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Tax Code

Tax legislation does not exclude the possibility of field tax audits of taxpayers and establish the circumstances that could not be detected by conduct a desk audit of calculations presented in the same period (Resolution of the Federal WZO from 09.07.2002 N A33-15681/01-S3-FO2-1833/02-S1). Drawing on the results of a site inspection of the two acts and the imposition on them of two solutions, not is a violation of Art. 89 of the Tax Code, provided that both the acts and decisions are recorded crime for various tax periods (Resolution of the Federal SFR from 27.05.2002 N A42-7039/00-12-989/01-444/02). Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has much to offer in this field. It did not accept the arguments of the taxpayer that when you specify the head of the tax authority in the decision of a tax audit only the name of the audited entity, without specifying to the capacity in which she appears in tax relations – taxpayer or tax agent, requires the tax authority to verify that organization as both a taxpayer and a tax agent is not accepted by the court, as according to Art. 9 of the Tax Code, they are two separate species participating in tax relations, and a simultaneous test is the right of the tax authority, and not an obligation (Resolution of the Federal Defense of 27.05.2002 N KA-A40/3239-02). The court found unlawful actions of the Russian Federation and local Tax FTPS RF seizure of documents and the system unit of the taxpayer, because the composition of documents that may be requested during the audit is limited to the purpose of inspections specified in the decision on its conduct. If you have read about Neiman Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion.


Implementation of private entrepreneurship, small firm management or a large corporation, all this requires constant reference to the norms of current legislation. As is known, no knowledge law is no excuse. But does it really, to keep abreast of all changes of articles and regulations, without special education and long experience? Unfortunately, no. Mainly because this have to postpone the actual business and for days he studied special editions, tracking improvements in the legislation as a way out of difficult situations will be a contract subscriber service to Program "Corporate lawyer." But why the services of a professional who will work at your organization is constantly and purposefully – is better than periodic visits to various specialists in order to hire the lawyer in the arbitration or get advice? The answer is obvious: "Because he was exercising representation in arbitration and counseling, it will work for you!" And applying to our company, you can find an expert of his craft that can become a reliable support in difficult situations and acting always in your best interest and your business. Specialist who will work with you on a contract customer care program "Corporate Lawyer," will carry out competent legal support of your company, since its registration or joining team already at the stage of active development of the company.

Knowing all the features of your work, it guarantees the possibility of relaxing the business within the law. But it also happens that help is needed urgently and completely unexpectedly. Reasons for this include: – an urgent need to find the debtor – the need to carry out representation in bankruptcy court – assistance in issues such as legal support of the deal – the resolution of disputes with partners or customers – claim work and much more. Due to the fact that our company employs lawyers who specialize in a variety of areas of law, we are able to provide immediate services of a lawyer in the arbitration decision for the widest range of problems. With us, disputes over leases, real estate investments, land and other issues will be addressed to maximize the benefits for you and with the least financial losses. Much of the latter and help moderate prices for the services of lawyers in our company.

Court Notices

The procedure is standard and its implementation are subject to special forms (forms). In some areas the courts have even automated notification of the court action (through the data). Court Notices mandate for the lower courts (regardless of the amount in controversy). The Court does not check the received claim on the merits, and consider it formally. Preparing a notice of judicial foreclosure, which is delivered to the debtor. The debtor may, within two weeks of receipt of notice of judicial appeal against it. After payment of court costs matter to court for the main proceedings, which substantiates the claim. If the debtor does not present any objections or submit it too late to be declared the performance of judicial foreclosure, which is also sent to the debtor.

If again there were no objections, the court's decision on such a claim comes into force and this means that it is enforceable. Process usually lasts from six to eight weeks. During the procedure, the notice of debt collection apply reduced rates of court fees. The lawyer gets a full-time fee for the judicial process and the half fees for drawing up proposals for a decision on the execution of a foreclosure. 5. What are the possibilities of the judicial decisions? Which one should I choose? In Germany, in matters of enforcement of decisions claims, the following features: – seizure of property and transfer requirements of the debtor to third parties (such as bank deposits, requirements for a business partner, the requirement for a financial institution to return taxes, the right to receive wages) seizure and sale of movable property, sale of real estate.