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Supreme Commander

In the first part of music as happened does not fit in places, but in the sequel it perfectly done. Although, in the initial splash screen first Supreme Commander sounds very pleasant melody, catchy, and no 2 of the SC, which drives the bit into a depression. For other opinions and approaches, find out what […]

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Bernadette Celebrates

Bernadette celebrates 5th anniversary with dimension battle weekend 5 years is a rather stately age for a browser game. Reason enough to celebrate, and a little fun to the players and fans of Bernadette! Therefore, the team by GameArt Studio calls the upcoming weekend for the dimension battle weekend! This means: both on Saturday and […]

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You are about to get married, and have even you have not thought about your honeymoon trip? Don’t worry, here I’ll give some tips to make this experience something unforgettable on your new life partner. If you are a couple who enjoys things new and unknown, but at the same time, wish to disconnect a […]

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