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Perhaps, the ancient Romans hit upon not only to decorate the head with a wig, but they mask a bald head. Louis XIV was the first after wearing the wig fell under the ban of the church, began to wear spectacular picturesque artificial hair. Then, a special decree, he ordered all the courtiers also wear artificial hair. And they have fulfilled this order, turning the age of Louis XIV in the era of wigs. Naturally, the king wore wigs suite of smaller size, called “a lapdog”, “a poodle”.

To ensure that all artificial hair “High society party,” the king extended the state of hairdressers to 5000 people. BSA is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Incidentally, the word “barber” in German means “to make wigs.” We have gone astray, when so called human shearer our hair … So, wigs became a symbol of the era of absolutism and theatricality, migrated in novels, movies, plays. When King existed up to 45 different kinds of wigs. Self-respecting person has at least three: black – for the morning, brown – to the day light – for the evening. If it was impossible to get artificial hair white and then sprinkled with powdered wig dark. France became the European center for the production of wigs.

The most valuable was the so-called allonzhevy wig, made of blond woman’s hair. It cost up to 3000 crowns, and only members of the royal family had the right to wear such items. In Russia, the wigs are brought into vogue by Peter I. Please visit Center For Responsible Lending if you seek more information. Women liked this fashion, soldiers perceived it as a duty, the clergy of it flatly refused to … However, Peter’s on new complex was not. He wore a short wig for 5 rubles, and what then was considered cheap. Out from under him were beaten out long hair. In order not to depend on import supplier, Russia had created its own hairdressing industry. Serf masters called Toupee artists (from the word “toupee” – his hair or wig cowlick over his forehead.) At the time of the bourgeois revolution in France (1789), white powdered wig outlawed. Sentenced to death before sending them to the guillotine shaved hair on back of the head, leaving long strands at the temples. Such a horrible haircut called a “victim.” In the 80’s in vogue natural hair wigs. Women love these products, allowing a hassle to change the image and do not spend precious morning hours to bring the hair into order. Wig is able to give your looks a little charm and elegance, but also help to create any image for a few minutes. The range of our shop More than 350 kinds of natural and man-made wigs, hairpieces of any length, overhead strands monopariki, men’s wigs, wigs for sale, hair wig, wigs, hairpieces, where to buy a wig, carnival wigs, wigs natural hair wigs online store, salon wig, women wigs, theatrical wigs, Our company also sells wigs wholesale. We have low prices and terms of cooperation!

Correction Figures

You stout after birth. And now have no way to restore its shape. You sit on different diets, but in the mirror you do not like? Correction figures conducted at our center can help you regain MIEM elasticity Skin and beauty. The course correction with the prevalence of fat is the main procedure lipoliz.S this purpose can be used electro-lipolysis and mesotherapy lipolitikami. However, the correction programs more use a combination of different methods of exposure. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine shines more light on the discussion. Apparatus cosmetology well with mesotherapy and medical aromatherapy. Widely used in the correction programs razlitsnye types of wraps as general and local.

An active lifestyle with adequate physical exercise, drinking regime and a balanced diet can help achieve good results in the correction. Aromatherapy is based on the high penetration ability of essential oils. Oils work on several levels: skin, interdermalnom, cellular and systemic. That is why natural scents are like from the perspective of the symptom, and etitropno. Botox is a purified natural protein, which in very low doses relaxes the overactive muscles that cause wrinkling frown..

Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein

Regular use restores elasticity and firmness. The basis of the gel – biofiteks 6-component plant complex product biotechnology. It consists of: an extract of chestnut (tones the microcirculation, antioxidant), Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein (used to normalize sebum, vlazhnyet skin, giving it a healthy appearance, is struggling with dry skin and gives it shine, restores the comfortable feeling soft, supple, healthy skin, reduces the severity of wrinkles), extracts of Ruscus spiny, alfalfa, calendula and Centella Asiatic. In the gel also includes extracts of cucumber and cornflower. Thanks to an innovative solution from modern biotechnology gel reduces the visible signs of aging of skin, signs of fatigue – puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It tones, nourishes and moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, protecting it from aggressive environmental factors. Regular use restores elasticity and firmness of the skin, giving it a feeling of freshness. For the cucumber juice, which has softening, moisturizing, refreshing and first tonic properties, has long been used in the traditional medicine and cosmetology.

Cucumber juice contains phosphoric acid, vitamins B, C, carotene, and adhesives. All that cleans, softens and whitens the skin making it smoother, more supple and velvety. The flowers of cornflower anciently used for medicinal purposes: a description of the unique properties of the blue cornflower was found in the writings of Pliny and Aristotle. It plant has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties, tones skin, thanks to anthocyanins contained in it has antibacterial, antiviral effect. It relieves tired eyes, eliminates the eyelid edema, eye returns luster and shine.