Childrens Interior

In an effort to make it better, we often make mistakes. In the interior, for a child it is almost inevitable, because you have to make decisions for another person, albeit small. To reduce the number of misses to a minimum, give the ten most common misconceptions adult illustrators of children's interiors. So, what are categorically not to do: 1. Try in the room your child to realize their own unfulfilled dreams.

Child has their own desires and the right attention to them. 2. Strive to help design a child's room to impress your friends. The child feels false and imbued with a distrust you. 3. Buy an excessive amount of things and toys.

When the abundance reaches a critical point, it turns into chaos. On this we should always remember, kids making out the interior. Living in an atmosphere of chaos, the child develops worse and may even suffer from neurosis. 4. Allocated to Child smallest room in the house. If the living conditions of the permit, it is better to settle the child in a large space. This will save you from it and a lot of problems in the future. 5. Zealously protect the environment from damage a child's room and damage. Even if you do badly shelled out and bought expensive furniture, be prepared to courageously accept the fact that the presentation she will lose. Childhood – it's time to spontaneous reactions. A child should not feel own room in the museum of design art and fear for every thing. 6. Intrude into the interior design of a child's room with objects. Often, for brevity, the adults leave the children's room ironing boards, sewing machines and even a freezer. From this room gets the status of a checkpoint. No child will not get you for that. 7. Child abuse theme in interior design. Actually all of these "bunnies, flowers," like basically an adult. Sometimes children even categorically demand to remove the furniture out of sight with Mickey Mouse. 8. Constantly change and improve the view a child's room. There are some parents perfectionists who endlessly improve living conditions for the beloved offspring. This makes the interior of a room unpredictable, which is undesirable impact on its inhabitants. 9. Reject fashion trends. Even if popular trends today are alien to you, leave them unattended impossible. The child should have an idea of what is popular at the moment. This will facilitate his interaction with the outside world. 10. Blindly follow the advice and recommendations of other people. He – the person with the individual traits and emotions. Therefore, in order to build an ideal children's interior, it is useful to study child.