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Assertive Behavior

If we don’t have bases as an ideal or a goal our character is weak, because these incentives paid the confidence in us to achieve the goals, or to comply with our ideology, generating an assertive behaviour with respect to our purposes; It means if say front and without fear in that it is believed […]

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Modern Technologies

If the studio at the same time receive a large number of orders, it will allow her some time "to stay afloat, but today most studios are no longer competitive and close. The most effective way out of this provisions will be separation of duties. For example, instructing the process of developing the site of […]


Viral Marketing

Intrigue – here is one of the most powerful levers of viral marketing. Today I will tell you about the methods of information transfer, which are unprecedented in their effectiveness, speed and cheapness. The idea virus has nothing to do with computer viruses and does not harm people. Viral marketing does not tolerate spam, and […]


Business Income Issue

After working on hiring more than ten years, I have come to the conclusion that it is always necessary to raise its price in the market life. Daily move in that direction. During the work 'on the uncle in the large companies I , as if not raised your salary will still be the ceiling, […]


The Law Of Business – Money Makes Money

It is known that money has a phenomenal ability – “creeps” penny – the hryvnia, uah – for ten and so on to tens and hundreds of billions. It is noticed by the ancient businessmen moneychangers and merchants Ancient Near East, Egypt, India, Roman Empire, etc. This is an immutable law of commerce, financial life. […]


Be A Better Work And Advance

Normally, when you ask a volunteer for most of the crowd concerned with doing a menial task, look the other way or offer excuses why they could not offer themselves. Watch people in these circumstances. It's pathetic. You can stand out from other people for being the "go-to" person. There always has to volunteer. If […]


Managing Director

For these reasons we Peruvians must defend our democracy, our political system and our economic model. If so say we are evil communists, what would be if we were in a government with them? Nationalized, political persecution, the death of businessmen, journalists killed, unjust imprisonment of people who do not please the regime. It is […]



These governments answer fundamental rules prevailing in wealthy countries, which leads to verbal histrionics and volunteerism. The challenge of economic laws, has led these countries to seek curb inflationary pressures through repeatedly failed, price controls. Even has done, as in the case of Argentina, believe the government, in its effectiveness, to the point of distorting […]


End Always

And this is not bad, it’s good that everyone, children, understand and learn that every achievement should be based on a previous effort. But we see as being repressive to consider only a tendon honesty work we agree to be worthy, as there are many enterprises that society does not look like a trabajo honesty […]


Stock Market: Who Do We Serve ?

When I learned in school the practical application of the graphics, I remember that as an example, use the monthly evolution of an alleged sales company. I also said that there are seasonal variables using the categories, but in general, and most importantly, is to visualize the trend increasing or decreasing. If we make a […]