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The way of Morals to try to hit internationally is alluding to an originating racism of he himself. Its declarations before the massive protests that are growing in spread – but that chose not to repress temporarily in it tries to become of a moderate image for his candidacy to Nobel are that their opponents want to overthrow to the Indian. It never mentions that nonIndian also voted by him. It eludes responsibilities on the violent provocations and murders committed by its government, it does not respect the citizen rights to pronounce itself freely and dominates against the civil society brutally. talks about to itself like Indian threatened, as if the other Bolivians did not have native blood running in their veins and its ethnic condition would be the moving body that encourages to the population to revolt. Morals do not want to admit that the town got tired of its treachery, incompetence and submission to foreign interests.

Few speak of the indigenista discrimination of the Aymaran against quechuas, mestizos and targets, spread by their ideologists of extreme left. It is that the union of quechuas and targets conforms the predominant Bolivian racially mixed architecture. The Spaniards did not bring women to the new world during the first 80 years of conquest and they were joined with quechuas to those who found more attractive and accessible. The mestization with the Aymarans was smaller. The aged resentment comes from which the Aymaran natives during incario lived like slaves on quechuas, who were servants of the Incas as well. The white man was the Creole – released who them of more than 300 years of absolute submission to the bloodthirsty incaico monarch.

The indigenista government is laid the foundations in the repetitive calumny, just as the one of Chvez, but shielding itself in an unfounded discrimination is vile infamia. The unique declared racists are Evo Morales and his cfrades. The segregation is frontal and public. Nor the Lunatic Colonel – being mulatto one dared to as much, and it is that the Venezuelans are also amalgamates of many genes. This last play of Morals is irritating and offensive not only for the Bolivians but for anyone. Shielding its abuses and ineptitude bringing to collation its lineage, is beyond the tolerable thing. If the Aymarans want racial war, of they are going it to insurance to have, but there will be no winners.

The End

Single-screw extruder Korean small power can be bought for 10-20 thousand euros, and modern dvushnekovy from leading manufacturers – for 200-300 euros. The bulk of the Russian manufacturers of small works on extruders Korean production, costs of purchase and installation of whom recovered within 1.5 years. In 2005, significantly changed the structure of Russian industry manufacture of pipes. Since 2003, the Russian production of an increasing proportion of products released to medium-sized enterprises, while small companies are gradually reducing their output. If at the end of 2003, approximately 35% of the total volume made of polyethylene pipes were in small businesses by the end of 2005, this percentage slightly above 20%. In the Russian production has been possible to identify a few large producers, controlling not only local markets but also sells its products in other regions. Of all the enterprises producing polyethylene pipes in Russia, there are two major share of which exceeds 35% of the total production. This holding 'Evrotrubplast' and of 'Kazanorgsintez'.

Over 20% of Russian production of polyethylene pipes are produced by JSC 'Kazanorgsintez', whose facilities are located on one site. Enterprise produces polyethylene pipes for gas pipelines to GOST R 50864-95 63-315 mm in diameter and pressure in accordance with GOST 18599-2001 diameter of 10-1200 mm. Until 2006, the pipes made of polyethylene own production grades of PE and PE-63-80. The company 'Kazanorgsintez' 1 January 2006 withdrew from the production of polyethylene pipe grade PE-63. This decision was taken because the brand PE-63 is outdated and does not meet international quality standards.

Tax Code

Founder sells the property purchase and sale of the company – the most profitable and transparent way to transfer property from the founder of the company. But there are two problems. Firstly, the founder loses ownership of the their property. And secondly, as a rule, the founder has no plans to divert funds from the company, and buying and selling used only as a way to transfer the property to the organization. The first problem to solve does not work, and if the founder do not want to lose ownership, then you can use another way to transfer property. But the second problem is solved. If the founder of more than 50 percent equity stake, it can pass freely of money received for the purchase.

The organization will not pay these funds to the tax (art. 251 Tax Code). Another option – to issue a transfer of the loan agreement. The founder of the company will borrow and pay off company by the same money for his property. The loan interest is more profitable to make. Then you can write off interest costs, but given the restrictions imposed by Article 269 of the Tax Code. In other words, the easiest way to set interest rates at CBR rate, increased by 1.8 times. After the transaction, the company can amortize property, and if the loan is also take into account the interest costs. A parent would not pay personal income tax if the property was owned by its more three years.

Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein

Regular use restores elasticity and firmness. The basis of the gel – biofiteks 6-component plant complex product biotechnology. It consists of: an extract of chestnut (tones the microcirculation, antioxidant), Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein (used to normalize sebum, vlazhnyet skin, giving it a healthy appearance, is struggling with dry skin and gives it shine, restores the comfortable feeling soft, supple, healthy skin, reduces the severity of wrinkles), extracts of Ruscus spiny, alfalfa, calendula and Centella Asiatic. In the gel also includes extracts of cucumber and cornflower. Thanks to an innovative solution from modern biotechnology gel reduces the visible signs of aging of skin, signs of fatigue – puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It tones, nourishes and moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, protecting it from aggressive environmental factors. Regular use restores elasticity and firmness of the skin, giving it a feeling of freshness. For the cucumber juice, which has softening, moisturizing, refreshing and first tonic properties, has long been used in the traditional medicine and cosmetology.

Cucumber juice contains phosphoric acid, vitamins B, C, carotene, and adhesives. All that cleans, softens and whitens the skin making it smoother, more supple and velvety. The flowers of cornflower anciently used for medicinal purposes: a description of the unique properties of the blue cornflower was found in the writings of Pliny and Aristotle. It plant has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties, tones skin, thanks to anthocyanins contained in it has antibacterial, antiviral effect. It relieves tired eyes, eliminates the eyelid edema, eye returns luster and shine.

The Americans

For comparison, they are ready to cooperate with more professional teams in Ukraine. In the gym next door went the American 40-years. Then gathered a group of young boys, they ran down to him, and had a group (quartet) to gather anew Repertoire – 12 songs in English language, by 3 / 4 similar to each other. The Americans have quite a nice, soft voice, the organic English-language pronunciation. But he said: “I want to give you the opportunity to earn.

Since you only 1000 euros, and we sing our songs’. Now show me the customer in their right mind, which is laid out 1000 euro for 10-12 similar as one of the songs performed by unplayed, an unknown group, but still full English? At the recital, this small group of clearly drawn. And for corporate parties, under charochku will want something special, not in a unique style of American. Who might embarrass you? – A person who recommended (high prices) this group. I understand and applaud when the artist himself is looking for but not for the same amount! You probably would annoy if they came to your house for the money itself will start to look mechanic, bricklayer, porter. So why are those who have applied to the artists, they decided that their bread is so easy? All of these people do not realize that time is unreasonable and excessive fees ambition is gone.

Perhaps in 5-6 years the numbers be close to expectations for 2006-2007. but it’s 5-6 years of life and creativity Who they are, these artists that they will be by then? Is not it time they learn to focus on the real market, and become less naive in their expectations? “. ***** This is written two years ago. And now I want to tell you that once I got a call from a pr agency and asked for help. Young group with a bright title needed talented press release, as it had expected tour of Kiev. Name, the speech and style of the group says little for future students. But I wanted so much to help the group that wrote a story about a successful soloist with extrasensory abilities. This story could not disprove, and it arouse interest. The text was suitable for both Internet resources and print media, and suggests further development of the theme. My interest and desire to help convey the head of the group, and he in detail told about its pricing: from the lowest to highest, and on the possibilities of their variation. The difference in prices was more than tenfold. I once saw, where and in what cases can recommend this group of potential customers. In my hands appeared tools for its representation. Therefore, the artist, exposing the first acquaintance flatly inflated prices, complicates the possibility of our cooperation. He is like a traveler, who in the desert runs from well to well and drink them down to the bottom, provided that an empty well to not come back.

Outdoor Advertising

Signs have always existed. And often it’s existence was far from cloudless, for example, even in the nineteenth century aesthetically conscious citizens of St. Petersburg scribbled anonymous Governor-General that abundance of signage obscures architectural beauty. In modern times, signs are directly identified with outdoor advertising. In Russia, at the design stage of the bill to protect the signs from the tax authorities had Duma faction, “MP”: “people’s deputies’ reminded that by law the seller is obliged to inform the buyer the name of your organization, its location, opening hours and to place this information on the sign.

In other words, the sign – the mandatory information. And to all the mandatory (except for signs), we decided to treat responsibly. In Minsk safely co-exist for several generations signs. Arising stylistic dissonance raises a smile even from the experts Mingoroformleniya, not to mention less fettered in the emotions of ordinary citizens. Thus, three generations of outdoor advertising in the city: “The Pavilion” Beer of water.

” Outdoor Advertising in the style of rotten rannebrezhnevskogo psevdoampira occasionally ennobled watery paint. Particularly popular this type of “outdoor advertising” among these types of outlets such as small grocery and vegetable shops, provincial consumer services, etc. It is believed that these signs can not fight – scatter the ashes of themselves. But no, made to the conscience and survived for decades. “Kruce the eggs.” Bad taste of outdoor advertising last decade generated by ignorance of the new material or a desire to save money. You do not become boring flooded the entire city pale pink, like a sex shop, barber signs, hardware store and even conventional grocery store (with “strawberry”)? Selection of fonts usually beshitrosten and infallible, as throwing in the process of communication fingers clumsy and simple names, like a monologue bindyuzhnika tipsy. These designs will fall only under the yoke of intense competition, not the other way … “The new, yet not become old.” Just good signs, samples of outdoor advertising, pleasing to the eye and professional designer, and class of technologies used. A number of these technologies has grown over the past decade, several times. For example, acrylic glass, high-density and color stability, or LEDs, more vivid and efficient than gas-discharge ads, etc., etc. (See “External poll”). Another thing is that in addition to technology has taste and style – elements that are often more important than tricked ‘trim’ or ‘elkameta’. In Russia, by the way, has long been a contest, “Sign of the Year”.