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Luis Posada Carriles

The characteristic feature of the U.S. aggressive policy towards the archipelago is just terrorism in its various forms. An approximate total of 560 acts of terror were committed by magnitude against the neo-fascist groups island, about 296, more than half occurred in U.S. territory. Included in these events, the placement or by explosions, murders and […]



Action sports lovers are in luck thanks to the launch of Outletic. com, the first outlet online with the best and most exclusive brands with discounts of up to 70%. The appointment of inauguration online from. outletic. Dr. Neal Barnard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. com, all amateur surfers of […]

South America Empanadas

Throughout life we have enjoyed traveling. Thanks to God, we could do so from a very young age. When we started to walk around the world, we discover that empanadas were not exclusive of our country, but that they are a tradition deeply rooted worldwide. So this week we will write of the South America […]