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European Parliament

The Moroccan Minister business-oriented Foreigners and of the Cooperation, Saad El-Din Otmani, in a conference of the joint Press with its homologous of other countries members of the Union of the Arab Magrebe, after thirtieth session of work of the advice in Rabat, Saturday 18 of feverieo 2012, it announced that the nineth round of informal colloquies on sara occidental person, under the auspices of United Nations, will be carried through 11, 12 and 13 of March in the outskirts of Manhasset in New Iorque, United States. The eighth round of informal quarrels on sara occidental person was carried through, in Manhasset July of the passed year, in the presence of Morocco, Algeria, Mauritnia and Polisario. As of custom, before each round of negotiations on the Saara, the Front of Polisrio initiates maneuvers with its members infiltrated in the territory to provoke incedentes and to harm the preparative of negotiations. Nieman Foundation gathered all the information. The Movement of the men of Mohamed Abdelaziz is not limited to the capitals of the Europe, in which they had collected the first defeat with the voting of the European Parliament for the protocol of agriculture with Morocco, but furtively, had been ahead threading its net inside of Morocco, in an attempt to provoke un new scene of encampment in Izik, being searched to stir up the separatistas of inside as a double share against the Moroccan authorities in diverse areas, as a confidential document where names of separatistas of the interior benefit of important monthly wages for the Front of Polisario. Without a doubt the ghost of separatistas it appears inside of the recent ones events, trying to politicize the social protests in the regions of Taza and of Beni Mellal, the northwest of the country, confomre the government, seems that the Polisrio Front is interfering in the subjects what was confirmed by the document emitted for Secretariat-Generality of the Polisrio Front of Mohamed Abdel-Aziz. .

Curricular Parameters National

The time excused for the execution of this workshop will be of 28 hours/lesson. It was opted to to work with the Resume of Activities, being objectified the contact of the children with texts that allow a true experience of literary reading. The application of this project will privilege the three axles of the education of the Portuguese Language foreseen in the Curricular Parameters National: orality; reading and writing. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic.. 4,1 Determination of the horizon of expectations: (2 hours/lesson) In this first stage of the application of the Recepcional Method, a visit to the library will be proposal, where the pupils will have freedom to handle literary compositions that more please to it and can choose one to be told to the friends at the moment of the session of contao of histories. At this moment, the pupil will be able, if to want, to make associations between histories chores and its knowledge of world. Leaving, hypothetically, of the estimated one of that the pupils arrive at the subjects: work, friendship, and relation between the people, the professor will have in hands, now, the knowledge of the horizon of expectations of its pupils. Having, therefore, conditions to need the content to be worked in the subsequent stages: the Relations Human beings. 4,2 Attendance of the horizon of expectations: (4 hours/lesson) In this stage, the professor will deliver to the pupils, a photocopy of fbula ' ' The buzzer and formiga' ' of it Fontaine (attached), in the original version, that is, in verses.

Afbula is an attractive and familiar text, for the children, for the fact of the personages to be animal, beyond being short texts. The language worked in form of rhymes is another attractive one. The professor will request, then, to the pupils, the quiet reading of the text. In the ending of this, he will ask for so that they write its impressions on the reading of fbula, without she has the communication between the learning, so that each one is faithful what it was capable to perceive and to feel with the first reading.


Of this form, to follow this new perspective a mentality change is essential that takes the two basic elements, the information and the knowledge. From this organizacional dynamics, many happened boardings of accurate science and the nature had been carried to the enterprise environment. However, to the measure that some scientists advanced, they appeared the uncertainties, the contradictions, leaving space for new conceptions, appears relativity there of Einstein, where uncertainty standard, prevails, where it has the unexpected one, the new, so requested in this new world-wide context. Ahead of the changes, the companies had started to search the innovation thought, leadership, of the debate, of the adaptation, placing the individual as agent in the process of co-evolution with the objective of improvements in such a way for the company how much for the customer, thus, consequentemente the satisfaction in the market, better products, better companies..

So Paulo

In this way if it intends to understand the existing crossing between social cinema and relations, in view of that such social representations are characterized by the existing exchanges between individual and society, being understood that seventh art can serve of palco to unchain it of such manifestations of exchange. 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF the BRAZILIAN NEW CINEMA Of the many concepts of cinema bred around of the world the Brazilian New Cinema was sobressaiu that was had in our country as ' ' the great annihilator of the cinema convencional' '. Differentiated of other cinematographic styles this new form of flmica construction cineastas made to grow in Brazil the interest of a composed group for young, a necessity to almost run away from the North American aesthetic standard and its characteristics that if came back, that solely for a type of commercial film. ' ' The New Cinema looked for, over all, a cultural independence for the Brazilian film. This did not mean to have only national subjects, but to find a cinema capable to translate the reality on the basis of national aesthetic authentically brasileira.' ' (FIGUEIRA, 2004, P. 31) the bankruptcy of the great cinematographic producers of So Paulo in middle of the decade of 1950 culminated with the sprouting of idealizers who bet in the cinema of social critical matrix. Completely inserted in the process of affirmation of the favored groups less, Glauber Rock and plus a series of cineastas and thinkers of the time the passions observed the cinematographic movement as being the liberator of all, and in its many speeches added: ' ' I continue closed with my position of a cinema third-mundista. An independent cinema of the economic and artistic point-of-sight, that does not leave the aesthetic creativity to disappear on behalf of a commercial objetividade and of a imediatismo poltico.' ' The citation of Glauber Rock summarizes the thought of the young cineastas of the time that had interest for productions of low budget directed toward the Brazilian reality.