Tobacco Industry

It was a crushing blow to the tobacco industry, but not on the company's Philip Morris. The company has decided not to assure safety of its cigarettes, and position them as cigarettes for those who know the dangers of smoking, but can not get rid of this addiction. Good idea, but in the way cigarettes 'stood up' their big-name filter with the red stripe. So very strong, so far, was the association between this filter and 'femininity' of cigarettes. Companies had to change something and change dramatically. It was necessary to make people forget that Marlborough – cigarettes for women, and get to buy their men.

We needed a specialist, able to do so. And he found: Leo Burnett has launched an advertising campaign that became the starting point in modern history Marlborough cigarettes, and just a legendary advertising, which still taken as an example, many marketing specialists. On the posters look now not fine the fair sex, and strong, confident men, 'sea wolves', war correspondents, builders, and, of course, the lords of the wild prairie – cowboys. Feature of the Marlborough cigarette advertising was that it starred not actors but ordinary men, but they all featured firmness, confidence, and genuine masculinity. For example, the first image in the advertising of cigarettes was a real lieutenant United States Navy.

Tutu has undergone major changes, or, as it is called in marketing – rebranding. Change Font at a 'rough', changed colors, becoming red and white, and she pack, in general, began to look more closely and 'manly'. After the release of a set of commercials and conduct a survey of consumers found that the most popular and recognizable character was a cowboy, who became, later, the image of a cigarette brand Marlborough. The poll also showed that a pack called 'flip-top', then there is a box of hard paper with a flip top lid considered the most convenient of the existing ones. As we can see on the shelves of cigarettes, this standard has not been surpassed to this day. After eight months, sales increased by 5000 percent! Rebranding was successful. To date, cigarette company Philip Morris sold in 180 countries, and are among the most purchased cigarettes over the world. In conclusion, we say that what would have been a cigarette, they are still harmful to your health.