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Emergency Commissioner

What to do when away from the hometown of the insured from his car there was trouble? For example, theft or accident, a fall of foreign objects on the hood. But, apparently, the presence of hull insurance policy solves almost all problems – because the insurer is obliged to compensate the damage. PCRM contains valuable tech resources. However, the time of performance will come only when all formalities are settled and the car will be submitted for assessment insurer. Boy Scouts of America will not settle for partial explanations. Only here is where to find it, if around some woods? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems at first glance, although the insurers argue that the procedure for settlement of losses of the insured does not depend on where there was trouble. But do not forget this fact, as a mandatory written notification to the insurance company of an insured event occurs, namely that it should be done in limited period of time. If there are difficulties with this, then there is always at hand mobile phone, with which you can call the call center of the insurer.

For one only but – if you call the traffic police and a tow truck, Emergency Commissioner is possible where the insured event. And, if the traffic police department are almost everywhere, then how to deal with evacuation and inspection of the damaged vehicle insurance staff companies, as well as repairs? Fortunately, if an employee will help with traffic police call a tow truck – but the problem with obtaining insurance payments remains open. Will likely have to hurry to go home to feed application for compensation. Of course, if the insurer has a sufficiently large network of branches in Hull insurance, for its customers really do not have any issues – assistance will be provided to employees nearest representative, and no problems with the insurance compensation will not be. Choose just such an insurance company – because of an accident away from home no one is immune.


The amount of savings in Mongo depends on the conditions of the contract. Any organization engaged in long-term life insurance, is ready to offer several types of programs, from which the client initially selects the most podshodyaschuyu. He decides to how old he retire and what would be the size of pensions. First of all client initially to decide what additional amount to the state pension, he would himself provide. The next step is determined the timing of payment of future income: get the full amount of savings at a time after the expiry of the insurance contract, or in parts within opredlennogo period of time (until the end of life, for example). Next you need to consider how to allocate resources more convenient monthly, quarterly, annually or as something else. For example, the contract can stipulate that the fees you pay every six months until 55 – the age, and after stop work and you still want to receive $ 500 monthly. Based on the expressed wishes you the insurance premium is calculated, that is, those Platja, which will need to regularly pay you during the term and certain.

The amount of contributions depends on the customer's gender and, of course, age. The important role played by the future health of the insured. Therefore, when this contract will have to undergo a full medical examination some companies such as ING Life offered to do it for free, in the said Institution. Please note that the survey reultaty company can not meet, and then in the insurance customer refused. If the assigned insurer will arrange the price comfortable old age, you can only sign a contract, and the insurance company will take up his obyazatlstv. Now about pyusah and cons of such a system. Traditionally, Life insurance is divided into two groups: whole life insurance, and insurance for survival. Endowment insurance – the so-called mixed type, combining, and insurance and insurance on smrti case of survival.

BTI Certificate

Copies of these documents will subsequently be applied to the evaluation report, as their presence is a requirement of most bank loans. All of these documents you will need it more than once in the process of obtaining the loan and purchase selected apartments. Since the procedure of gathering documents takes a long time, it is best to take care of this before treatment in the evaluation group. This collection of documents is not as impressive as the one that must provide to the bank. It usually includes: A certificate of ownership or contract of sale or certificate of registration of property rights. Certificates and documents BTI: Form 11a, explication, floor plan.

For homes built before 1960 – a certificate of the type of floor in dome.Dlya homes to 1970 and built storeys to 7 storeys, inclusive, as well as the old fund (eg, the so called 'Khrushchev') – note that the house is not is the plan for demolition or reconstruction of relocating. When a package of documents compiled, you must first agree to the landlord of the date and time when you can invite a representative of the organization to conduct the evaluation inspection of the chosen accommodation. Schedule this meeting with be the expectation that the appraiser will inspect the apartment no earlier than the day after your treatment in the evaluation group. There is one little nuance that to consider when planning the inspection. Banks, in most cases, require a report to attach to the photos, which should be depicted residential and non-residential apartments, the possible defects interior decoration, as well as entrance, staircase, courtyard and front of the house where the apartment is located.

Tax Code

Founder sells the property purchase and sale of the company – the most profitable and transparent way to transfer property from the founder of the company. But there are two problems. Firstly, the founder loses ownership of the their property. And secondly, as a rule, the founder has no plans to divert funds from the company, and buying and selling used only as a way to transfer the property to the organization. The first problem to solve does not work, and if the founder do not want to lose ownership, then you can use another way to transfer property. But the second problem is solved. If the founder of more than 50 percent equity stake, it can pass freely of money received for the purchase.

The organization will not pay these funds to the tax (art. 251 Tax Code). Another option – to issue a transfer of the loan agreement. The founder of the company will borrow and pay off company by the same money for his property. The loan interest is more profitable to make. Then you can write off interest costs, but given the restrictions imposed by Article 269 of the Tax Code. In other words, the easiest way to set interest rates at CBR rate, increased by 1.8 times. After the transaction, the company can amortize property, and if the loan is also take into account the interest costs. A parent would not pay personal income tax if the property was owned by its more three years.