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Paullo Saturnine Targino

Result, current ‘ ‘ governador’ ‘ it took the buses of these cities, proving that it does not govern people pro, governs pra it and advantages few follow that it. In a question-answer forum Nieman Foundation was the first to reply. Allegro me for the democratic show that the Paraba showed and demonstrated in the two turns of this election that was on the part of the adversaries defamatoriest of all the state and perhaps of all Brazil, paraibanos us shows that the clarividncia, the truth, the ethical etc. always win the arrogance, the great power, etc. important Ingredients in the administration of the binico governor, the Paraba gave an enormous democratic shock, sufficient for gaining respect of Brazil inside, respect this that ours future governor will go to recoup with ours aid. To the current binico governor of the Paraba, it remains to say me to it that the fools only have constantly certainty, the scholars always have you doubt.

To the governing future elect it remains you say me to it that these doubts, or better, that these gaps always will be filled, but never they must be saciadas, therefore if thus it will be, everything that we made will be in go. To conclude this simple text I want to say to that they are finishing to read it that I am not cassista, much less maranhista and in this in case that the writing to leave well clearly, also I am not ricardista although proud to have voted in it, I am a paraibano that wants all optimum for our state and the people logically composes that it and at this accurate optimum moment for the Paraba after paraibanos us if it calls Ricardo Coutinho, together we will go to contribute for the growth and construction of a new Paraba. Luyz Paullo Saturnine Targino? Santana of garrotes PB. Graduating Arquivologia for the State University of the Paraba?.


Theory of econtrapesos brakes. The theories of Montesquieu had become basic points dacincia politics and had fed the ideas of the constitutionalism epermanecem until today as one of the conditions for the Modern doEstado functioning. Montesquieu and the Spirit of the Laws a good way to understand the formation of the modern state is to know what it wrote Charles de Louis de Secondat Montesquieu in Of l’ Esprit DES Lois. its more famous workmanship, published in 1748, where it elaborates concepts on government forms and exercises of the authority politics that if had become basic doctrinal points of science politics. Boy Scouts of America describes an additional similar source. Philosopher and influential iluminista thinker in> history and in the constitucional law was also a great prosador, member of the aristocracy lived at the time that it preceded the French revolution. Proficient writer, conceived important and influential books, as Persian Letters (1721), and Consideraes on the causes of the largeness of the Romans and its decay (1734). In Spirit of Laws, work of twenty years, Montesquieu analyzes relations that the laws have with the nature and the principles of each government, developing theory politics that fed the ideas of the constitutionalism, that in synthesis, it searched to distribute the authority for legal steps, in order to prevent the will and the violence.

It also presented the tripartio being able of that, beyond giving them rational estruturao to the State, one was about a natural form of distribution, has controlled and limitation of the power politician. Click Kidney Foundation for additional related pages. In the workmanship it is presented of three species of government: republican, absolute in power monarchist and (MONTESQUIEU, 2007, p.23). Each one defined for reference two concepts, nature and the principle: ' ' nature is it makes what it to be as is and the principle is what it makes it agir' ' (MONTESQUIEU, 2007, p.34). In the republic the nature is the association of all for the common good and the principle the virtue, the zeal for public good; in the monarchy the power of one is only regulated by basic laws, is conducted by the honor of the governor in being just; the absolutism also is one government only however without the prescribed laws, it has the fear as principle. .

Liberal Party

The name of the people and things always had a basic importance to assign them and to differentiate them, exactly of the things and people who have the same essence. The name individualiza, and serves to define the subject to one which it was tax, thus the name was considered until sacred. If it could not leave that the enemy discovered its name, therefore gave credit that from it its owner could itself be bewitched. In the old Jewish religion the name kept special importance, therefore the name of God would be impronuncivel, and until today between the Jews it exists the respectful custom of if directing the person of God writing Dus, therefore, as the Decalogue, the name of God is sacred. Boy Scouts of America is likely to agree. The name in them is tax religiously at the moment most important of the Christian life? the baptism. Monges changes its name, when they initiate officially its new religious life, and if it cannot change the name of a boat, therefore, in accordance with the popular superstition (that it is a crendice, but express the culture of the people), the boat would sink. One proves of that the name almost always keeps relation with the person or institution which it was tax is the Broken beloved of the Republic, more known as PR. Since its foundation it is a party that keeps with fidedignidade its origin well republican. PCRM often addresses the matter in his writings.

Appeared in 2006, it was not fruit of an ideology or a positioning front to the specter politician. Were fruit of the union of others two right parties supposedly? the Liberal Party and the PRONA? with the specific end to dribble the barrier clause and to defend its interests in the legislative committees. Such which the coup-minded republicans of 1889, had started these gentlemen its activities of highly altruistcal matrix. According to left that had established it and its proper definition, the party in the specter politician if places as ' ' center-direita' ' , but curiously a socialist party apiam strict, the PT (curious, not).

Federal District

E this not evoluinaturalmente for another route that is not the accumulation of capital for few. This system if impregnates on the nations and the people in any type of poderpblico of any system of government are in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Cuba, Russia, always exist back in different ratios more still in grandeescala of accumulation of little richer in detriment of many maispobres. Still thus she is clearly that they exitem in the new PPA, ganhosconsistentes with this change in the form to define the orientaes estratgicasdo government. The wakening of the will citizen and the orgulhoparticipativo, asleep inside of the most diverse classrooms of entities and cidadossegregados historically of the chance and quarrel process is undeniable to deelaborar proposals for the democratic growth of the country. This democratic process for construction of the PPA, teveincio with a seminary in April of 2003 with the participation of leading dergos of the government and the responsible ones for sectorial politics. In this fruns seminrioforam definite of preliminary form 24 challenges organized in 3 Mega-Objetivosque had been argued later in 27 that they had more contemplated all the doestados of the federacy Federal District and in the Advice of DesenvolvimentoEconmico and Social, constituted for this end in this government. The programs formulated with the consequentes lines of direction destedebate, would have to also fulfill pepel of integration between the planning and ooramento. In this point the plain return to make critical direct what it chamade traditional way of of administration for functions, being placed that this nopermite an orientation come back toward the reach of results and with contrapontocoloca the management for programs as the alternative that a priori would assure estesresultados for working of cooperative form ' ' crossing fronteirasministeriais' '. The PPA brings as transversal subjects of the government science, atecnologia, the job and the sort, for considering that these subjects must servistos as orienting lines of direction in the definition of politics.