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Chile University

It explained that the enterprise social responsibility did not have to be " charity, neither philanthropy, nor patronage, nor marketing with cause, nor maquillaje" advertising or they green washing" ". In order to differentiate it &quot is precise; to always return to the definition. First I must see and do cago to me of the impacts, because he would be unacceptable in a project with impacts significant to compensate with philanthropic actions negative impacts. And here it is valid to see which is the interest that is behind doing position to me of those actions. He is sincere interest to contribute to the local economic development and comprises of my strategy and my policy or we are in the scope of the impact and compensaciones".

Lastrico Robert is civil engineer of the University of Chile, with doctorate in the University of California, attending today studies of philosophy in the University Gabriela Mistral. One of the points that put in discussion was the polarization level that has reached the debate on the responsibility of the companies, calling to all the parts to have all the information before criticizing. " A little is had lost the effectiveness of these organizations (who are against the dams in Aysn), I say and it without offending nobody, when disqualifying to which they try to make these projects. To disqualify generally to the companies. I believe that he is ineffective, inefficient, believe that it can arrived better objetivos" it explained. In its opinion " it is worth the pain to change the speech already exhausted on private companies and the industralists, not being legitimate to demonizar generally nor in particular to the transnational ones in this subject of today. He is not legitimate to demonizar them if we do not have an objective knowledge of which they are acting bad or antiethically, and while we are not sure that the imputations are certain that them hacemos".