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Building Materials Clean

A new approach to cleaning our air found its way from the laboratories into practice now also in Germany. The technology is based on the principle of photo-catalysis of with the help of sunlight organic substances, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, but also viruses and bacteria very effectively decomposed. So a coated surface of 100 metres is the location in 12 light hours to clean the same amount of air as seven large deciduous trees. This still relatively new in Europe technology is used today in a number of construction materials, such as such as self-cleaning clay roof tiles, paving stones, wall and floor tiles, or insulating glass. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Neal Barnard is the place to go. But manufacturers of facade elements, noise barriers and precast concrete also working hard on the integration of new technology in their own products. Also the subsequent coating of surfaces is possible without any problems.

Facades, elements or roofs are thus self-cleaning, vermoosen and veralgen no longer and still provide good air. So that makes FA. NADICO in Langenfeld/Rhld. Since the beginning of the year service companies in the whole Federal territory in the application of photo-catalytic coatings from. Goal is to build of a nationwide network, make good air in metropolitan and industrial areas as well of course as on the land.

Only, Who Cleaned Up His Chimney, Can It Save Money

A value change has opened up in the company. Protecting the environment is an issue that is becoming increasingly important. Deliver efficient heating and therefore less pollutants. A goal often pursued when a chimney restoration. What exactly is the effective benefits for the saviour of companies now? In recent years, you realize awareness, maybe even thinking when it comes to climate change, CO2 emissions and reduction of resources.

Of course, even rising energy prices contribute to this. The fact is that many homeowners, not least want to rehabilitate their chimney on recommendation of the chimney sweep of. The customer always has a certain fear of this step. Can I trust who? How long will it take? What does BBs and because not all dirty? These fears often belong to the past. Nowadays a renovation is carried out quickly and without dirt. Also, a chimney restoration is regarded as an investment in the future.

It brings money savings due to low energy consumption and that pleases even the environment. A poor flue reduces the efficiency an enormous heating and this means unnecessary heating costs. It also runs the risk of health damage caused by leaking flue gas. To avoid all this, a timely consultation is necessary. Here, we work closely with the Austrian Rauchfangkehrern and us constantly exchanging “, explains the gew. Managing Director, Bmst ing. Edmund Drohojowski the possible negative consequences of a non-rehabilitation. Depending on the chimney is located in what State rehabilitation variations are used. Whether reconstruction with ceramic, stainless steel pipes, plastic systems, insulation, Interior sealing for making the operation leak or the milling using hydraulic method of small fishing sections until going to the chimney head renewal the selected system be selected individually. To respond to changing conditions of the chimney renovation, Ahrens Schornsteintechnik evolved continually. And so does the nationwide companies from Wieselburg the rehabilitation system ASIS 2000 FU in the program. It includes the condensate density in Austria premium Ceramic tube with the unique 6 cm sleeve, surrounded by a fire-resistant Dammstoffmasse. This means: Burnout security, condensate impermeability and resistance to acids. The 8 mm strong ceramic tubes with 6 cm deep, in a piece of isostatically pressed sleeve, prevent the condensates. The system is therefore without ventilation humidity-resistant. In any other form of restructuring such a perfection achieved so far “, Managing Director Mathias Ahrens underlines the high quality of the product. More at

BMW Energy

HFO energy operates nationwide as energy Distributor and sold electricity and gas contracts with distribution partners. For example, for optimal green, Secura, lekker energy, bright spot, Eprimo, etc. The farm-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH launches its new partner campaign in 2011. “We want to double this year to our dealer base and launched this new Merchant programs” HFO energy informed General Manager Alexander Albert. The AutoFairProgramm launched in 2010 will be continued. This HFO energy offers a service car successful channel partners. The vehicles move into the VW gold and BMW class.

“Many of our partners use this option very cost effective to drive a company car. The vehicles are neutral – without advertising imprints”Alexander Albert reported by HFO energy. In addition to the AutoFairProgramm an Apple action starts from April 2011. This turnover sales partner can win prizes to the value of over 10,000. Among them are Apple laptops, Ipads or iPhones. He wants with this sales promotions Energy distributor from yard sales further stimulate. In addition to these topics, also the partner support was extended massively. “We have greatly expanded our staff and use new electronic platforms, we also support our partners more than personal back office”.

With the back office service HFO energy can complete fully both the order entry and also claim support partner on HFO energy. Thus leaving more time for the acquisition of new electricity and gas customers. “The added value of cooperation with HFO energy lies not only in the Commission models, often the extensive support in the acquisition of electricity and gas customers is just as important for distributors. Details about the new partner programs, HFO energy will inform further in the next few weeks. First, more information can be requested via the website. HFO energy markets some of about 20 different energy companies electricity and gas tariffs. Among them are companies such as E.g. perfectly green, flexstrom, stadtwerke Flensburg, volt and forest, lekker energy, envacom, Lichtblick, prioenergie, flexgas, eprimo, Goldgas, super energy, Switzerland, secura and much more.

Electricity Customers

Nuclear compromise strengthens dominance of the power groups criticism of small party Berlin, September 10, 2010. The agreement on an extension of nuclear power plants encounters enthusiasm at least among the big power giant. The response from independent suppliers in the electricity market is quite different. Their criticism: The new energy policy strengthens the dominance of corporations and brings the electricity giant billion additional revenue. “The extension is not a good decision for current customers: the big corporations will also continue to dominate the German market for decades”, says Robert Mundt, the Chairman of the Board of the alternative energy provider FlexStrom. The experts of the oko-Institut have already done the math: therefore the nuclear compromise of the Federal Government brings energy Baden-Wurttemberg (EnBW) and Vattenfall the four power Giants RWE, E.ON, triple-digit billions of additional revenue. The four big power companies are currently operating nuclear power plants in Germany and thus the Financially benefit extension.

This includes, however, only a fraction of this additional income from the policy investment imposed on the companies in renewable energy. Also the leaked adjustment clause with rising electricity prices doesn’t change it. The public all details of the compromise with the nuclear industry should be disclosed”, calls for FlexStrom Board Mundt. To worry about is that the power giant to continue their dominance in new technologies. It is just the small utilities, which bring the market positively in motion and relieve the budget of current customers according to industry studies.

A relief for consumers is currently hardly expected by the policy. “Now go instead of long wait for the politics”, Robert Mundt by FlexStrom therefore recommends. Center for Responsible Businesss opinions are not widely known. With the change to an independent energy provider, put consumers not only a sign against the electricity giant, but can relieve usually also their budget. A Stuttgart-based budget (annual consumption of 4,000 Kilowatt hours), for example, around 330 in a year when he changes from the basic supply rate of the energy group EnBW to the cheap prepaid service (by FlexStrom) DeutschlandsBest eco saves.

Honnefer Mineralbrunnen

The cake for the 208 medium-sized mineral water companies is getting smaller and smaller. At The discount percentage is sweet drinks even at 65 percent. PCRM is a great source of information. With Aldi, Lidl and Norma there are discount chains, who consistently refuse to take reusable, despite the provisions of the Ordinance in the range”, Wolff said in Bonn. The discounters have a powerful medium for customer loyalty in the hand with a predatory pricing by 19 cents for a 1.5 liter bottle and the compulsory deposit of 25 cents. The consumer come back for the second purchase. The consequences for our member companies are dramatic. The middle class melting, the regionality and product diversity is lost.

It is a rise of the bankruptcies and business closures. Alone in the room Bonn we have lost re Gin ARIS, Arthur we lost in bad Honningen and we lost the bad Honnefer Mineralbrunnen two weeks ago. The most recent reports are,”Wolff said. He wants an elimination of cross-subsidization of drinks by the discount groups. It was difficult to determine.

The gains over the unredeemed deposit could the trading partner flow into the provisions. Here, the tax authorities are required to get access to these amounts. So far, no valid statements about the height of the Pfandschlupfes of the trade would be presented. The cooperative is EUR 330 million, are annually infected by discounters in cross-subsidization of disposable drinks. The mortgage profits are estimated at EUR 62.5 million, recycling revenues to around 40 million and savings through the Elimination of fees for the green dot to 226 million euros. You would have to against count actually investments for redemption machines. In reality the discounter bring back these costs from the supplier itself”, so Wolff. Need for action to bail out reusable sees also the oko Institut. The proportion of multi path devices on a critical minimum of reusable is generally called into question. It is to determine that the conventional food retail trade increasingly relies on non-returnable. There are “ultimately strong signals required to prevent these problematic developments”, calls the eco Institute in a study for nabu tax getraenke.pdf. A material control is the appropriate measure, to change the cost differences in favor of reusable. The differences across all stages of the value chain can be relativized at least largely in favor of the ecologically advantageous packaging”, writes the oko-Institut. A policy mix of various instruments is necessary, to the introduction of a packaging tax, maintaining of compulsory deposit and the provisions of the Ordinance, as well as a labelling regulation count.

Waste Prevention: Earn Money And

Campaign Trenntwende gives tips on how alleged waste becomes cash / excess donations instead throw away / new topic special waste and money starts Berlin, 03 April 2012. Earn money with the own waste? The Berlin service campaign Trenntwende in the current topic special is the best tips to waste and money.” On the campaign Web site Berliners know how they improve the household budget with their alleged waste, or where they can donate discarded household appliances and furniture to charitable institutions. With the detailed step by step-instructions contain the campaign valuable information, so that sales of sorted books, CDs and DVDs for purchase portals on the Internet is easy and secure. Who rather would like to try out his sales talent in direct customer contact with a flea market booth, can pick out favorite for the own market day in the list with the main Berlin flea markets and immediately book its stand with the provider. For all, the with superfluous things as household effects, furniture and appliances would help people, the Berlin social department stores are the correct address. They accept donations and sell them at affordable prices to the poor. The Trenntwende has visited the point of junk in the Prenzlauer Berg district and talked to Ms.

Ziegenhagen. It is since 2006 at the point of junk and tells in an interview on, what things are needed. “The Trenntwende: together the participatory campaign Trenntwende” is the motto of our city. Our garbage. The idea!”, informs and motivates Berliners and Berlin to waste reduction and separation. “” On the campaign website visitors with the MullCheck can test your knowledge and find out whether they a trash ring “or the sly Mullionar” are. The Trenntwende is supported with funding from the support fund conservation Berlin Trenntstadt Berlin of the Foundation. The non-profit co2online GmbH is responsible for concept and organization the himself in numerous campaigns promotes climate protection and a sustainable future.

The Trenntwende wurmwelten.de is supported by EUREF AG, GSW Immobilien AG, Markisches land bread GmbH, memo AG, Tetra Pak Germany, online shop and the city magazine zitty Berlin. At the same time, the campaign is supported by the Senate Department for urban development and environment. About the non-profit co2online GmbH which GmbH (www.co2online.de) is non-profit co2online is a for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors and heating advice she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. A strong network supports various information campaigns with partners from media, science, economy and politics. The action impulses that trigger the campaigns of co2online, demonstrably contribute to reduce CO2. co2online brings together players in the modernization market, initiated among other things the consumer campaign sponsored by the Federal Ministry of environment air searches “Protection” (www.klima-sucht-schutz.de) and the German team in the Energiesparcup funded by the European Commission “(www.energiesparcup.de). Contact: Boris Demrovski co2online non-profit limited company Hochkirchstr. 9 10829 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 780 96 65-25 fax: 030 / 780 96 65-11 E-Mail: co2online Klima.sucht.Schutz