Foundations, companies, institutions and dedicated initiatives must look new. The speed of change is so high at the moment like rarely before. The signs of massive, that transformation processes are our all immediate life abundantly clear: energy supply and environmental impact, demographic changes and changes in educational and workplace are exemplary for so-called Megatrends or just transformation processes that have already begun and affect life and economy. Please visit Boy Scouts of America if you seek more information. And in the midst of this turmoil, we move, Act and communicate with each other. Just social actors must adjust to this change, they need strategies and Kommunikationskozepte. We take charitable foundations: how they act in the face of the persistent low interest rate environment and the sustained high inflation rate? And the other side, the many initiatives and institutions looking for financial support, as they operate in this environment? All these actors should come up with the strategy for your Deal with action, this check and adjust.

And they should question their communication concepts and adapt to new requirements. Malte Schumacher, born in 1966, building his company since October 26, 2011 in Braunschweig “painted Schumacher / / strategies and communication” on. After more than six years as a specialist consultant for project management and communication in a classic Foundation (assets: 37 million; average payout per annum: approx. 900.000,-Euro) he wants to act now even sense-building and help foundations, companies, institutions and dedicated initiatives to meet the challenges of the future with its experience, networks and leitmotifs. Only the two mentioned economic factors require new concepts: the sustained Nierdrigzinsphase and the high inflation rate. “The end of the steady growth is already achieved?”, this question turned on the German Foundation day in Stuttgart in May 2011 Gunter Thielen, Chairman of Bertelsmann Foundation, and Professor Meinhard Miegel,.

Chairman of the Foundation of thinking work future. And the answer was: it looks at least for now. HGefragt are therefore new strategies and a new communication of strategic action. The strategy is the recognizable patterns in a stream of decisions. Strategic learning, so the reflective back is crucial for a viable strategy and forward looking. Strategies form the basis for achieving set goals. A strategy may not define the future, but it helps to embark on the right way in the future. Strategies are dynamically and beforehand to the fit in reality. A strategy helps to do the right things at the right moment. Communication is actually quite simple, and the principle of integrated communication as well. Following this principle communication works, stringent and closed so each other building up in co-ordinated. Integrated communication is long-term and strategically, it includes all internal and external communication tools and creates a Communication unit, which also is perceived from the outside. The communication is also consistent and generate a coherent and consistent appearance (image) of the communicating. The principle of integrated communication is efficient and effective. You should have at a glance this transparency, openness, truthfulness, reliability and authenticity. Painted Schumacher, November 11, 2011

Club Meierei

About group dynamics and the disintegration of social basic elements of our society a call for civil courage. The topic of bullying is unfortunately increasingly topicality in the daily coexistence. Many writers such as Professor of Internet Governance offer more in-depth analysis. This problem apparently not only on the professional range is also limited, but in the private sphere as well. This experience caused Ilia Faye, to publish a book about it. No non-fiction, rather a kind of diary. A story about two years of Association life, about a topic with which almost everyone sometime, confronted with which the reader can identify. It all started so beautifully: A sports club, a community of over years to a large family of leisure has grown together. Fun, entertainment, joint ventures, joint successes.

An idyll, as everyone craves, club life, as it may not be beautiful but what happens when commitment and success have not recognition, but jealousy and malice to the result? What happens if members use the Club as arena, private personality deficits to compensate? What, if still aggrieved man honor Moreover? What, if it no longer comes to leisure and sports, but only to power? A book about sense and nonsense of semi-formal, origin and truth of the word charitable ‘, as well as tasks and abuse any board posts ‘ in the Club. Exciting and analytically Ilia Faye portrays beginning and excesses of an incomprehensible form of group dynamics in a supposedly civilized, democratic society. Conclusion: Witch hunt that is there yet. Exciting representation of initially completely normal club life, as it has ever met anyone. Freizeitliches together, which is artificially disturbed but increasingly by intrigues and power games and more and more charged up the escalation: Club Meierei pur.

An issue that affects many entertaining in words. Because of the authenticity and the life style of the author, the reader of this exciting social criticism in the portrayal feels put into it and will be stimulated to critical thinking. For more information and excerpts are available at available. Ilia Faye “Club dairy and other smut”, paperback, 242 pages, ISBN: 978-3-939935-26-1 appeared in the Heimdall-Verlag, Rheine.

Cooperation Brand Electrical Products

FlexStrom and Marquardt offer exclusive Berlin kitchens, June 14, 2010. “The utilities FlexStrom currently offers the chance to save up to 70% of electricity consumption in the kitchen: the possibility on a SIEMENS electrical appliances set of stainless steel oven, stainless steel hob, stainless steel dishwasher, and energy saving refrigerator at a preferential price for 1578 euro, if you sign up for low-cost ecological electricity tariff donations power” decide by FlexStrom. This allows a cooperation with Marquardt kitchens. Offering customers the option on the purchase of energy-saving electrical appliances, back up and at the same time, charitable projects are supported. Up to 50 percent of the total electricity consumption by households is in the kitchen when there old devices with high power consumption are used. With the offer of cooperation, not just green electricity offered, but also the power consumption significantly reduced. As an innovative and independent group provider we offer not only particularly electricity customers in Germany favourable electricity tariffs”, says Robert Mundt, Chief Executive Officer of FlexStrom. The cooperation makes it an attractive discount offer for its customers FlexStrom Marquardt kitchens.” The decision for the special FlexStrom rate with monthly payment the customers with an option on the brand devices set at a special price in addition.

Be the option can kitchens then easily in the cooperation partner of Marquardt. Naturally, the SIEMENS electrical equipment for a small fee can be adapted to specific customer requirements. With special donations electricity tariff customers make good choices: FlexStrom donations electricity customers green electricity is fed to 100 percent in electricity grids. Also, this special tariff supports charitable projects on For every kilowatt hour electricity flows 1 cent on selected projects. A Centre for war-traumatised women and children in the former Yugoslavia, the project of painting school of the Kunsthalle Emden is up-to-date and supports a fellowship program for better education of young people.

About Exagon

After initially quite euphoric expectations, which were then replaced by a more restrained approach, it seems to be Now increasingly to stabilize acceptance”Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer interprets the results. But he also clearly warns misperceptions of the lifecycle concept. In principle its usefulness in a simpler implementation of the projects and a better alignment of IT to the business may consist”, he explains. Could benefits include principle, that a more flexible mapping of corporate changes in the IT service management is possible. But that is the theory, because in practice, these goals of ITIL 3 would not help the user because the new rules and regulations is too inconsistent and especially no concrete answers as an integration of different lifecycles can be realized. You interact with each other”, problematizes Fremmer and shows: one must imagine the different lifecycles than gears, which are all part of an overall system. Changes on one gear not remain so without consequences for the other gears.” The “Consultant explain this with an example: If a software manufacturer decides not to support a particular application, the action of the user company is not limited to the software level, but the problems affect necessarily more levels.” ITIL 3 let Miss too many answers in this question but for the practitioner and is partly contradictory.

The lifecycle approach in itself is correct, but the path to it has weaknesses”, judge Fremmer. Exagon therefore methodological concepts has developed that eliminate these weaknesses the refresh version of the rulebook. About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects. This includes Exagon performance portfolio both consulting services as well as extensive training. Customers include companies and institutions such as BASF, Bayer, Federal Ministry of defence, DEKRA, Deutsche Bank, Heraeus, Hessian Centre for data processing, Postbank, T-systems, TuV Sud, Vodafone D2 and the German Woolworth.

Interior Minister

In autumn 2008, the badge “For services to Simferopol ‘was the instructor of the National Team of Ukraine Rowing among athletes with lesions of the musculoskeletal system Petrenko. In the last decade of May 2008 the leader of the UNA-UNSO Y. Shukhevych, son of the commander of the UPA R. Shukhevych, was awarded on behalf of the College of Security Service Ukraine badge “Honorary Star Security Service of Ukraine.” During the rescue a drowning child, the order of the head of Russian Emergencies Ministry on January 27, 2006 Ekaterinovskoy student’s secondary school district of the Krasnodar Scherbinovsky 6 Dmitry Kuzmenko at the edge of courage, bravery and selflessness shown by the salvation of man, has been awarded the badge of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations of Merit. In mid-October 2008 Decree of the Presidium of the World Academy of Sciences for Complex Security Minister of Culture of the Chechen Republic radicals Muzakayev awarded a degree ‘for Service of Russia. ” Rewards: badge of the Ministry of Culture Russia ‘Achievement in the Arts’ (2007), “Honored Artist of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR” (1991), the badge of the Ministry of Culture of Russia “for achievements in culture ‘(1998), the Order of Merit to the Republic of Ingushetia’ ( 2008), “Kadyrov Order ‘(2008),” The People’s Artist of the RI’ “Honored Artist of Russia” (1996), the Order “For the development of parliamentarism in the Chechen Republic ‘(2008),” The People’s Artist of Russia “(2004), Medal of Merit to the Chechen Republic’ (2005) .

October 24, 2008 Chairman of the Ugra Duma Vasily Sondykov handed honorary badge of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra “For contributions to the development of legislation ‘Director of the District Department of Labor and Social Protection TA Assumption. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Boy Scouts of America. At the end of February 2007 Head of the State Courier Service of the Russian Federation in the city of Cherkessk lieutenant colonel of internal service Alexander Shinkarenko for assisting in the decision entrusted to the problems and GFS Russia to commemorate the 210th anniversary of the Russian courier presented to the President of Karachay-Cherkessia Republic of M. Batdyev badge ‘210 years of the Russian courier ‘. Also, departmental badge was presented to the Chief Office of the Federal Security Service of Russia on KCR B. Ostrovets, Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) Sergei KCR currants, Interior Minister KCR N.

Osyaku, chairman of the Government of the KCR A. Kardanov. In October 2008, at the inauguration Khabarovsk Mayor Alexander Sokolov, after reciting the oath, he was awarded certificate of the mayor and the badge, which depicts a coat of arms. In the early fall of 2002, the decision of board of the Russian Ministry of Education Federation of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy ‘for innovative forms of education of children, identifying and supporting talented young people, of great practical charity’ was awarded Badge “For mercy and charity.” This mark established in 2001, is awarded for the first time. In addition to his Holiness Patriarch became the first honorary chairman of the owners of NK Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, president of the International Charitable Fund “New Names” Yvette Voronov, president of the holding company Interros Potanin. Among the awards Magomayev: Order of Azerbaijan ‘Shohrat’ (1997), ‘Istiqlal’ (2002); badge “Miner’s Glory ‘third degree, Order of Red Banner of Labor (1971), Honour (2002), Friendship (1980), medal” For Service to the Polish culture.


Step 3: If you eliminate skin imperfections at the wrong time jumped back pimples, apply a dot on them means to salicylic acid (or wipe the infusion of oak bark and calendula). Also before the "x hours" Try to wear only natural fabrics, it does not irritate the skin. For even more opinions, read materials from Nieman Foundation. Step 4: make your skin soft and silky To leather back looked brilliant, periodically apply a mask to it (you can get tighter mask you use for the face). Some contend that Nieman Foundation shows great expertise in this. After a few applications, your skin will become soft and groomed. Apply yourself, do not injure once again your man, asking him to rub the green porridge mix you have on the back. Putting a mask, comfort yourself that this exercise helps to straighten your posture. A posture – this is important, especially for the exit in the evening dress. Tips: To stick better to keep, put it on top of the tonal resources, then blot with a tissue and apply another layer of lipstick or lip gloss.

Gold and bronze shades perfectly accentuate eye color in artificial and muted lighting. To hide dark circles, use concealer, not only did he disguise under-eye circles, but Retouch fine wrinkles, and also serve as a great base under the shadow and eyeliner. To give the look shine, apply to the inner corner of his eyes shining bright shade, and under the brow line growth, it will increase the eye and will look radiant and open. After applying the cream, wait 5 minutes before apply foundation – so it does not get rolled up. Follow the advice of stylists and styling hair care products, and studied fashion trends this season's make-up. Step 5: before going into light Just before putting on a dress to mask minor defects concealer. Put it on a large body shimmering powder brush. Do not forget to wear a bra under the dress puch-up – it will lift the breast to an unprecedented height, and straight posture, the brilliance and confidence in the view is not leave no doubt as to who on this ball princess.

Prepared For The Caller

KREUZER is already prepared for the caller Cruiser dialogue Marketing GmbH: the Meckenheimer outbound call centre acts actively on the new draft of the law of the Federal Government to the Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG 2009), the beginning of this year takes effect. Thus, Cruiser shows its innovative spirit at the technical implementation as well as the personnel adjustments on the subject of caller to meet the legal requirements. “The new challenge for the call center is that of Outboundcalls Inbounds” and thus a new solution-oriented campaign management is required. To meet all customer needs, there are different concepts of services offered. 1 transfer a campaign-specific telephone number in the transfer of campaign-specific number there are two variants. The demand of a number can be transmitted from Cruiser or a free telephone number of the customer. When his recall on a campaign-individual greeting, the caller will led, which indicates only that the caller will be called again. 2.

transfer a campaign-specific telephone number with VoiceBox similar stops this in addition a VoiceBox as the pathway of the campaign-specific number to the outgoing message, the return caller can leave a message on the. Thus, a targeted recall by Cruiser is guaranteed. 3. establishment and transfer a service phone number a neutral service number offers the advantage of freely selectable routing. Thus callbacks can both CRUISERS and the contracting authority be accepted and edited what is especially in times of heavy utilization of benefits. However, the disadvantage is that no direct conclusions to hand draw the number on the caller leave.

4. full service offer also here is the number to be transferred freely. In this variant, the numbers will be accepted directly by a trained Inboundteam. Results in the advantage that the customer for the execution of this phone call took time and is thus much gesprachsbereiter. The packages are individually adapted according to the needs and possibilities of customers and carried out. Although 2009 had a transition period of six months after the adoption of the Act to the calling, Cruiser offers already professional solutions for its customers. Company: Kreuzer stands for competence in the field of outbound call center/telemarketing, market survey and sales outsourcing in the B2B (business to business). As a full service provider Cruiser project competences span from the company headquarters in London all international markets, country-specific and multilingual handled with the help of around 80 employees.

Small Mobile RFID UHF Reader

With an integrated RFID module due to the compact design, the handy ‘always there’ read the mobile multi-talented SCANNDY tags mobile all-rounder can be equipped in addition to 1 d bar codes and 2D codes also available with an RFID module for LF, HF and UHF (Gen 2). To broaden your perception, visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . The basic version with the UHF module weighs only 139 grams and is well suited for continuous operation. The maximum reading rate is 170 tags per minute. The SCANNDYbasic UHF version achieved a reading distance of 30 cm whereas the SCANNDYgun version has a large reading distance of up to 4 meters. The SCANNDY UHF series is as usual modular attachable.

The basic like the pistol Variant must be equipped with or without display, 7 or 19 buttons variable. All variations can be also equipped with Bluetooth or cable (RS232, USB, PS2). SCANNDYgun has in addition GPRS and Wi-Fi as a radio interface available. The pistol version is available also without display and keyboard. As standard, the units contain a Demo software for the import and storage of bar codes or RFID information.

To transfer the data from the mobile device to the PC, also the SCANNDY dowload is supplied with”software part. Desired applications can be created using the specially available development environment. This knowledge requires C++, to create the desired applications. No developer in the home who receives a ready-made software solution IDENT macro according to the corresponding requirements of customers. RFID modules for SCANNDY RFID the handy always thanks to the compact”read tags, E.g. for the field technician, the service, the goods inspector for the protection against plagiarism, for documenting the presence of a maintenance tag marked control or measurement point, etc.

New Bar Code Reading Miracle PowerScan

The new series of hand scanners PD7100 belongs to Datalogic BBs developed, industrial and low-cost readers readers to capture bar codes facilitate the work of employees, increase the productivity and reduce errors to a minimum. Especially in the areas of manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and logistics, rugged devices are needed to ensure a continuously healthy and fast operation. The new PowerScan PD7100 hand scanner is suitable in particular for ongoing work, forklift trucks and warehousing operations, in shipping and receiving. For the postal service’s new PowerScan PD7100 the perfect solution for sorting according to postal and package codes, where high throughput is a key factor to improving productivity. The scanner is thus particularly for high-speed”applications, where thousands of codes must be read in a very short time.

The new series of hand scanners PD7100 among BBs evolved, Datalogic industrial and inexpensive readers and builds on the rugged handheld scanner PowerScan 7000-SRI. By its light weight, excellent ergonomics and robustness (protection class IP65) the new imager combines an advanced optics and best features in a single device. The fast read performance (390 Scans/sec) this scanner makes it ideal for use in intensive bar code applications. Like all PowerScan products was the mechanics of PD7100 developed for extreme ambient conditions and tested accordingly. He endures falls onto concrete from a height of 2 meters 50 times and contains an electrostatic protection up to 25 kV (air discharge). Thus, the scanner offers a continuous reading performance and reliability. A louder beep and Datalogics of exclusive, patented ‘ green spot’ directly on the code allow a read receipt even in noisy environments.

The innovative and unique design of the PowerScan PD7100 combines scanner features usually offered with different models, in a single device: up to 3 mil code maximum resolution; Reading distance of up to 3 meters and wide angle code reading. The result is a versatile, easy-to-use, intuitive scanner that makes each scanning process a breeze.

CRM Xact

The methods aimed in particular at three critical core activities: 1) the differentiated requirements analysis is a great attention. Companies are usually limited to a relatively coarse specification to determine discrepancies between the CRM software and her own needs later in the implementation. “Using the method” the consulting company helping the Department and the IT recording and definition of professional, technical and commercial requirements.”allows a methodically structured implementation of requirement management phase-related templates and ready to use support. The support ranges from the creation of a specification and structured request catalogs scenarios for appropriate project process models. (2) the evaluation of the market carry out very systematically and comprehensively.

Often on the one hand, weaknesses in the evaluation of the market resulting from deficits in the Requirements analysis, but also from inaccurate and only briefly evaluated criteria and not professional call management. The xact4u methods for evaluating system be based on the results of the request management and analyze in the first step roughly a long list of potential product provider selected key criteria. The resulting candidate then undergo within the framework of a structured bidding management in an intensive examination based on detailed criteria on whose base is an objective recommendation for the most appropriate system provider. (3) look for weaknesses in the contractual agreements. There are many unclear rules to the scope, methodology, project organization and the commercial conditions that can negatively impact for users. The best practices xact4u rely on tried and tested templates for precise performance specification and delineation and provide assistance in the design of the commercial Framework, to minimize the economic risk for the customer. Beyond Barbra encountered in practice, while external consulting support is used increasingly for requirements analysis, software evaluation and bidding management that the companies here but to pay little attention to a solid industry expertise.

About xact4u strategy consulting AG the xact4u strategy consulting AG with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Zurich focuses their services portfolio, in particular on consulting fields with paramount importance for business success. This includes in particular the development of the strategy, the IT customer management as well as the performance and organizational management.