. During the crisis, someone sells them, thinking that prices will decline, and someone purchases, because it understands that the price is very advantageous and can make quick profits in a short time.