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United Kingdom

Soon the British coast, in international waters, there will be "vessels in vitro fertilization, where British couples can legally get fertility treatment that is banned in the United Kingdom. CDF pursues this goal as well. Entrepreneurs want to rent ships and equip them to clinics where they will conduct artificial insemination with sperm of anonymous donors, and used other, more controversial methods, such as prenatal sex selection. Consultant for the implementation of this plan is Ola Shaw, founder and manager of the largest sperm banks across Europe – Cryos, opened in Denmark in the early 80's. Now Cryos exports semen to more than 40 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. From the words of Shaw, the tightening of rules for in vitro fertilization clinics in the UK would lead to the market "coastal" treatment will be very large. The impetus for this campaign served as a deficit donor sperm in the UK due to the abolition of anonymous donors.

And the ships off the coast can provide services for artificial insemination with sperm of anonymous donors. Floating clinic in vitro fertilization be able to bypass and other aspects of the law that caused dissatisfaction among the childless couple: for example, Denmark has a resolution that frozen embryos must be destroyed after two years. Cryos faces challenges trying to obey strict rules in force in the UK for the import of semen: for example, in British law, a donor can become a father for 10 children. "Ships in vitro fertilization" follow the route of Netherlands 'abortion ship', which stand at the shores of Ireland. "Ships in vitro fertilization" will obey the laws of the country whose flag they fly.