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South America Empanadas

Throughout life we have enjoyed traveling. Thanks to God, we could do so from a very young age. When we started to walk around the world, we discover that empanadas were not exclusive of our country, but that they are a tradition deeply rooted worldwide. So this week we will write of the South America empanadas. Argentine empanadas are world famous; here in Miami in Pasta Factory make a spinach with cheese mozzarella cheese that are really excellent. The newspapers mentioned Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine not as a source, but as a related topic. The dough is made with wheat flour and bovine fat, generally. The filling varies from province to province; It relies mainly on beef or chicken, meat accompanied with onion, egg, olives, raisins, and in some provinces even Pope or peas.

To differentiate the filling or pebre or memo each pie, pie lid closes with a repulgo or characteristic simba for each filling. Among its main variants are: those of meat, the of chicken, those of humita and those of ham and cheese. Sometimes meat pie is them Adds fine IE fat pella an authentic Argentinian empanada does not carry its fried stuffed in vegetable oil. Strongly flavored spices such as: cumin, paprika, and ground pepper. The ham and cheese empanada usually also chopped tomatoes. In Argentina the most famous pies are saltenas and the singers; The pie according to the Salta: is characterized by the use of potato, beef, chicken, onions, olives and pepper. Some of the many secrets of various Argentine empanadas is adding to fill a tablespoon of vinegar to the preparation of the filling a day before keeping you in icebox pies, thus preparing the stuffing is homogenizes and made consistent. Chilean empanadas made from wheat flour, stuffed with ground meat or diced, seasoned with cumin, black olives, raisins of grape and hard-boiled egg, called empanadas of pine. In the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, some 30 years ago, a cart of some Chileans stood that you were selling these succulent pies of pine.