Fixtures in the Ceiling

Usually, if there are fixtures in the ceilings, then drain through the hole to produce a built-in elements, retard film and pour in the prepared container. But my advice is still to contact the professionals. They know how to pull the canvas ceiling, so that it does not hurt, and necessarily dried suspended ceiling inside, Otherwise, mostly from the damp ceiling might have a fungus. – By the way, many people fear that after the leak, the ceiling is deformed and then does not recover, if not burst under the weight of the water – This is one of the most common myths among our customers, as well as the fact that the water must drip in places where the mounting fixtures are installed, for example. First, the 1 square meter of quality suspended ceilings can withstand the weight of up to 100 kg, that is, if the room area of 10 square meters, a ton of water to your home is not terrible, it just provisnet. Yes, it looks like it's not aesthetically pleasing, sometimes frightening, but it is not "dead".

After draining the water for several hours ceiling itself can be restored, but, of course, with the help the process of "intensive care" will be faster. But this is one of those ceilings, the quality which we guarantee. With regard to flow in places where the attachment installed lights, then this is another "legend". Agree, in the case of leaking water rarely runs the center, where, as a rule, and are mounted chandeliers, and the specificity of suspended ceilings is that the accumulation of fluid and sagging occurs just at the point where myself and there is a leak. That is, if the cats in the corner, hence provisnet ceiling painting in this very corner. – When the suspended ceiling is better to replace the new? – If it is very large cuts – more than 20 cm, or if burned a hole in the ceiling, in these cases, repair stretch ceiling does not help, only to be replaced. – Burned? How's that? – There are also such experimenters.

Generally – the quality suspended ceilings from German or French films, and the firm "Quartus" works only with quality materials for suspended ceilings, fireproof. They do not burn an open flame, but under the influence of fire, melt and may break. So there are customers that this necessarily want to see for yourself, begin to bring cigarette lighters to the ceiling, of course, than it ends. – So, when it is impossible to repair the stretch ceilings, the client will have to pay twice the cost? – Actually, not so scary. Replacement requires only the ceiling of the film and fittings and fixtures remain the same, then there will need to pay only the cost of the stretch fabric and the work of specialists. For example, check out the brigade to dismantle – mounting the ceiling, draining cost within the 3500 rubles, but if you take into account that pays the author a flood, then our customers as a result of this money back. " That As for "patching" of cuts, it all depends on the scope of work, price is negotiable.