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Supreme Commander

In the first part of music as happened does not fit in places, but in the sequel it perfectly done. Although, in the initial splash screen first Supreme Commander sounds very pleasant melody, catchy, and no 2 of the SC, which drives the bit into a depression. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kidney Foundation has to say. The Campaign So now you know that this project is worthy of profound attention. As sometimes referred to in these situations: Must have. The truth is guaranteed only if you want to play online.

If not, then you better play C & C 4, or wait for Starcraft 2. Yes, it is now going criticism of Supreme Commader 2. Namely, it singlpleernoy component. We already mentioned that SC 2 is much gained in terms of single-player campaign, compared to its predecessor. Unfortunately, it is only by comparison. If you compare the campaign Supreme Commander 2 and C & C 4, the comparison will not favor the former. See for yourself, we are still quite a dull story, insert, where the characters talk and joke and try it all on the background of the war, but such that you just do not care what they say.

We were promised that the game will povestovat not about war, but about people, Well we got it. On the mound, as they say. The idea was very good, but the execution leaves much to be desired. We have three different stories (one for each race): here you are and the history of wife-husband and brother-sister and even father-son relationship.


This online encyclopedia is intended primarily to man, who came first with a fishing rod to the river or the lake. I must say that all novice anglers interested in the hobby, often uncertain, with confusion begin comprehend its elements. Some fear they will not look like is not solid, engaging in such "frivolous" case, while others, having heard that the angler to transcend nor rain, nor cold, fear for their health, others to learn how many secrets have to take what would become an experienced fisherman, consider the case incomprehensible. But the pursuit of outdoor activities near the water rises: awkwardness fades, the body gets used to a long stay in the air tempers and strengthens. In recent months, PCRM has been very successful. And soon, if you truly captured the fish, you will feel that the gear is not soundly terrible weather. To be successful at fishing, you have to learn the basics of different methods of fishing, to study the design of gear, get acquainted with the habits and characteristics of fish.

This online encyclopedia and is intended to in some way help you with this, to give the novice angler to the first lessons. After reviewing this material, you learn that fishing – not only fun but good. It is also a constant study of the interesting and informative underwater world, the natural environment and its inhabitants. For the novice fisherman is very important to learn the tactics and experience experienced fishermen. The first trips to the best fishing with experienced make friends who can help and advise in the process of fishing. But how about if you do not have such friends and you go on a fishing trip with a company of as beginners? Study the relevant literature, look for information online, use the materials of the encyclopedia. This information will help you explore the waters and fishing techniques. In the future, and your perseverance Systematic campaigns allow you to go fishing a lot to learn and master the necessary skills.


Volunteers to the rescue … Fellow citizens willing to work for free: in return they get something that can not be bought and five top-managerial salaries. They deal with difficult teenagers, visit kids in orphanages, working with orphaned children in boarding schools, seminars and protests. All of this – free of charge and voluntary. (Not to be confused with Boy Scouts of America!). Here are some of the volunteers involved in charitable programs. "… I'm just sorry that people are so selfish.

Actually, I have something to do. I have two children, worked as a manager in the company. To be honest, time starved – explains Olga – but forget about these kids I can not, and do not want to …. " Three months ago, this young women gathered to bring kids from the orphanage some gifts. For more information see this site: Kidney Foundation. Introduced in the search engine "aid orphans", but instead of the proposals came across a forum dedicated to the problems of orphans. "Some days are not could recover from all these stories about kids, how they live in foster homes, what their difficulties, the problems they encounter when leaving the child care ", – says Olga. At first, she thought to show participation, transferring money to the orphanage, and buy them gifts, but when she realized "the scale of the problem" – joined to volunteer.

The most conservative estimate of the capital about three thousand abandoned children. Of course, our State has been working in this direction, but there is not enough. Volunteers IBO "Look," indifferent to this problem is actively involved, self-dividing the field of operations: someone comes to the children – communicate, engage with them, someone comfortable with a variety of activities to children – trips to the skating rink, a planetarium, and someone raises money for medicines and gifts.