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Supreme Commander

In the first part of music as happened does not fit in places, but in the sequel it perfectly done. Although, in the initial splash screen first Supreme Commander sounds very pleasant melody, catchy, and no 2 of the SC, which drives the bit into a depression. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kidney Foundation has to say. The Campaign So now you know that this project is worthy of profound attention. As sometimes referred to in these situations: Must have. The truth is guaranteed only if you want to play online.

If not, then you better play C & C 4, or wait for Starcraft 2. Yes, it is now going criticism of Supreme Commader 2. Namely, it singlpleernoy component. We already mentioned that SC 2 is much gained in terms of single-player campaign, compared to its predecessor. Unfortunately, it is only by comparison. If you compare the campaign Supreme Commander 2 and C & C 4, the comparison will not favor the former. See for yourself, we are still quite a dull story, insert, where the characters talk and joke and try it all on the background of the war, but such that you just do not care what they say.

We were promised that the game will povestovat not about war, but about people, Well we got it. On the mound, as they say. The idea was very good, but the execution leaves much to be desired. We have three different stories (one for each race): here you are and the history of wife-husband and brother-sister and even father-son relationship.

Bernadette Celebrates

Bernadette celebrates 5th anniversary with dimension battle weekend 5 years is a rather stately age for a browser game. Reason enough to celebrate, and a little fun to the players and fans of Bernadette! Therefore, the team by GameArt Studio calls the upcoming weekend for the dimension battle weekend! This means: both on Saturday and on Sunday a dimension battle will take place! The dimension battles where players of all worlds and all languages can participate, to fight against each other in the name of the gods, are an integral part and main attraction of online games for a long time. There are not only the dimension battles that highlighted Bernadette Horde battles and various weekly tournaments as a community experiences from the entire mass of the browser, but it is the steady work in the fantastic world of Bernadette and the new ideas that make the Bernadette a perennial favorite, implemented by GameArt Studio. So it gave last year in addition to the creation of the world groups and new international worlds with Bernadette winter landscapes such as graphical highlights. GameArt Studio Team anyway, looking forward to the next few years and wishes everyone good luck with the next dimension battles and lots of fun with their adventures in Bernadette! GameArt Studio: GameArt Studio GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2006 and quickly became one of the most innovative developers and publishers of online games. All games by GameArt Studio are multiplayer online games, players from around the world can play so together with and against each other. In addition, all games are Free2Play games, i.e. they are free to play.


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There are packages that offer you more than 3 destinations in a single trip, so you can learn about a beautiful different and without a doubt, culture in the company of your partner. Do not wait to that most closely matches your wedding date and book your trip now, from agreement to the expectations that you and your partner have for this unforgettable experience that will mark them of by life. A. Verastegui hold.mx original author and source of the article